Saturday, May 05, 2007

24 hours in the life of highriser

Wake 6.30 from the click of the door when R left for work.

Go back to sleep till 7.00. Listen to some news and go back to sleep.

Wake up at 7.25 to hear Ali Moore bashing on about her radio program.
Rise at 7.30.

Check emails, download pornography, put load of washing on, put dishwasher on.
Respond to 'friend' who once again cancelled lunch. I am getting a little bored with him, but I knew it was coming, so prepared myself.

9.30 Shower and dress, look at more pornography.

10.00 Eat breakfast and take recylables down to recyling room. Speak to building manager about various issues.

10.30 Cross road for nice coffee and a read of the free Herald Sun. Fill blood pressure medication script at nearby chemist. Buy black x3 reading specs. Return to chemist as I could not read that they were x3 specs. I only wanted x2. Chemist finds some out the back.
The rest is a blank until:

1.00 Walk to tram stop and straight away catch tram. Alight at Southbank and walk to Eureka building to see what there is to be seen. Nothing. Stroll along Southbank and over Yarra River bridge.

1.10 Catch tram in Elizabeth Street, moved off as soon as I was on board.

1.30 Cracked pepper pie crn Bourke and Elizabeth. Go to Medicare office to claim doctor bill. Very busy but very efficient.

1.40 See gift shop and know they have nice sun glasses, cheap. Buy sunglasses after checking almost every pair.

1.30 Catch tram to Brunswick Street for haircut. Tram arrived immediately I was at stop. Must wait for 30 mins for headjob. Pass time by going into Post Office and buying latest first day cover, Shipwrecks. Old workmate working there who I have not seen for around 15 years. PO not busy, so had nice chat. I still look the same he said. What a liar. While he is the type who used to bolt on taxis and get into venues by climbing over fences, I do actually quite like him.

2.00 Walk a couple of Fitzroy streets and amaze at rows of 12 single story terrace houses.

2.15 Get hair cut.

2.30 Catch tram to St Vincents Plaza. Change to a Latrobe Street tram. Alight at Swanston Street and enter Queen Vic shopping centre. Buy a couple of grocerie items.

3.00 Catch tram home

3.15 Empty dishwasher

4.00 R arrives home

4.45 Leave in car for Dame M's where the group of ten is setting off for Fantasy Ball at 6.

5.00 Arrive Dame M's and over the next hour all arrive. Have glass of champers and nibbles.

6.00 All depart for ball in stretch limo. Leave with ex NT policeman friend for dinner at KL Cafe in Ackland Street. Very good as usual.

8.00 Dropped back to car and drive home. Watch tv.

10.00 Go to bed

4.30 Arise and take R to airport

6.00 Ponder life alone for one week.

7.00 Go back to bed.

Pics are the limo and the bar. Jaz falling into limo. Pretty feet. Unhooking Dame M's lace from Miss Coral Trout's sequins.

Friday, May 04, 2007


I may have mentioned this before, but my mother always likes to set the table for breakfast on the night before. I can't bear it. It looks like a mess for the whole night and is just unnecessary.

It seems my brother has the habit too though. He gets his breakfast ready the night before. Cluttering up our benches, pulling the jug and toaster unnecessarily away from the wall when they don't have to be moved to use them. I just could not live with him.

I asked him which cereal he eats so that I could at least get rid of one box. Both, he replied.

When I am a guest in someones house, I pick up clues from the what the person does. If they like their dishcloth hung over the tap, then that is what I will do. If they don't wear shoes inside, then I don't.

Mind you, his father did not have a brain injury and he was much the same.


What can I write about? Random thoughts of course.

Noticed my doctor had grey whiskers yesterday. Still looks hot. Seen his pics on the net. Stunning body.

At 8.30 am, I had to wait ages for a bus or a tram. I could have walked to Prahran, and I should have.

I will be parted from my beloved for a week.

There is a crane nearby that is giving me the creeps. It does not stay still at night time.

There were two car crashes down below this week. Only minor rear end, not worth the pics.

A week ago, finally the grand prix extra lighting finally went off. My bedroom is now darkish again after about three months.

While the ducks fly past in the evening in one direction, why do some seagulls fly into the suburbs and some to the sea for the night? It is funny to see many passing many going in opposite directions.

Procrastination Friday, the day I put off vacuuming until the very last minute before R arrives home.

Will I starve to death while R is away for a week?

I would be happy with a wet and miserable winter.

