Saturday, May 12, 2007


Dame M commanded us to appear at the usual for a get together. The brothers are off to Thailand on Monday, the NT ex policeman's bf returned from Fiji. We forced ourselves to go. Dame must have peaked too early (got stuck into the cask) and was unable to appear.

But R is back. I poured him a large glass of whiskey and he took a sip and promptly fell asleep. Liza Minelli is on Parkinson while I sit at the pc typing. R woke up. All is well with the world. My equalibrium is restored.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Famous person wants to do it up the ***

I am dying to tell you who this, but alas, I cannot. My friend is Sydney is truly wicked and that is why I like him. He did not know who this guy actually was. He is well worth knowing for such goss. Here is a very edited version of what he sent me, complete with salient pics. Lot's of asteriks to protect the guilty.

So here's the rundown. "S********" left town to get away from a jealous ex who was later convicted of armed robbery and put in Silverwater jail.
She was replaced by N***** who's new in town from Perth..(her pic is attached).
Well she's basically new in town in every capital city really but still the story works what can I say straight guys are f***ing stupid.
N****** met many guys on her time on certain sex hook up sites.
N***** was VERY surprised to see the guy on her MSN list at the logees on TV...a matter of HOURS after he wanked himself off on live webcam for her as he usually does.
I wonder what TV WEEK would think if I posted them THESE pics of him to them..oh dear??
Still, I think he's traded up looks wise.
N****** is a bit of a slut but she knows how to suck ck.
Any wonder the bitch M**** **** is walking funny in the red carpet photo, his thing is anal sex so he says on MSN as he masturbates for N***** on his webcam, and he's NOT small. (penis photo attached.)
He also really wanted to cum up a girls ass, then felch it out again. Straight men are so sick aren't they.

Here are some of his photos.
I included his red carpet snap from the (DELETED) :)
Unfortunately however, Samantha went downhill, and was convicted on several drink driving charges, and her work transferred her to new zealand after that...never to be heard of again.
Dont' get Samantha H confused with Samantha H (who was killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks.)

Where is R?

Here he is.
It is work you know.
He better come home soon.
The apartment is looking skanky.
I cannot arrange flowers.
I am losing weight.

The colonial on Blair

Most of us will remember Thatcher's Britain. R comes from the north of England and a grey, sullen and depressing place it was during Thatcher's time. Those in the south weren't as badly off generally, but I recall feeling at the time that England was not a nice place to be.

Enter Blair. The north, Newcastle where R comes from and Manchester too, are now vibrant places. Much money was pumped from the south to the north and maybe some EEC money too. Scandinavians now travel to Newcastle just for the night life. What was empty warehouses along the river have been turned into shops and apartments and it is very lively. The shops are bright and welcoming and the city has a very different feel to what it did fifteeen or so years ago. England is now viewed very differently and much of this must be to Blair's credit. He could have gone down in history as one the best Prime Ministers in England's history. He got the babaric fox hunting banned. He even managed to get Adams and Paisley in Northern Ireland speaking to each other.

Why did he have to spoil it by siding with Bush and our horrid PM and go to war in Iraq. Who supported Bush against the Middle East? Spain, who got le bombe, England, who got le bombe, Australia who indirectly got le bombe, twice.

I think history may judge him well, but always with veil of Iraq hanging over the judgement.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Highriser on a water mission

This one I am not going to let go of until I have answers. We receive copies of detailed accounts for our building as R is body corp committee member. He was busy getting ready to swan off on his work cruise and asked if I would go through them and respond appropriately by email to the rest of the committeee and the body corp managers. Ah, a chance to have my say. He did check what I wrote before he left.

I came up with a couple of minor matters but what glared at me was the water consumption of the building.

I'll just step back here to the more personal. Our last water bill, and there is no reason for it not be typical, showed consumption of 32 kilolitres for around three months. I don't know how we could use less, but one of our neighbours, a couple too, used 12 kilolitres for the same period. They are away from home a bit and don't cook much at home, but it is an extraordinary difference. 2 showers x 2 each day, rarely more than than three minutes. Maybe seven loads of washing a week. One dishwasher, always full, load a day. Two toilets and as I am the only one who uses mine, I don't flush every time. Do we have a leak somewhere?

I checked at South East Waters website last year and by a comparative table, we are boderline for two people in an apartment. As we are home a lot, that is to be expected.

Now the building. Much water is wasted in the weekly fire testing. I don't know how much, but it is a lot. But we pay a set fee for that and it does not come via the normal meter.

