Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good Luck Seafood and Barbecue Restaurant

As previously mentioned, it is a dodgy name. We went there tonight with brother friends and ex NT policeman. It is cheap looking and the service variable, but there is a friendly Mama San if things are not right. The food is just to die for. It may just be my choices, but best Asian food for a long time. It is located just opposite Coles in Chapel Street.

They do plenty of take away business too. I saw a plastic bag go out to the front with containers of food and a duck's head sticking out the top of the bag, presumably attached to the duck's body.

I thought it was a good idea for long term friends to get together for a meal so that ex NT policeman could relieve some stress from his life and talk. Here is one of the latest emails he sent. Of course we had some phone calls too. R is his partner. Foul play has not been ruled out.

Some of you may know but others may not know that one of R*** brothers, G*** K***, who lives in Lautoka and runs a business there went missing last Saturday fortnight.
R*** and his Mother flew to Fiji last evening.
Today word has come that they have discovered his brother's body in a creek, near where his car was found submerged yesterday.
I don't know much more at this stage; apparently the post-mortem was done "on the spot, where found" and the body is likely to be released quickly. I don't know if they will bury him in Lautoka or take him back to Taveuni. He was 46.
R*** was planning to stay until 11 May but its too early to say if he will come back sooner.
I'll try and keep you advised further.

Rage Rage Rage

While it is flattering to be nominated for one of these meme thingy doozywhatsits, this is the last one I am possibly doing, unless it is about sex. I shall break the chain by not inflicting this on anyone else, but if you want to have a go..............(late edit, having written some entries, there is a strong connection between vids I liked and hot guys)

When Rage starts screaming from the tv on Friday or Saturday nights, I know it is time to go to bed. I have watched and taped some of it in the past, especially when the summer season Countdown is on.

So Brownie, I am a Rage guest programmer and I get to choose the music by the worth of the video clips. 'Fraid it is all going to be the eighties, although perhaps some seventies, with the exception of

Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out of My Head. What a dress, what style, what a woman and she has been pleasured by Michael Hutchence. Although obviously she was not enough for him. Auto erotic strangulation is perferable to Kylie???

As I grew up in very monocultural surrounds, the exoctic male has always had a fascination for me so that gives me a couple of videos.

Hush with Glad All Over, band members being two bare top Asian heritage and one Greek looking guy who perhaps wasn't and another or two who I took no notice of. As well as being bare topped, they wore figure hugging glam gear and high heels. Pooftahs, but hot!

MC Hammer with You Can't Touch This. Great boppy track and one of the earlier visually fast videos. Unlike now, we did not have much exposure to black dudes.......well I didn't, although there was one guy at an early nineties Mardi Gras after party........well, you don't want to know except for 'you want to what with that?'.

Prince's When Doves Cry. Great imaginative clip and although he was a butt ugly hairy little dude, he was sexy.

Kate Bush and Babushka. See Kylie, and I have loved the sound of smashing glass ever since.

Everybody in the House of Love, by boyband East 17. Energetic track and video.

How could a gay Rage programmer not include the Weather Girls with Raining Men. Fun clip.

Michael Jackson's Thriller. Spooky and just before he went too weird.

The Whitlams, with Tim Freedman unplugged singing of course There is no Aphrodisiac. Just Tim singing. Lazily sexy and great track.

No Limit, 2Unlimited. He was hot and she wasn't bad either. He did not age well.

I Want to Break Free. Queen's Freddie Mercury prancing about in a pink tutu. Priceless.

Lambada by Kaoma. Sexy Latin dancing. Hot!

Vogue by Mandonna.....yes, I did vogue.

Take That. A peirced nipple, how interesting, well it was back then. Sexy lads, alas no longer, not even Robbie Williams.

Dead or Alive, with You spin me round. Hmmm. Seen too much of Pete Burns lately, literally.

Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Show. The movie encapsulated.

Jingo by F K W. See the dude in that! Set at Carnival in Rio. Believe it was originally a Carlos Santana number.