Yesterday it was christmas, today it is May. What happened?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

In full bloom

It must be quite magical at Hirosaki in the north of the main island in Japan. Local tourists plan their holidays to visit Hirosaki when the cherry trees are in full bloom. Unfortunately they are quite late this year. How beautiful it must be to have pink petals over your head and at your feet too. Imagine a picnic under the blossoms with an ice cold chablis and a cooled roasted chicken with oysters for entre and a rich lemon meringue pie for desert, followed by some strong rich coffee and a liquer? or port.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This weeks flowers

We have had some nice flowers since my last flower post, but nothing too special.

If I am not working on a Saturday, flower change over day, R and I usually squabble at the Prahran Market over what flowers to buy. It is always a negative argument in so far as he asks if I like this bunch, or I ask if he likes this bunch and way too much, 'what do you like'.

This last Saturday he left me alone at Mojitos to finish my breakfast and buy the flowers while he bashed off to the electric beach.

Such responsibility. But I did pretty well for $6. They now, a few days later, look better than when I took the photo and they are gorgeously large. They don't deserve a dail up friendly size reduction.

Don't hurt me too much doc

I am having a cholesterol test tomorrow. It is at nine of the clock. Receptionist told me I must fast for twelve hours before. I turned to the net and sought an opinion that suited me better.

Food won't be a problem as I rarely eat after dinner until I have to force some breakfast down, but on holidays and not having a drink or two after nine pm or coffee in the morning. Whiskers on that.

Here is what I found.

Fast can be as low as eight hours before test.

No alcohol for twenty four hours before test.

For a meaningful test, sixteeen hours is the suggested period.

There is only one minor result that can be affected by breaking fast.

No food, (no mention of drinks) twelve hours before test.

Don't have cheese and olives at midnight the evening before your test.

And the one I am following, no calorie or fat intake ten hours before the test.

While I am fancying bacon and eggs and a nice cup of coffee after I leave Doctor, I expect I will bolt to home for cereal, toast and instant coffee.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A bit of fun

Daniel posted this on his blog yesterday and I thought I would have a go or four.

10.30am, 73wpm and 5 errors.
4pm, 35wpm with 28 errors. (Obviously stressed by tram experience)
8.30pm, 50 wpm, 7errors.
11pm, 79wpm, 11 errors.

Just as Daniel mentioned, perhaps my typing is deteriorating because I don't chat online much now. While most don't bother with caps and puncs when chatting, I still do.

A friend or not

I was going to meet a friend in town for lunch on Monday. He cancelled because he had a tradie coming to do some work and had to get his car serviced. Fine. Rearranged for today, but today he has an upset stomach.

I know full well what this is about. He has had a better offer of some sort. I suspect sex is involved.

As I am feeling a little hurt and mighty annoyed, and I have known him for about ten years, I think the loss is more his than mine because I am terribly busy in the near future. Can I afford to play a hard to get type and petulant at my age? You betcha.

Three inches is enough

I had occasion to go to Balaclava today.

One benefit of using public transport if it is not too busy is that you can you position yourself to have a good perve on hot looking guy. On the return tram trip I saw a target for my observations and postitioned myself accordingly, but also near the exit door in case the tram became busy. Suddenly I became so sleepy. I thought instead of getting off the tram at the usual Toorak Road stop, I would go further to the next stop and if I dropped off for half a doze, I would wake when the tram went around the curve before the stop.

As usual I had sunglasses on. The tram started go around the curve and I opened my eyes and there was a male crotch in front of my face just a few inches away. I actually got a fright (I think I had gone a bit further than half a doze) and yes, it was the guy I had been checking out.

It was quite a handsome crotch, compressed into a bare three inches of material between the waist band and crotch fork and bulging nicely. For just a split second I thought I was about to be orally assaulted. For another split second I thought I cannot appear to be a willing recipient here in public on a tram.

Fantasy, wanted or unwanted, ended when I realised he was reading the tram route map that was above my head.

Sacrosanct footpath

This only ever seems to happen to me along Toorak Road. Perhaps it says something about the drivers of Toorak Road side streets or about South Yarra drivers even.

We walk from home up Toorak Road for an evening meal in a cheapish place about twice a month. I rarely have issues with motorists when I am pedestrianing, but for some reason they really have it in for me along this stretch.

Pedestrian wise Toorak Road between St Kilda Road and Punt Road is busy enough. It is hardly a quiet surburban steet with minimal pedestrian traffic. So the guy who had parked across the footpath deserved my loud 'Don't worry about the pedestrians' comment as I walked around his car.

