Saturday, June 02, 2007

My waters are ok

I finally understand how our building water charging works. I am fairly sure it is the same for most buildings like ours.

Cold water is individually metered to each apartment. You pay the water company.

Fire testing water is separately metered and the fire testing company pays for that. We pay them to test the equipment, so indirectly we pay.

But this is the one that I did not understand. There is another water meter. The body corporate pays for the water that comes into the building and goes to the boilers and according to the size of your apartment, you pay proportionally in your body corp fees. The $12,000 annual water bill for the building charged to the body corporate is explained as it is the buildings minimal water use and everyone's hot water. The water is heated and sent on to residents and it goes through an individual meter. The gas company reads the meter and calculates your proportion of gas usage for the heating of you water and charges you accordingly.

While there is no incentive to reduce your use of hot water because it matters not how much water you use, you are paying for the heating of it, so that is why you would not be wasteful with hot water.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has ruled that the hot water charge cannot be passed on to tenants, but I am not sure if that means the gas charge cannot be passed on.

The gay boy before he knows

I think I have put too much gay content into my blog lately, so I will lay off after this post. I have next week off work and so intend to be out and about and have some more interesting stuff to post.

R has a female workmate. She is Aussie but was married to a Jamaican. He was a bit of a rasta and because of his rasta type habits, she could not live with him but she still sees him. They have a son, who inherited the best of both parents and is very good looking with just a nice amount of colour in his skin.

He is fourteen and his school sounds quite accommodating.

He has had some small parts in theatre and auditioned for some big parts, including the Lion King. He participated as a performer in the Commonwealth Games opening and closing shows.

He went on a school excursion earlier this year and received an exemption to travel on the bus with the girls. He refused to travel on the bus with boys.

He has now asked for personal accommodation on a school camp as he is not allowed to sleep in the girls dorm and he refuses to sleep in the boys dorm. The school is looking into it.

His mother says she will hide his Barbie dolls that he normally sleeps with before he goes on this camp.

He has now joined the all female school cheer squad as they cannot stop him.

Do you think there might be a chance he could be gay?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Silver Daddies

Not too long after mentioning that we were going to Broken Hill, ex NT Policeman found us a nice Korean guy in Broken Hill to meet. Ummm, not sure that I want to catch up with a Korean guy in Broken Hill, but I needed to have a look at his pictures and so had to join Silver Daddies.

No sooner had I joined than this Iranian born guy came onto me strongly with explicit pics. He is quite nice looking with a nice slim body and a big.......personality, but I know of him from the past. He lives not far away.

Indeed it is up to me and I don't think so. I already know he talks horribly about Asians.

Message: Delete

Up 2 you ..

Sent as reply to this message:

Thank you for your reply S*******. I am thinking you are commercial?


Nice memory

Maybe I wrote something about it back when it happened. I suppose I could go back and check but it might spoil the post. It is well over a year ago now when R's sister and brother in law were here. You remember? We took them to Sydney and they married. Great time.

I should have said it was not the right day, but it was planned that we took them to Healesville Sanctuary. It was around 43 degrees that day. We all suffered badly. Stopping off for a cold drink on the way home in Healesville was a mistake as the power had been cut. Minimal lighting and no air con in the Healesville Hotel.

We arrived home and one of those extra special Melbourne cool changes happened. We all showered and dressed up a bit and caught the tram to Lygon Steet to show them the Bali Memorial in Swanston Street and have a meal. R's sister looked fantastic. In spite of all the exotic restaurants in Lygon Street, we ended up eating at the pub. We sat outside in a nice cool breeze. After the meal, we tried to take photos of bats. It was a wonderful evening.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dilemma, not a whinge for a change

Ex NT policeman is planning a holiday for next year and he has invited us to come along. I need some clarity of thought here folks so you opinions are valued.