Black Box with the Twelfth of Never. A handsome smouldering guy with long curly hair in frilly white pirate shirt. Nice.

Number nineteen, anything with Mick Jagger in it wearing ultra tight pants.

Slip an extra in here. Tina Turner with What's Love got to do with it. She looked fab and those boots! A friend visiting New York walked along the fence where she strutted. He was thrilled.

I just did a search of my blog and I thought I had posted this clip. Evidently not. Style Council's Long Hot Summer. As someone wrote, one of the most homoerotic clips ever made by straight(?) guys. That is 20 clips, say by five minutes including intros, just short of two hours. Enough for one programmer. Here is Long Hot Summer.

Famous non bearded resident

If I run into them in the lift I am going to pretend that I am not noticing that they are joined together, just like our dog used to pretend not to notice black balloons.

R said he saw a radio person on tv take their, that is our building's, remote control from them so that he can drop in on them any time to check that they are joined.

I believe they are doing live broadcasts from within the building at night.

There are an awful lot of questions in my mind about this but I don't really want them answered.

Pic is from their website.

Hidetoshi Nakata

Seems I am not the only one with an unhealthy fascination with football (soccer) star Hidetoshi Nakata. He his so stylish, he should be gay.

Here is my modest collection of pics and here is a kewl chick's blog with her obsession.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Sometimes there are things that you should have worked out at the time, suddenly hit you on the head and you wonder why you were so stupid.

There was a slut in my workplace. I only call her that because there is no worse single word to sum her up. I have no problem with chicks having sex with whoever they want.....I may have done similar in the past. Cheat on her husband? Well maybe he is not paying her attention.

I call her a slut because she is supposedly a religious person, she blackmailed some guys, did a casting couch under the desk, and she called sexual harassment. Naturally she has been promoted to a higher position.

One time, I asked a trusted workmate about her and what his countrymen, the same as her, thought about her. I was surprised by his opinion. He was apologetic, does not matter, well, she is a nice person, we don't worry about that, she's kewl.

It has only taken me a year or so to work out why this good looking christian workmate did not have a harsh opinion of her. He'd done her too.

You would think that someone my age should not be so naive. Sadly, I still trust people.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Telstra SMS

Spin works in funny ways. This had slipped my mind until I was reminded of it by the Telstra apologist. Better he had said nothing. I was further reminded of it by a tale on the radio this morning.

R and I are disloyal Tesltra customers. Disloyal because we will slag them off at any opportunity. A couple of weeks ago he sent me an sms. When I saw him that evening, he was puzzled because he receive an sms confirmation sms from Telstra that the sms had been received. The text also suggested we go online to Telstra's website to find out about the confirmation sms.

We did this and it is a free Tesltra service for one month I think and then it would be charged. I am not sure by what right Telstra thinks it can default peoples phones to a new pay service, but that is what they did.

We went through his phone settings and turned the facility off on his phone and then checked mine but mine was already off. I have never touched it so I assume it was turned off by default. R's phone was turned on by default and guess what is the brand of his phone? Yep, Telstra.

Of course, if you ignore the Telstra sms and don't investigate further, and many won't, you will pay for those confirmation sms.

Just another reason why Telstra hating is such a national sport.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The tenant

R put it succinctly today when he said, 'ok, no more Mr nice land lord'. We had a Brunswick Street lunch with brother friends yesterday and they took no notice of agents advice when they were setting their rent. Invariably they banged it up more than the agent suggested and in the same period as us, had only two tenants.

I think in the eight or nine years we have had our rental flat, we have had one really good tenant. He was the first or second out of about seven and we did not know what was to come.

We have put in a new hot water system, window locks, exhaust fan, repaired heating. Then we redecorated, painted it throughout, new carpet, new blinds, new lighting.

The present tenant had been very good with the rent but it all started to go wrong at christmas, a couple of months before his lease expired. He asked for a new lease, unusual, and wanted the same rent. We half hearted pressed for a higher rent, but he said he could not afford more. Ok, it costs us to change over tenant, so we will keep the rent the same.