Only ten metres on, a driver pulled straight in front of us as we were about to cross a side street and blocked out path. There were about five of us. I mouthed something unrepeatable to her b/f who was in the passenger seat as I could not catch her eye.

I am getting quite annoyed at these arrogant assholes by now. There is a history of of this on our walks along Toorak Road. While I know I and R are up for short sprint, I thought it best to check how well ABI brother was at sprinting. He can do it.

After dinner and emboldened by two glasses of cheap plonk, I was ready to take on these motorists.

I wish I had a good end to the story, but everyone was ever so polite on our way home.

First in the queue

Not literally, but I am so excited about this that I will throw my Scottish miserliness out the window and eagerly pay nearly $30 to be rolled out of 88th floor of the Eureka building in a glass cube. While I can hang over the edge of our balcony many stories up to clean the glass, I still get a touch of the vertigoes if I actually look down, especially at the outer corner. It has got to be a better thrill than any amusement park ride.

The pics come from The Age where you can read all about it.

Down at the docks

I try to like Docklands, I really do but it is just so souless and empty most of the time. It was a lovely sunny day last week without wind when I visited. I was going to have lunch there but ended up going back into the city. I did not want to be a sole diner.

Pic was taken around twelve noon on a weekday at Waterfront City in the direction of the Walk of Fame of whatever it is called. Opera singer June Bronhill if you cant' quite read it.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Guest at the highrise

My aquired brain injury brother is staying with us for a few days while he does an occupational health and safety course in the city. Not sure why he is staying, as while he left here at 7.35 this morning to get to the venue, one of his workmates left where she lives in the same town and caught the 6.50 train. Hardly seems worth his bother.

I am always watching him from the corner of my eye to check that he is not doing anything silly. I just missed one as I type. He just made himself a cup of tea, but used green tea and not black tea and was about to add milk and sugar to it. He asked R why the tea was so weak.

It is only for three nights so I can cope with an unmade bed, a chair not pushed in and a cup rinsed and then placed on my clean sink instead of either just left on the sink or put in the dishwasher. Haha, says more about me than him hey.

Hard going on R too, as he has to provide the meals as well as ready himself for next weeks trip and prepare food for me in his absence. He always feels such obligation to guests that he goes further than I like him too. Best not to offer my reformed alcholic brother a light beer or a glass of wine. R treats him as a guest. I treat him as my brother and if wants something, he can ask or get it himself.

He will be back for two nights next week when I will be on my own, eek.

In fairness to R, I suggested we will go out for dinner tomorrow night, and brother readily agreed. It will be the usual, trying to extract money from him for the meal but I am aware of this and why he is like that. I just ignore it and insist.

The Transport Accident Commision did a remarkable job with his rehabilitation. Truly remarkable, but there are some processes he was taught that don't impact very well on those around him. Doesn't matter. We make allowances and know how well the TAC did and how well he does.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Over the limit post about #5

I have been throttled. I went over my 10gb limit, even though Telstra's website says that my allowance is 12gb. The person I spoke to over the telephone changed me over to the new plan, which is my old plan with an extra two gigs allowance, but it is the same plan and the one that Telstra's website tells me I am on anyway. Confused? I am not. I expect nothing less from Telstra. The nice chappie said that he could release me from the throttling but not until I went over the ten gigs. At that point I was 9.980. He said to just call back once I was over and he put a note on my file.

But you know what? My plan allows an 8mbps download and I am throttled to 64kbps and I can't tell the effing difference. What does that say about my fast bigpond cable? I won't bother calling.

Telstra has been inundating me with emails and literature of a very strong nature even saying that the Australian Competition and Consumer Corporation? is a rogue organisation. They suggested a list of people to contact, including parliamentarians, for a fairer deal for Telstra, and they then may upgrade the Australian internet service to something vaguely near the rest of the civilised world.

Whatever you think of Telstra, they are a private company and are there to make profits for shareholders.

It is so simple. The government should build and own the physical infrastructure and lease it to whoever wants it, for a profit. Telstra really would be in trouble then when they had to compete on a 'level playing field', the phrase they are so fond of using.

I think I just shot my self in my own Telstra share owning foot.

Just to wrap, back in the nineties it was predictable that people who do not have the internet would be disadvantaged in the future. The time has arrived where this is happening. In Australia we are surely at the point where the internet must be a right, not a privilege.