His proposed holiday is to fly to San Francisco, hire a car and drive up to Vancouver, go on a cruise and see whatever you see from a cruise ship in Canada (glaciers and those sort of things, not much stopping off for land visits), then do a short Rocky Mountains train trip. Drive back to San Fran and then fly home.

My problems with it:

The cost, probably around $10,000 including spending money. I don't have $1,000. It will have to be 'on the card'.

It will be a bit cheaper to share a cabin with ex NT policeman, his b/f and his b/f's b/f. (sic) But I don't want to share accomodation with anyone in bunks. Is that his motivation for asking us? He has never asked us before to go on holidays with him.

R was dead keen, but now he has doubts. But if he really wants to do it, I will and if I agree, I will do it with good grace.

I have asked someone who did it with her aged mother and her feelings were quite negative from her perspective. It was a nice easy holiday for her infirm mother.

I am not sure that I am a cruise person. What do you do all day on a boat? I am not good at doing nothing. Gambling will amuse me for five minutes. Shows in the evening will be ok. Gym? Pool? Boring. Innernet access will be expensive I expect.

R and I always have great holidays together. We had a campervan holiday in NZ with a friend a long time ago and it was a bit hard, although we have had good holidays with the brother friends in Thailand, but we stayed in separate accomodation and weren't in each others faces.

We have not discussed between us where I or R would like to holiday. We are going to Broken Hill in couple of weeks for a holiday, at R's suggestion. Since I am very content at home and not doing much, I do need motivation to do the bigger things and I am looking forward to Broken Hill. It was a good call in R's part.

I like nature, in small measures. I am more a city person. People interest me. The friend who did the cruise said it was full of Americans of the most obnoxious type (sorry Daisy Jo, I am sure you are perfectly nice, anyone with a chrome and black table has got to be nice).

The friend who did the cruise dressed up as best she could for dinner in the dining room, but it was full of pretentious people who made her feel inadequate. She refused to go back and subsequently ate in the bistro. I would only eat there anyway.

I think I would like to see Canada, but it is not high on my list.

So, if I refuse to go, I better come up with a damn good alternative for R. It is not really the money, but in a way it is as I don't want to pay for holiday I don't really want to do. Suggestions for alternative holidays welcome at around $5,000, but not Europe or Asia.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I write

I feel the need to write something but nothing is on my mind to post so will just write some disjointed nonsense.

I don't like Theresa Rein. Anyone that rich must have exploited people at some point. I learnt today that she is a practising christian. It just gets worse but it does explain her bad hair.

Desalination is not a great idea to supply water to Melbourne. Better we recycle. Don't forget folks, you only use water, you don't make it disappear. We just need to clean it up a bit and we can use it again.

The trouble people get into because of carnal desires never ends. The trouble I have got myself into over carnal desires has ended, but I do know what it is all about.

If you live in a highrise apartment, why would you live there if there is no view?

Old style union people are dinosaurs and politically unacceptable. However, they still can be good unionists and work hard and well for their members.

I suggested in a post in the long past that something might happen to McQuarie Bank. It did not seem sustainable to me. I haven't been proved right yet.

In another post I gave my opinion of The Palace in St Kilda. Thank god is now going to be demolished. I don't feel any connection to that part of St Kilda anymore, although I quite like visiting on quiet days.

I worry that my superannuation won't be enough to support me in my old age, but I worry more that I won't live to collect it.

The friends you make via blogging are wonderful, but is it real? While I do know some blogging mates, I haven't actually met anyone via my blog. I will soon though I think.

Enough, I am old and tired and must sleep now.

Stay away str8s. Email to publicly funded broadcaster

I wrote this the other night and sent it but I will just add a bit more. Firstly, females have not been banned, only straights.

Secondly, here is a cut and past from an acquaintance's experiences.

Here are three instances that I recall from my experiences at a GAY club:

3 years ago, in the men’s room 2 heterosexual man where making a joke of the fact they would not use the taps because the poofters had their hands on them, and they didn’t want to catch aids. I said in a friendly tone, that wasn’t very nice, one of them took a mouthful of beer and sprayed it at me (it was in the peel BTW).