Shortly after the media was full of stories of rental property shortages and high prices. Smart lad we thought, but then as I said, it does cost money to change over a tenant and he had always paid on the knocker.

This month the rent was paid considerably late, so he not quite so smart and we suddenly paid attention to the flat. What happened to the lease he was going to sign?

After an email and phone call to the agent, he has not signed the lease which needed to be signed by the the 23rd of last month. Agree to another lease and then not sign it and get cheap rent on the premise that you were going to sign it. I am not blaming the agent, as they have been pressing him, but he won't return calls.

Guess who's rent is going up by $25 per week and that is being conservative. Unfortunately we need to give sixty days notice, which normally we would have given in January. We won't see any extra money until June, that is if he doesn't leave and then we will whack up to $35 a week more.

So may stories about bad landlords, and we are about to become them, through bitter experience.

Emails sent, letters written

I am not the only letter writer. Blogging mate Rob was published in The Age regarding the disgrace that is the major thoroughfare of our city, Swanston Street. Along with some complaints about tour coaches in Swanston Street as well, I thought it was a good time to strike while the iron is hot so I sent an email to Catherine Ng, the only City of Melbourne councillor who I have met.

Along with Swanstson Street, I also had something to say about skaters skating over the Bali Memorial, the lack of preparation for drought conditions and letting grass die and then replacing it while we are still in drought conditions and the lack of lighting maintenance on Princes Bridge.

Then another off to Mayor Bolitho of City of Port Phillip regarding a new skate ramp in a public park, my opinion of Fitzroy Street and the St Kilda Festival. The festival everyone goes to except local residents over 30. Soothing email promptly sent back.

Letter to building body corporate over the matter of trying to save money by not having the building's cooling system maintained.

Email to real estate agent re our our tenant and flat. See next post.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quickie #62

Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt calls (cut and paste) Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali a fool. I am not foolish enough to call Andrew Bolt a fool and I am very surprised that Bolt calls that Sheikh a fool. You'll go down underestimating people you don't like, but you won't go so far wrong by overestimating them.

Spin in action

This is an absolute hoot. While I have never managed to attract a spin doctor to my blog, it seems The Governor General has. Well done Lord Sedgewick of Strathmore. No wonder you don't post daily with all those phone calls in the area to connect and STD charges to calculate and phone sex lines to monitor.

Read the comments on the post. I am still laughing.

Letter to the Herald Sun by Outraged of St Kilda Road

Sometimes I do not know how I go on. R sometimes mentions the Derrinallum option and I could be sorely tempted.

Australia should be a geat place to live for many people. Why can I write a list of problems in the lucky country so readily off the top of my head?

Diana Brimble on a P and O Cruise. Out for a good time perhaps and a little incautious. Allegedly drugged by the drugged and died........and her mother just died too.

Hicks in a US jail. An Australian citizen held without trial for five years by a foreign government and the Australian government does nothing to free him from his captors.

Our governments have not made adequate provision of water for its citizens.

Without direct cost to your pocket, you can get some of the best health care in the world in Australia's public health system. Why doesn't this apply to what is in you mouth, that is your teeth. Dental costs are huge.

While Australia is a large country, it is already ecologically unsustainable with the 20 million plus we have. Why are we adding more? It will have to stop at some point.

Why do policitians, already quite wealthy, feel the need to to aquire more and more by disreputable means? Snouts in troughs indeed.

Why does our economy seem to depend on building more and more houses?

If we keep extracting water, gas and oil from underground, what is replacing it? Is it all going to cave in one day?

How many kids live near Fitzroy Street, St Kilda that they need their own skate park in an established park?

Add your own.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Melbourne's most excellent zoo

I thought it was a good idea to go to the zoo. We have not been for eleven years, a friend reminded me later. The weather looked a little warm, but with a hat and sunscreen we were ok. We caught the tram as it is almost door to door and I remember the nightmare last time when we took the car.

To celebrate the arrival of three young elephants from Thailand, the zoo has set up a Thai style village complete with Thai food.

