Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bagging the Blunnies

I was quite fond of Blundstone boots. I think I owned three pair sucessively. The first was around $80 and the last around $50 and I think they are still that price. My love affair with Blunnies ended after the third pair in six years wore out and I was talked into buying a pair of Rossi boots by a nice chappie at Pells camping store in Chapel Street. I suppose they will wear out eventually but after six years of almost daily wear at work, they are still in very good condition. I call them my slippers as they are very comfortable too. They were about $90 as against the $50 for Blunnies. I have had my money's worth.

So now that Blunnies are not going to be made in Australia anymore, I have no hesitation in saying that they are of a far lesser quality than the very marvellous South Australian made Rossi boots. Buy Rossi, they're good.

The Gilded Pussy

This Gilded Pussy post on Steph's blog really had me scratching my head thinking of whether there is a gay male equivalent. I couldn't immediately think of anyone I know or may have known in the past. I am concentrating hard now, thinking as I type.

I can recall guys who were very attractive and very charming too but I don't recall other people thinking about them as Steph described which could perpaps be summed up as 'so in lust, you would become their slave'.

I can recall an ex of mine who was so charming he could go into a straight pub and within an hour have picked up a guy and gone home with him. He specialised in wharfies, council workers, tradies and crims. The crims did cause him some trouble in following months or years. I would not recommend it.

I can recall guys that just oozed sex out every pore and word and you knew they would want a lot more time than a five minute quickie.

I can recall reasonably plain looking guys who were just so talented at sex, you would always go back for more.

I can recall guys who could make you go weak at the knees and not be able to string a sentence together with just a single look.

I can recall guys who were so sweet and cute and innocent (invariably they are not so innocent), you just wanted to hold them and protect them.

Nope, I reallly don't think there is a gay male equivalen to Steph's Jasmine. Tell me I am wrong faggot bois.

Note: A lot of recalling and not much present.

Hot Guys and Jamie

Beauty and the Bum always has lots of pictures of hot looking guys. Have a look at this post for instance. But really for mine they may as well be cardboard cutouts or plastic dolls. They don't look human. Even Jamie Durie looked like that when he was young and posing, but now is older (37 I just read, but I am a little sceptical) he is just one very handsome man. (I'll fight you for him Bitch)

Now he switched to the lesser of two evils, I expect I will see quite a lot of him over the next year or so.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wot puzzled me this week

Why are escalators arranged opposite to the way we want to go? That is up on the left and down on the right. Most new escalators do the opposite, up on the right and down on the left. It feels like driving on the wrong side of the road. (a moment of clarity hits and I guess where the lifts come from, in a pre connected form)

Why to tram makers put a narrow front door at the front and why does everyone feel the need to use this narrow front door, preferring to queue rather than use the larger mid section doors?

Why did the stupid old cow drive into the side of a truck when she could have changed lanes and avoided hitting the truck that should not have pulled out onto the road.

Why when a 4wd ran into the back of a van, was it a huge joke? Ok, no damage really, but turning it into a friendly get together and parting smiles and waves?

Why when Melbourne has such big wide main roads and multiple motorways, does the traffic get so congested?

Why hasn't City of Melbourne and City of Port Phillip prepared a drought plan for their gardens and trees? Why when they have to halve their public space water usuage did they not just water half what they used to?

This is just what I can remember now from this week. I should take notes.

Who's your money on?

Is it possible that when the disgraceful US president Bush leaves office, that the race may be between a black male or a white female? Worse still, the black male smokes, but not cigars! But surely even worse the white female canditate's husband likes cigars, but we are unsure if he smokes them (wonder what is wrong with Bill that something the size of a cigar is a subsitute for the real thing. Perhaps it was a large Havana)

Hillary was a bit of long underarm hair person before she had her makeover, not that I implying anything about her sexuality.

The US political process is terribly complicated to us Australians, but I suppose the choice will be narrowed to one person before the presidential election. A pretty well unknown black male against a well known and well funded ex president's wife. It might even be interesting.

Bad night

Keep in mind that I had to rise for work at 4.40am, it is muggy as hell outside, there is nothing on tv and I have had a hard week. So sets the scene and my frame of mind.

I wasn't keen on the idea but R thought it would be ok. Tonight we joined a gay friend, his boyfriend, the boyfriend's mother and brother from Fiji, and our friend's brother and sister in law for dinner at Sante at the Casino.

It was very busy and supposed to be good value at $22 for the buffet. I don't eat enough to get value from a set price buffet. I tried and felt bloated afterwards.

The whole Casino was full of ugly, badly dressed low life, and there were some younger people there too. If the people weren't low enough, even lower ones were arriving as we left. Wouldn't have been so bad if they looked like they were having fun. They looked as bored and as miserable as I felt. While it wins hands down over any other casino in Australia to my knowledge, it is disgusting place and I doubt I will go there again.

