Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am so raceshist

When driving back from a social event in South Oakleigh this evening I felt the need to warn R who was driving about motorists around us. Blonde female P plater to the left on phone. Old orthodox Jew in battered white van next to us. Watch him as he will want to get across and turn right at Hotham Street (and he did). Boom box car next to us. Any cute guys. Nope, just a Moslem women playing loud music and really going off while she was stationary at the lights. And as we drove up St Kilda Road, I correctly identified a young Asian girl who pulled in front of us from a side street when she had sat there for ages and she could have easily pulled out.

The day I retire, it will be my pleasure to call the wreckers and never have to drive again.

It has been a while since I have driven on a freeway, and tomorrow we are going to Geelong for lunch with my very pregnant sister and the bone doctoress. I will be half way before I get used to freeway driving. It is sad. I used to be such a confident and carefree driver. Btw, seven weeks to go until 'Now' is born. Temp name that they think they will use a lot at some point in his/her life. She is a schoolteacher.

Draft. Date 14/12/06 Caught cursive script

Typing is marvellous. I learnt at school for a while. But it wasn't until I had my first computer that I could really type at speed without looking at the keyboard.

But writing? I learnt that at school too, but not very well. My defence is that I was caught in the changeover teaching at school between cursive script and printing. I can print and it looks childish. But my cursive writing is terrible, although readable. It is just ugly. The only time I can write reasonably is after a couple of drinks. Only two though, it quickly goes to hell if I have any more.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The bird

I was running late. Very unusual for me, but there is always the one last thing you have to do on the pc. I ended up not being late, but it was nature that held me up.

I looked out the window of the spare room to see if grey/black clouds were coming across the bay and would I need a brolly when I went back to work.

I saw a bird, a big bird. Albatross? Pelican? Not sure. Don't think it was an eagle or a falcon. I spent five minutes watching the bird. It was rising in the sky using air currents. Every so often it would give a couple of flaps of its huge wings, but mostly it just glided, but ever upwards. Higher and higher.

It went out of my view, so I raced to the balcony to continue and it was gone. Where could it have gone? Did it dive? Did it flap off somewhere else?

While I might miss ants moving sand around our paved courtyard, this bird watching thing that you can do in a highrise has me entranced.

Draft - Self Worth

A more sensible one to conclude with.

Mine is a bit low at the moment. I published my blog address at another site and there was this huge numbers of hits, but all on one day. The next day it returned to absolute normal. I guess they did not like what they read and did not return. My probably boring life did not interest them at all. I did not think that I would have a permanent blog. I thought I would run out of stuff to say. But still I go on.

The ever wise R picked up on something recently. That is the way people in the lift in our building relate to us as two guys, as against to an obviously straight male/female couple. Bury the head in the sand Andrew never notices this. Well he does at times, but chooses to ignore it.

How much of this is our personalities and how much of it is becasue we are a gay couple, I am not sure. But I am sure that when people see that a blogger is gay, then they just automatically close. I could be a bit more discreet I suppose and let readers work it out over a period of time, but why? Getting older is not all bad. You care a lot less about what people think.

Draft - Gay in a city of 5 million

My god, I must have been drunk when I wrote this one. I can see my point, but only just. Could not expect anyone else to. Can this date be true? 14/12/04

Yep, folks, we in Melbourne now live in a city of 5 million people. Who could believe it? Well I can sometimes. So long as I remain within a reasonable distance of the cbd, I never seem to have a problem with people being anti gay. I only ever tell people if they ask, but I suppose in many ways it is quite obvious. Is that why beggers/street sales people/dip demontrators in supermarkets target me? Gays are a soft touch for beggers? Maybe they are if the begger was cute, but I have never seen a cute one and so they don't get a brass razoo from me. I do respect the honest buskers but.

I have been know to push the gay issue a bit sometimes, but always when I know I can get away with it. My partner at times could murder me over it.

Of course, the older you get, the less you care about what people think about you being gay, and the less you feel the need to make a point about it. I am not know for picking up on subtleties, but I can say that I have rarely experienced much in the way of overt homophobia. (Thanks to AFE for the clue towards this post). If you are a straight male and reading this, yes, I know what you are you know what I am thinking about you?

Lesbians are kewl, they know what they are about. Straight chicks, well, hey hun, we have something in common, and only the most scrubber type chick seems to have any problem with gay guys. Out gay guys, well sisters, I can't tell you a thing. Closested guys, get your f***ing act together.