The building has two toilets and one shower, all rarely used. The garden watering system at the front of the building is turned off, as per restrictions, and watered by hand at the appropriate times. A drip system waters the garden beds on the podium at the appropriate times. The pool and the spa top up automatically I think. There would be some usage there for sure. There is a washing machine to wash cleaning cloths a couple of times a week. The cleaners use some water.

But for three months, the building used 1636kl, totally seperate to individual apartments. That averages at around 13kl per apartment. A third of what we use, and the same as our neighbours.

How can this be? It is in the early stages of investigation from all angles, including comparison to other buildings.

Highriser errors 1 and 2

I was waiting for my dealer someone today. I was standing next to a raised garden bed with some ugly strappy plants in it, as is the present day style. I idly noticed a few weeds and proceeded to pull out a cape weed and a milk thistle.

Then came the point where you know what you are about to do is wrong but you cannot stop yourself in time.

What is that weed, I thought? I remember that weed from my childhood. I recall something about it. And as my hand wrapped around it to give it a good yank, ah yes, it is a stinging nettle. Too late, she cried. But I survived and the plant did not.

The dutiful son posted his mother's day card yesterday with a small amount of cash in it. Luckily R is not here and could not lecture me on how mean and ungenerous I am.

This mail box will do. They are doing roadworks too. How interesting. Passing by two hours later, there was note on the post box, presumably written by the workers who had now blocked off access to the letter box, Mail Box Closed. It is still closed today. I am guessing my Mum just ain't gonna get her card by Sunday.

More trains

Surprise!!! For my whole life I have heard governments urging more people to use public transport and with not a lot due to the present goverment, they are. Surprise!!! government. Yes, you are surprised and have been caught with your red and green flags around your ankles.

The government has reacted to overcrowding on our peak trains by ordering more. Good idea. But they won't arrive until 2009 which does nothing for the present situation. It has become so serious that a temporary timetable is to be introduced.

How reactive is this and how much better it would if the government was proactive.

So, instead of ordering trains that can't be delivered until 2009 to deal with the overcrowding, how about doubling the order? By 2009, I expect the ordered trains won't be enough to deal with the numbers.

Surely it is like freeways. Build an urban freeway and the cars will come. Proven all around the world. Also proven, build a first class urban public transport system, and the people will come.

I am astonished at my cleverness and wonder why I don't get paid for it.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Drunk neighbour

We had a neighbour when we lived in Glen Iris who was a sweet old man. He lived behind us and and was terribly bent over. He was almost a right angle. We used to see him often when he was walking the Ashburton shops with his jeep where he was well known.

But like all residents of the posh Summerhill Estate, (no brick making on the property was the caveat on our house title. Not sure how you make bricks out of sandy loam) he had his secrets. Over the four or so years we lived there, about once a month he would go off his tree. I would guess it was whisky. He would roam around his house and garden roaring unintelligble nonsense, except for the swear words. It would go on for hours.

It had happened a couple of times before we were told by another neighbour about the occasional days he became 'very stressed'. Don't worry about it, we were told. He will fine in two days. Sure enough, we would never see him the next day, but the day after that, we would again seeing him going to the shops.

I kind of like the idea. Get 'orribly pissed for a day. Call all and sundry for the c's they are. Recover the next day and the day after, all is back to normal.

We expected the ultra middle class neighbours to our left with their young blond children. We almost expected the nice man the other side with the wife who was always reading and smoking at the same time. She never left her house and if we visisted her or she called on us, she would continue reading, peering down through her look over glasses. I doubt she would have been fifty years old. She did not exactly converse. More make statements or respond. For only the shortest of times would she look up from her book.

Must say, in the middle class suburbs, we had quite 'interesting' neighbours, unlike where we live now.

The cook, the nieces, the gospel and the choir

My nieces were very naughty and their wicked mother encouraged them......well could not help herself. My sis in law catered food for a choral performance and her daughters assisted.

It was a religious choir, but not of the sort that may come immediately to mind. The audience was very animated with much waving of hands in the air, hallelujahs and praises to the lord.

Nieces suppresses their giggles at the passionate antics, as did sis in law.......for a while. Eventually sis in law broke up and the nieces followed suit.

Sis in law did get paid.

They clearly have as little time for wanky born again religion as moi.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bloggers inspiring me

I am often inspired to write a post because of something another blogger writes. It is not a copy of a post, but just something off on a tangent. This time it is Hecho En Mexico blog that has inspired me. Last time it was Practically Perfect.