The zoo enclosures are generally excellent now and a far cry from an animal in cages. The best in my view was the orangutan enclosure. The seals wery funny. Hard to choose the cutest critter though. I have been up close with a paddymelon, a bit like a small fat kangaroo, and they are very cute. From a distance, lemurs look lovely and the Siberian Tiger very regal. The bears looked quite unhappy and I am not sure they are suited to captivity. Most ignored were the pig like peccaries, but for sheer lazy but playful behaviour and general cutness, the orangutans did it for me.

Honourable mention to the butterfuly house. It is like a fairy land with butterflies everywhere. One liked my shirt and I had to flick it off before leaving.

Was that a known SB tram driver doing something very bludge like we passed in Flemington Road on the tram home?

Pictures are lazy kangaroos, a cute and I think young koala, a goanna (reptile) and Rothschild giraffes with a couple of zebras. The first three are all Australian native animals.

I am now trying to remember the names of elephants, I know Bong Su already (32) and Mek Kapah (33), (Malaysia), and the new Thai elephants are Kulab (7), Dokkoon (13) and Num-oi (6).

Alert and alarmed

Taken at 17.45 09/04/07. Hopefully it only some fire prevention burning off.

Save Sydney's Fairies

We down south in Mexico have heard that there are some serious problems with Sydney's public transport but we have problems enough with our own.

We still have some old W trams dating back to the forties and fifties running a regular service on a traffic congested route and on the tourist oriented city circle route. In my opinion, that is where they should stay. The are no longer suitable for normal public transport use.

But people were passionate about retaining some of the W trams and I understand their reasons. Unfortunately the present W tram beast has been so modified that it cannot efficiently transport the public in a normal manner.

I expect Sydney people are also passionate their ferries. As an occasional tourist to Sydney I certainly am. A visit to Sydney is lacking for me without a trip to Manly on the ferry. You can of course get the more comfortable and faster Jetcat, but the ferry is a much nicer trip.

So I am a little alarmed to read of this suggestion in today's Sydney Morning Herald.

A proposal by the firm KPMG and backed by the latest chief executive, Geoff Smith, to replace the traditional Manly ferries with a fleet of smaller, faster ferries has been rejected unanimously by the five-member board because of fears that the SuperCat disaster - the failed experiment to design an all-purpose ferry - will be repeated.

I think getting rid of the traditional Sydney ferry would be like ridding Melbourne of W trams. I hope neither ever happens. Read the full story here.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

As mentioned, I find easter boring and I am quite happy to work and collect an extra dollar or two. So, after a hard day at work, would you think I would want to go out and party in Fitzroy Steet, St Kilda? Normally no.

But it was judiciously arranged to be early by sister in law, so old folk like moi, we can do early stuff.

Home from work at five, shower and dress and catch tram to st kilda. Nephew is working at Metropol, the old St Kilda Railway Station. And he has managed to get his mate a job there too.

Im spite of nephew shouting us a a drink and coffee and his mate shouting us one also, it still cost a bomb for a meal and a couple of drinks.

I am not sure that 40 year old sister in law, her wheel chair bound 79 year old mother, her (usually sullen) 18 year old daughter and the ageing gay uncles (us) are quite the sort of clientele Metropol wants to attact, but we paid and we had a good time and sis in law got an offer from a security guard.

Nephews dreads are so much better now. They drape very nicely. He has lost weight too and looks good. I would not be so impressed if he ended up working in the Langwarrin bottleshop and I think he could do better for himself even now, but working at the Metropol, living with his g/f at Beacon Cove and about to move to a room in North Melbourne because he needs his space, well, not so bad.

Niece is a big lass with big jhobies but gee is she pretty. I realised she had full make up on tonight and it was skillfull but understated application. She looked stunning and she was almost friendly to the gay uncles. I said to R, she will get better. I will guess that it will be her pushing the gay uncles around in their chairs.

Favourite niece is somewhere off in the country..Lakes Entrance or some god forsaken similar place.

Nephew had planned to bash off to Scotland in July. Now he is talking about December. Nephew, I said, you know it will be winter?