(note new para for str8 guys)

Well, blokes are blokes and I reckon they get a pretty hard time of it. A straight bloke may wear a suit or shorts and a t, but at the end of the day you are a straight guy. You have to behave like one, react like one, do what is expected of you. Damn hard work I think.

Sometimes I feel sorry for you straight guys, but only because I know what expectations are heaped on you. Actually, and this is deep, way deep, I am gay because I like guys. I quite like straight guys too. I like you physically and all the biz that goes with that, your voice, the smell of you, your hair (or the lack of it), your (mostly) lack of dress sense...... I could go on. But you are a man, and I like men a lot, gay or straight. And I sympathise with the trouble you dick has got you into, it not different for any men, gay or straight.

(save for review)

Draft - Man Smell

I have around a dozen posts in my blog draft folder and I really need to tidy it up. I have already deleted a couple. The rest weren't published, for good reasons I expect. That is, they weren't fit to publish, but I will over the next week or so with the appropriate warning, draft. There must have been something in them, or I would not have written them. I saved them for polishing the thought later and in more agreeable terms.

eThis is a delicate issue coz we all like to think we don't smell, although we know we do. Fish jokes I can recall from teen years. Gorganzola jokes I don't want to remember.

But a friend who has an overseas non english speaking boyfriend told me this.

My friend asked his b/f for sex, but b/f said 'no, must shower'.
Friend said 'why? You are not long out of the shower.'
His b/f said 'smell'.
Friend said 'that is ok'.
B/f said 'cannot, man smell, must shower'.

Not sure why I needed to share that with you.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dear Jus

Planning minister Justin Madden is very critical of new large outer suburban houses and so am I, but maybe not for the same reasons. Some of his criticisms are valid. How much energy does it take to heat a house of that size? Or cool it? Built to the extremes on both sides, a tiny back yard full of outdoor entertaining appliances and a decorative front yard for show, does not for children make a great play space. No jungle trekking here son/daughter and no, you can't climb the pencil pine.

I heard someone on the wireless and it all became clear to me. Parents in the parents retreat watching Rove Live on their plasma, one child in the home theatre room watching a dvd, another child in their study alcove playing on Myspace and doing msn chat at the same time along with doing her homework, another in her own personal bedroom flicking through teen mags when she is only nine.

This is not how I remember family life. We were all together. We annoyed the buggery out of each other I suppose, but I don't remember that. I remember talking to my brother when we sleeping in the same room. I remember the comforting sound of my father snoring. I remember the striking of a match when my mother got out of bed and went to her stash, they baby crying, the sound of my grandmother using her goesunder and the sound of the males pissing orf the verandah.

Mind you, I loved my privacy and insisted on it.

I am not sure why people need such big and frankly, mostly ugly houses. Better to buy something a little more modest and closer to the city. Spend the balance on your child's' education, and I don't mean private school fees.

Cars v pedestrian

When I am driving, I am in some control. My defensive driving skills help me avoid others when they make mistakes or deliberately drive dangerously. Likewise, when I make a mistake, not that I ever do of course, I depend on other drivers to be driving defensively. Mostly it works for me and being in car offers some protection.

What terrifies me at times is being a pedestrian. A man was killed today in St Albans when two cars collided and then crashed into him as he walked on the footpath. I recall from many years ago a tram passenger waiting in a shelter was badly injured when a car crashed into the tram shelter. Imagine that! Sitting quietly, waiting for you tram, maybe reading and kapow. You are cactus.

Sometimes when standing at a street corner waiting to cross, I am looking for avenues of escape should a car come sliding out of control towards me. Will this metal pole offer me protection or will it cause worse injuries when it is flattened on top of me. Perhaps I am better in the open and I can jump up onto the car as it hits me. What if I am hit from behind? At least it will be quick.

The older I get, the more cautious I am becoming when crossing the road, walking between parked cars, watching out for cyclists, giving a good berth to trams and never walking between them.

I think some people reach an age when they start to lose sense and caution when on the roads and footpaths as pedestrians. I see it all the time.

I guess my fears are illogical and the odds are very low, but still, I get a bit afraid at times.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The old Greek/Italian lady

I started to read this blog, but oh so sad. I will revisit it.

I am feeling a bit mortal at the moment for no real reason. Just ageing and my indulgent life style.

But this blog post made me happy and I have noticed something of late. I am seeing older Greek and Italian women not dressed in black with grey hair, and although my age or a bit older, they are smartly dressed, made up and hair not grey. This is the next generation coming through and stabbing in the dark a bit here, accepting of gay sons.