I have nothing against wasting money. I am quite good at it but please, what is the point of giving money to this place.

Revenge for hanging Sadamm? This is your target. You'll get nearly every pilled track suit bottom and cardigan in Melbourne with one hit. Evil place.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Music of me yuuf #37

I never cared much for the Rolling Stones, but I liked Miss You from the album Some Girls. The album cover was quite attractive too, so I bought it. Not long after I stopped buying albums for one track as invariably I would not like any other track. (they wonder why we download illegally from the net)

I can't believe how long ago it was. The Stones looked reasonably young then unlike now. I probably did too.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Moslem V Muslim

I am not talking about Sunni V Sh'ite people from the Middle East. I am caught up in a curiosity. How is the word moslem spelt. While I have heard Bush pronounce it muslim as in the pudding cloth wrap, I never realiased that there are two spellings.

I puzzled Rosanna by spelling it moslem and Jo seems to go for muslim. Rob reckons both are ok. The first thing that occurred to me was that it was the usual English/US difference, but no.

Wikipedia tells me it was moslem until the late eighties but due to mispronunciation by westerners, muslims prefer the muslim spelling.

Back in the sixties, English writers used to refer to muslim people as mohammedans.

I have checked a few online newspapers and Australia's Fairfax press seem to go solely for muslim. UK Independant likes muslim too. UK Sun likes moslem. New York Times has a bet each way seemingly, half moslem and half muslim.

But the curious thing is why did I not know that there were two different spellings? I just thought is was moslem and I had never noticed the more often used muslim. I am too old to change now, for me it will be moslem.

Locked in a lift

I really never thought they would switch the power off to St Kilda Road. It is a critical area with nearly all building having lifts incuding the second most major police building in the state. But when the fires in the north of the state affected the power wires from New South Wales, that is what they did. Switched us off.

Ring, ring. R called. I did not answer. It was to alert me that he was nearly home and I should come down and move my car as I will be leaving first in the morning. I did so. As we were coming back into the building, I decided I would go to the ground floor and check the pot plants were watered by building staff this morning.

They had been. Myself, two of the cleaning staff, the building manager and Famous Bearded Media Person's very glam wife, hereafter referred to a C, entered the lift. Building manager got out of lift on 1st floor. At the second floor lift stopped and emergency lighting came on. We had no idea why the lift stopped at 4.05. I could hear noise from the lift next door and then the sound of a phone line dialling. The person was obviously using the emergercy system to call the lift company. When I heard the voice, it was R, stuck in the other lift. We too called the lift company. Fifteen minutes, she promised.

C could not get a Vodaphone signal in the lift so she borrowed the building manager's Telstra phone that was in possession of one of the staff and called an underling to come to the building. She then tried calling 000 (911, 999, 112) but could not get through. We learned later it was swamped. Eventually we forced the bottom of the lift ajar as it was stinking hot and it did let some air in. The building staff locked in with us were busy calling the building manager and answering concerns by residents.

I called R in the next lift to see if he was ok and he was. Subsequently we sms'd back and forth.

By five o'clock a crowd had gathered. The vip people in the building and three of C's staff. One staff had brought a radio so we could listen to her husband broadcasting about the fires and the state wide electrical problem. He did not know his wife was locked in the lift. He did bang about how he was concerned that he may not be able to get into the car park when he went off air and came home.

Some water bottles were flattened and slipped through the lift gap to give us a much needed drink. We darded not have too much lest we needed to go, but by the amount of sweat we were losing, I don't think it would have been a problem.

By five o'clock, the emergency lighting failed and C powered up her lap top, which gave us sufficient light. I made a bit of small talk with her and the building staff, but in such hot conditions, I was envious of R in a lift on his own. People continued to hover outside, every so often keeping us updated. By 5.30 lift staff had arrived, I suspect only because they have the contract for the police station nearby and they had already released the police folk. R had opened his inner door and they told him to push some rollers to the side and he was out. Being the caring and sharing person he is, he straight away bolted up to our apartment. Haha, the electric is not working, it is not cool there either

The lift people told us they would have to work from the top down to release us. I think it was 5.50 when we got out. We were just really lucky that the lift people werent far away and let us out within two hours. The power did not come on until around 7.45.

It was not a great experience. I walked up many flights of stairs to our apartment and straight away had a shower, though the buildings pumps werent working and the pressure was low.

My late step brother used to work for the State Electricity Commission. He was the person who sits in front of the screen and decided who to switch off if there was a shortage of power. There was a plan for him to follow. Once he assured my step mother that her place was one of the last to be switched off according to the roster.

This sounds like a good idea, switch areas off for an hour and then switch them back on and switch another area off. While I dont know the extent of city buildings turned off and people trapped in lifts, it really isnt fair to switch us off for nearly four hours while other people had no interuption at all.