I use two first names. They are just a swap of my two given names. My second name is Andrew and my more recent friends from the last ten years or so, know me as Andrew as does almost everyone on the net and everyone in our building and everyone I meet. I sign myself as Andrew on all but the most important documents. My family refers to me by my first name although they know I use Andrew now. The brother friends and the ex NT politician also. The brother friends are a bit nasty about it at times by making a big deal about using my old name in front of my new friends. Well, you just have to overlook nastiness at times for the greater good.

Poor R. He has to remember who we are with and what he will call me. Privately, he goes half and half. In moments of passion perhaps it is 'bitch/slut boi' or maybe it is 'daddy' or 'Sir' or 'faggot'.

I am the only one who never gets confused by it. Ten points to AFE for his researching prowess. Surprised he bothered. Well, it wasn't hard really.

No hot links. Do the research yourself if you want to know.

Lady of the Swamp

Lady of the Swamp was one of my favourite books. I have read it a few times. The author, Richard Shears, was on tv last night and I suddenly connected the name. While not a literary masterpiece, it was a great read.

It mentioned areas in South Gippsland that I know well from my teen years, a flat in Alma Road St Kilda, walking up St Kilda Road to Flinders Street Station carrying a hurricane lamp to catch a train to Tarwin Lower.

There is some info about the book here, but I will flesh it out a bit more.

The land their property was on had been a swamp. It depended on channels to drain the land and once these were no longer maintained, they silted up and the land became boggy and unusable. The house was on a high part of land and was still there in the early eighties when we stayed at a holiday house at Sandy Beach. We went for a drive on a wet day and checked and we were fairly sure which one it was.

The caveat put on the house in the early twenties was not discharged until toward the end of Margaret's life. For thirty years they did battle with legal people and tried to push the Public Prosecutor to take up their case. For early years they relied on food parcels from relatives. Later years they survived on canned food from the Tarwin Lower store. They had no idea how to cook anyway, let alone clean or maintain a house. In the winter they had to wade through the swamp to the store. The sister Jeannie died sometime before Margaret's suspicious death.

Stanley and Esme Livingstone are well dead now and last lived on an island off the Queensland coast. Although they were very kind to her for some years before her death and were half way to building her a house, my suspicions fall on him.

Here are a couple of photos from the book. Click on them to enlarge them. No idea who to credit them to, but the book's publisher was Thomas Nelson Australia and it was published in 1981. If you want to read the book, happy hunting.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Dear Joy

I am addressing this to my favourite presenters. Adam and Peter, Mark and Karen, Gillian and Clare and special mention to Shanton and a few others. I think you are all entertaining and I enjoy listening to you.

I am sorry, but the recent ructions at Joy Melbourne had me wondering whether I would renew my membership. It is obvious that there are serious problems. People don't go public without good reason. The natural inclination is to not dis something you once cared about. I don't listen to Joy very often now, usually only at weekends when sport comes on our ABC. But that is not so different to my normal habit of many years.

I have only heard the vaguest of mea culpas by management who ultimately wear the crown or the cross. My partner always listened to Brendan and Kaye in the morning and then later Brendan and Lizzie. After a week or so, he found a commercial radio station to listen to. It was the last straw when announcers were not allowed to talk about Brendan and Lizzies departure.

But the real crunch came when my membership renewal arrived and it is $66. I suppose I can afford it, but compared to other orgs I am a member of, it is very high subscription and I am not sure why it has been increased so much since last year.

I have been a member for quite a few years, but while it has been a very hard decision, I have decided to not renew my membership. I feel some guilt because if too many do what I am doing, Joy may be unsustainable and younger people won't have the privilege of having Joy, but I must do what I feel is right for me.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Is Barak gay?

It never occured to me that Barak might be gay. He is not an unattractive man for sure. He is, of course a US presidential candidate, and so could not be gay to win. He is up against Hilary Clinton, who proves the point. You can be a butch feminest man hating left wing radical and still be straight, can't you?

A blogger I read sometimes puts Asian pop stars to the gay test. He has also done a German pop star called Richie or something like that. He has now put Barak to the test. I would guess perhaps that Barak has a gay 'stylist'. But who knows. You need to read the post on the website, with pictures. Ok, a bit tongue in cheek, but we read of stranger things.

Back on keel

I am not good at being alone. It would take me a long time to become used to living alone. I have spent a crazy and obsessive weekend which I am now viewing as unsatisfactory and stupid. I had to do it. I was driven. I am now back to reality. No damage done, no glasses broken.