Monday, June 25, 2007

Bye bye

Off north for a week to warmer climes, well disappointingly, not much warmer. Some hints to where? Paddle steamers on an almost dry river bed, then oranges, then the Barrier Industrial Council where I might check out a pro or two. Suffer the pics when I return.

A walk in the park

Yesterday we took a tram to a shop in North Caulfield. Being Sunday, the shop was closed. Duh! Maybe should have checked first. We often used to take our dogs to Caulfield Park when we lived in East Malvern, so we took a stroll through the park and then walked along Balaclava Road looking at houses. Back to Balaclava Junction for a bite to eat and then coffee. This area was quite despondent looking a decade ago but like so many areas it has been revitalised.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What got up my goat this week

Well, let me start with bloggers who you invest time and effort into and then they disappear.

A restaurant in Victoria Street, Richmond that has been there for twenty odd years. We had never been and won't go again as it is crap. We should have stuck to Tran Tran.

R's workmate's mother reversed her car into a unit adjacent to her own and knocked out half a bedroom. She is 87 and her husband it 93. She said the accelerator got stuck. Her husband agreed and said it has happened to him too. They were about to set off to drive to Queensland but there is a problem due to the wrecked car. I suppose this is a good thing. Get them off the roads, report them to Vicroads. I see so many old drivers who should not be near a steering wheel. Their only saving grace is that they do things so slowly, they are predictable. But making a neighbours unit uninhabitable is not great. Police target, Balaclava and Elsternwick and retirement villages.

In Australia, we drive on the left hand side of the road. If we are walking on the footpath, unless the other person's intentions are clear, we tend to walk to the left of oncoming walkers. Keep it in mind, and also keep in mind that if you are gym fit bunny chick walking with your stud boyfriend, and two old queens are walking towards you and the footpath is narrow, one of them is not going to step off the footpath and give way to you.

The Age columnist Catherine Deveny suggested that if Australia gets rid of of the UK and become a republic, we will no longer be a part of The Commonwealth. Not so. I am proud to be a part of The Commonwealth. I am proud of our English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish heritage (railroads in India, get it Rosanna?)

People who delay trams by trying to have a long conversation with the driver about where they are going, by standing in the doorway and preventing the tram from moving on.

Trams that seem to have no connection to the timetable, like we experienced the number three East Malvern tram today.

Not answered emails. There are emails that it is ok to not answer, and there are some that should be answered. You know the the difference surely. Respond to those that you should.

Worse than the incompetence of Yarra Trams and Connex is the incompetence and bottom line of VicRoads (we won't mow around trees and mow grass, we will just slash it and poison the grass around trees and signs and don't worry about the litter, someone else's department).

I will leave you with a grand hurrah. All you older people who are suddenly concerned about green house gasses, melting ice, loss of trees, rising sea levels, drought, climate change. Duh! This has been around for years. It was a known prediction for a long time. Why do you suddenly care? Why has it just become popular when it is almost too late?

A funny thing happened on the way to the recycling room

Actually it was in the recycling room. We have a charity clothing bin in the recycling room now. It was put in on Friday and by this evening it was full and surrounded by bags of more stuff. When I first checked that it was there, it was empty, so I was surprised that it was so full today. I brought the stuff I took down back home until it is cleared.

But as is my want, I often return from the recycling room with more than I take down. I brought back a Japanese male fashion mag to flick through. Pics of hot Western and Asian guys. The front cover is on the back. I know why, but I could only flick through front to back.

Alas, no Sunday Age in the bin. A few old computer books, but what is the folder with personal printing in it. I have not quite finished skim reading through it but it a folder with clear pockets that you can insert A4 pages into. It contained the printed out love emails between an overseas girl studying at RMIT and her boyfriend back in what I thought was Hong Kong, but he seems to write in Singlish, so I am not sure. Nothing juicy yet and while it chronological, some information that was talked about in telephone calls is missing. It was complete with pictures of them at the end.

What would possess someone to so carelessly discard something, complete with email addresses? I feel like emailing her to ask if she meant it to be discarded like that, for anyone to pick up and read.

There was more stuff in the huge paper recycling bin, but someone else entered the recycling room and I would not want him to think I was the sort of person who goes through bins.

A bit of art

This is a fun painting that we bought in Hahndorf in the eighties. I hasn't gone with our more recent decors so it has been under a bed for more than ten years. We never intended to buy a painting, but the painter was a master salesmen. It may have cost fifty dollars. I can't imagine spending much more that that.

I just accidentally came across a link to the painter's web site, so I had a look see. He no longer paints only in brown and it would seem he is now quite famous so this painting would perhaps be worth a bit. I may get it valued but from what I can see on the net, a minimum of two thousand dollars. Someone very close to me suggested we should wait until he dies and the price will go higher. Well, it could be that we die first.

I must say, I really like his more recent works on his website. Still the same themes but much more colour and movement. I left a comment in his guest book. He gave us the bits and pieces that we put on the backing paper.

Later edit: Of course I should call him an artist and not a painter. At the bottom of the pic below is the place who framed the picture. It is the business of Albert Tucker's niece and her husband and I can recommend for high quality work. Recherche Specialty Picture Framing of Templestowe.

From the news

For days this has been on The Age online website as the top ten article. It has now slipped to number two. I don't ever recall a single story being at the top of the list for so long.

A Brisbane woman stabbed a male friend twice in the shower after he refused to stop masturbating in front of her children.

Defence lawyers for Kylie Louise Wilson, 28, said the mother of two "lost it" when her friend of six years, Daniel Peter Blair, went on a masturbation marathon on April 6 last year.

Brisbane's District Court this morning heard Mr Blair had showed up at Wilson's unit at Birkdale unit, in Redland Shire, where he took amphetamines before having a shower.

Whilst in the bathroom, Mr Blair, 32, began pleasuring himself, before moving to Wilson's bedroom, where he rolled around naked on her bed and continued his lewd conduct.

He returned to the bathroom for more and was busted by Wilson, who was attempting to bath her three-and-a-half year-old daughter.

The court heard Mr Blair refused her repeated requests to stop, prompting her to fetch a knife from the kitchen which she used to stab him twice in the left shoulder.

Crown prosecutors said Mr Blair paused only to put on his shorts and flee outside to wait for police to arrive, but was again overcome by the urge.

"Despite his injury, it seems (Mr Blair) continued to masturbate while in the garage," the prosecutor said.

Police took him to hospital where he received treatment for the minor stab wounds.

Wilson pleaded guilty to one count each of unlawful wounding and wilful damage.

Her defence barrister, Mark Johnson, said Wilson regarded Mr Blair as a "tolerably decent person" when he was not using drugs, but had become "extremely protective" of her daughter under the circumstances.

"He was in and out and round about, doing this sort of thing all over the house, " Mr Johnson said.

"She just lost it, to put it crudely."

Senior Judge Gilbert Trafford Walker accepted the Crown's submission that Wilson had been subjected to "grossly offensive conduct ... which in a moral sense amounts to extreme provocation."

He sentenced her to nine months' jail but ordered that she be immediately released on parole.