At another mixed venue in Commercial Road recently, I was pushed over at the urinal by a conga line of pissed straight girls all screaming through the men’s toilet trying to see a bit of male penis.

And once more at the peel, where it is clearly marked as MEN ONLY upstairs, 3 women making a rush up the stairs before they got caught and removed. I was pushed to the ground as they made their dash.

Hi Jon.

I am not really sure about this exclusion ruling for the Peel Hotel but via tv news tonight and learning that hen's parties are attending really galvanises my thoughts.

Your view of the ruling was quite clear.

I don't go to bars anymore. I'm too old and they don't interest me now. But back when I did, I can recall times when there were straight girls around in the bars and they made for an unpleasant experience. Not particularly for anything that they could be thrown out for. Just young straight girls behaving as they do. I also recall the straight guys they attracted and they could be quite nasty, but again nothing that they could be thrown out for.

This is supposed to be my space. A place where I can be obvious and not feel uncomfortable. Why is it being invaded?

The worst was at Mardi Gras party in the early or mid nineties. Subsequently, policies were introduced to restrict the number of straight people but not with a lot of success.

I can think of many females who I would quite happily take to the Peel, but I fully understand why they have pushed for this ruling.

My view is probably unfashionable now where gays mix with straights in many clubs (I think). But Jon, you are a person who normally comes across as someone who feels empathy. Really though, I doubt you can understand the importance of gay male only space, for some gay guys anyway.

Another one down

Another ex workmate died on Sunday. When someone coined the phrase
whinging Pom, I am sure they were talking about him. He and his wife lived very close to St Kilda Junction near Wellington Street. His wife proudly showed me the house pictures in the Home Beautiful magazine or something similar. I know her quite well.

Thankfully she is now free of the miserable old bastard, her husband and my workmate.

She has had two long time affairs with some other of my workmates. She likes dark skin. Mauritians are very much fun people to party with and Indians can be quite good at sex. The Indian one is still going on and I am not sure how that will pan out, given he has a wife and children and she is now free.

The last time I chatted to her, she was asking me about highrise living. She suggested than when her husband died, she might like to live in a highrise. I told R about it and he just rolled his eyes, as he does about anyone I know, until he actually knows them. It did strike me to ask, are you expecting A to die? Well, he has, and she now solely owns a house worth nearly a million dollars. Wonder what she will do?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aussie blokes

What image does 'Aussie bloke' conjure in your mind? I certainly have mind image but I think it may be little outdated.

Example one.

A work mate let me down. I would describe him as an ocker Aussie. I was annoyed at the time but I get over such stuff quickly. He apologised profusely at the time. He apologised the next time I saw him. And apologised once again and then I saw tears in his eyes. (I am guessing he is under some extreme stress)

Example two.

One of R's straight male workmates crashed a work car today. When he returned to work after the accident and saw R, he burst into tears. R did not know what to do. Comforting hugs for straight blokes is not the thing to do. R just told him, don't worry, no one hurt, only work car, insurance will pay.

Example three.

He was dressed like a building worker. Faded jeans, fag in the corner of his mouth and orange safety vest. He was walking a poofy little white dog on a red leash.

Thankfully I have my youngest brother as a good example of an Aussie bloke. He would never cry and not be seen dead with a poofy white dog. Having to introduce his older brother and his mate is bad enough for him.

Monday, May 28, 2007


I am feeling a little depressed today. Not for any particular reason. Well, lack of money is not helping but the creditors are being kept at bay. Nothing new really. Perhaps I should not have stayed up until 1am last night. I don't do late nights very well now. I still wake earlyish.

We took a walk tonight to Transport Bar at Fed Square and had two very cheap beers and some nice nachos. We watched darkness settle on the city and the trams constantly flowing and disgorging and collecting passengers. That should have lifted me high.