Music of my yoof #78

Rod Stewart with Do ya think I'm sexy. Well, I thought he was. Pretty borderline now though. Which of us girls did not pose in front of a mirror lip syncing?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Free Paris

Poor Paris. Not because she is locked up in jail and having her bits explored by all the muff munching lickers, no, because no body likes you Paris. I have read anti Paris rant after rant by Aussies. Collectively, we seem to hate her. But I reckon Paris is a class act.

What has she done to be famous? some ask. Like you need to know? You are writing about her. You tell me.

I think she would make a marvellous faghag and since I haven't posted many pictures lately, here is one of her in action as a faghag, obviously for a younger person than thee, who could keep up with her. You can have the one on her left Jah Teh. I'll take the bleached one.


I guess some sports are ok, in fact many. But some I don't like.

Boxing: How can it be in this day and age in supposedly civilised countries, that two men can be allowed punch each other in the body and the face until one of them becomes uncouncious or they go to the end of the time periods and a score is given. Many minutes of sustained beating received by both parties. What fun.

Fox hunting: Such pleasure derived from dogs ripping foxes apart. Nah, not to my taste.

Cock fighting: Well, there is the one that comes immediately to my mind, but I am talking about the version that happens in western countries by Asian born people where fowl rip each other apart. A truly wonderous spectator sport.

Rodeos: Oh, aren't they great. Frightened animals in pain trying to chuck a rider off. Marvellous.

Bullfighting: I would love to go to Spain. But they think it is fun to inflict pain on bulls and have them slowly bleed to death. Actually, is there is a connection to the way they have sex? Quick, fast and furious. Don't care if it hurts. (stereotypical, I know)

What do all the above have in common? Humans inflicting pain on other animals, including humans. Aren't we wonderful?

Body corporate AGM

The annual body corporate general meeting is pretty much a tame affair, but they are interesting to go to because there are always new people who turn up, often with 'issues', and this one was no exception.

Last year it was an owner touting for business by wanting to have an intranet? installed in the building. When questioned further as to the purpose, he was somewhat vague. He was invited to attend a body corporate committee meeting but I had prepared R in advance to pull the rug from under him with the full info that many seemed unaware of, that the building was backbone wired by cable for both pay tv and cable internet. Smart work Telstra.

The year before it was an owner complaining about being victimised by a resident over his objections to her having a 'Please remove shoes' sign on her door. It was amazing how long this matter took and is only now being resolved because she is moving out.

This year it was an owner who wanted to install a raised storage cupboard in her carspace. She has lobbied, pressed the committee to overturn a decision to not allow them and now brought it up as general business with a motion to poll all residents. Motion defeated. Two votes for, her and some redneck on the top floor with too much money. Please, two car parks are not enough, he rents another two and fills them all with large 4wds.

There are two new committee members and I don't know either. One is woman who R dislikes because she barged past him in a walkway once. The other, a man of age unknown to me who offered by way of a public notice, to help people fit council supplied water saving shower heads. I am assured he is a nice bloke. I should not be so suspicious but it was not necessary to curry favour to get on the committee. There only needs to be an election if there are more than twelve nominees and there never is.

As is a shift worker's lot, I am unable to be on the committee. I assured someone that when N goes, in my old age, I will be his grumpy old man replacement.

I must say, should I be on the committee again, I will not be a 'nice guy' again. While I will always be polite, I will not allow them to drone on for hours with nonsense.

Bestard Boys

Bastard Boys on our ABC was not a bad show. The whole biz went on for months, so it was good to have it compressed to a few hours. My personal toughts, well, the waterfront needed reform and it was happening through negotiation. If I did not know what a conservative government was about already, I certainly learnt it then and it has gone on to other exesses.

The acting was first class, saleability to o/s, pretty well zilch. It was too Australian.

The waterside workers were treated like scum until they properly unionised in the 1940's. How is this for a statistic I just found in a book. One quarter of the work force in the forties suffered from stomach ulcers and a high percentage hernias. It was a terribly dangerous job back then.

The wharfies may well have gone to far in sixties, seventies and eighties but boy did they have a bit of making up to do.

I am not sure why I did not visit the protest site in the nineties in support. My sympathies were certainly with them. Perhaps it was not unlike the David Hicks case. It is not about the guilt or the persons but the processes. Processes and the law are so terribly important in our country. Without them, we have nothing to protect the weak from the powerful.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The vcr

While R was away, I meticulously taped and labelled tv for him. I just forgot tonight He has missed this weeks Grey's Anatomy while he has not even seen the last episode. I think most would agree that if wants to see something and he has a recorder, he can work it out.