But when I am feeling a bit down nothing helps like a good early night sleep. Before then, there is one blog that never fails to cheer me. I like the pictures and I like the funny language.


Sorry, I not has your cheezburger.

Later edit: My Sydney friend just sent me some porn bloopers. Good laugh.

Sydney friend and the celeb

My Sydney friend's father is a photographer and he had to do a photo shoot with an aging female singer who is on one of those trashy tv talent shows or something. The father said it was a very hard job to make her look good and my friend suggested she was a dog. I am going to give my friend a piece of my mind as I reckon she is quite fab.

Sorry......or not

I did not do anything to the indigenous people of our land. You probably did not either. Nor did my parents or grandparents. Why do I have to apologise to the native people of our land?

I don't have anything to apologise about. But if we recognise that taking children away from their mothers for no good reason is wrong, then shouldn't our Prime Minister apologise on our behalf for mistakes made in the past?

The motives were perhaps well intentioned but in retrospect, clearly wrong. They screwed up big time and just the phrase, 'we are sorry for what was done back then', would go long way towards healing the pain and hurt.

While it won't win yesterday's man an election, it could be beautifully staged with lots of tears and embracing.

By not doing it now, the inevitable is delayed.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The dyke friends are back

The dyke friends are just back from their holiday in the US. One of them took their parents with them and unfortunately he broke his shoulder on the second last day while he was break dancing at Venice Beach. That is his story but at 70 odd, a little unlikely.

We caught up with them on Friday night at Dame M's for some Chinese takeaway and a drink.

I have never heard about these seal platforms in San Fran harbour, although R says he has. Many vids on YouTube. And wow, is that one steep hill. I guess that is Alcatraz in the background.

Highriser Celeb Update

I have updated the Highriser Celeb site with a new folder of Jon Bon Jovi pictures and some extra Johnny Depp photos added. Photobucket is quite puritanical, so the Depp ones may not last long.

Bon Jovi

I've found it

It took us about twenty minutes to walk to our destination today. But the last three hundred metres we did in less than forty seconds...vertically. Yep, eighty eight levels above ground inside the Eureka Tower. Eureka is supposed to translate as I've found it.

The lift was very smooth and did not give a sense of speed at all. Only the pressure building in my ears indicated we were going very high very quickly. I can't say much more than the views are stunning. The outdoor area is adjacent to where a clear glass cell rolls out, so even if you don't go in the cell, you can watch it. It is opaque when it first rolls out and then the glass instantly clears, to the horror of those inside. I understand there are smashing glass sound effects. At some point a camera takes a picture inside the cell and the photo is available later inside. I did not go in it as there was a queue and when that disappeared and I went to buy a ticket, there was a queue there. I will go back at night time one day and do it then. R refused.

There is an airlock to go through when going out onto the open area and one not so bright woman had her head clobbered by one of the sliding doors. She was leaning against glass where the door slides open and whack.

I took a couple of pictures, but this is the only one worth showing. The Eureka Skydeck is here and some better photos are here, here and here.

Back to the zoo

It has taken me this long to post these cards we collected when we followed the elephant trail. I had forgotten how to scan, then arrange and turn things into publishable jpg files. I eventually worked it out today but my lack of skills show. There are three different files to click on.

Go the gouge

I am a bit football illiterate. I think I barrack for Collikilda.....I have it noted down somewhere. But in Melbourne, knowledge of football is unavoidable. This one grabbed me.

An AFL footballer (insert name so that he can be googled, Chris Judd) has been accused of eye gouging at a football match. I would have thought the term eye gouge was pretty obvious, but correct me if my idea of the deed is wrong.

You stick your fingers into someones eye socket hard and try to gouge out their eye. They end up with a sore eye if they are lucky or blind. The aim must be to damage the eye in some way. What a marvellous thing to do to another human. Very sporting.