It was all a bit much for me and I decided I could not face work today.

(lack of punctuation is because some keyboard shortcut thing is happening)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Emails sent

Hi D.
While I was in the lift with C and the two building staff, my partner was the person in the adjacent lift. He was fine and not increasingly agitated as you mentioned on your website, and as a dutiful committee member, went to the already rostered candlelight lit body corp committee meeting at six o'clock. Note, nothing stops the committee in this building. My partner's lift door was also propped open by his and other peoples doing. A nice Chinese lady resident brought a telephone book along to wedge his lift door open.
For your information, there is not a pile up of grease etc at the bottom of the lift. Someone dropped their keys down the gap and when they were retrieved, it was noted that the area was clean. My partner was concerned about fire as the alarm was sounding, but I later assured him that the fire system would kick in, smoke detectors, stairwell air pressurisation, shut down of ventilation, sprinkler pumps driven by an emergency generator, tested weekly, at great expense, both monetary and water. There are issues within the building where systems failed and they are being addressed. Our lifts are well maintained and should never drop. There is also a vent in the lifts, note the holes in a circle on the lift circle that looks like a speaker. Stand under it as the lift travels upwards and you can feel the air coming in. While it does not force air in while the lift is stationary, it does mean that you won't suffocate if trapped in the lift.
Eureka has an emergency generator for their lifts, but it would seem to have failed and people were trapped all over the building. At least all our building's doors unlocked and the car park door was able to be manually raised.
I personally never thought the power would go off to our building, but it did and it will happen again at some time. Both **** and the body corp committee are reviewing the event to see what can be improved, including returning lifts to the nearest floor and doors opening, or a least released.
It was good that the full body corp committee were there to support us trapped in the lift. One misguided member brought along a battery radio so we could hear you broadcasting. **** staff stayed on at work to deal with us and their many buildings in a similar situation as ours. The contracted lift company did as well as could be expected to free us given the widespread problem.
It does trouble me as to why our area was without power for four hours and some areas never lost their's at all. What happened to rotational power outages?
Please pass on our thanks to one of C's staff. I** maybe? He was a great support and thank god for C's laptop.
Hope the long stair climb was not too onerous.
Andrew C.

I have been a member of Joy since the mid nineties I think, membership
number ***, and I find this all very disturbing. That such
dissatisfaction is allowed to fester troubles me. I will add that I
only know what I have read on Qmelb.

I don't listen to Joy very often now, but not because of the program
content. I just don't like music very much. But even if I don't tune
into Joy often I am quite happy to pay my sub as I think Joy is
invaluable to many people.

In my workplace we have an amenities fund and ructions occurred last
year with many members resigning. I too resigned and I told the person
in charge why. If you cannot work with people who volunteer their
labour, time and efforts, then there is a problem and I don't feel I
can continue to contribute money towards the fund. The friction later
cooled and I have since rejoined.

I live in a large building with a very active body corporate
committee. Meeting after meeting went on for hours as the finer
details of charges and accounts were queried. They were queried for
good reason as mistakes had been made as had some cheating. The result
was much more openness and detail of charges and a mindset change by
the body corporate managing company. The other buildings they manage
have received the same benefit now.

It is all about openness. Openness to members so that they are kept
up to speed with the internal workings of Joy and even more openness
to those who labour within. We should also see detailed accounts down
to fine detail as to where money goes to and comes from. Such openness
will quickly quell any queries and accusations.

Does Joy really need an overall manager? It certainly needs paid
administrative people and an office manager, but I thinking maybe an
overall manager is not required.

It is sad for all the hard working volunteers at Joy that I will be
seriously considering my renewal of my subscription this year. I had
hoped to be granted life membership sometime, perhaps the year before
I died, but it would seem this will not be so.

If it was not for Qmelb, I would know nothing of any of this and this
is of real concern to me too. Where is the Joy forum?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Functional Kitchen

Our kitchen looks ok in the pic doesn't it? Let me tell you, it was designed by a straight man.

I am just short of six feet tall, 180, 75, short fair, smooth.........sorry, that came out automatically. I can't reach some of the cupboards. Given there was some thought given to Asian buyers when this building was built, it is surprising.

Take the top cupboard to the right. The only way I can reach the top shelf on the right hand side is to sit up on the bench backwards and twist around.

The top cupboard to the left, just stretch and reach, or getting some sort of hook to get things from the back corner.

I really noticed this when our visitor from Japan was here. She is average woman height and could not reach much at all in the top cupboards.

Then there are the lower corner cupboards. Fine if something is at the front, but if you want something from the back of the cupboard, it is an on the knees job peering into darkness.

Really, I find the kitchen pretty ok to work in, but them I am only the bottle washer, not the head chef.

Oh for the days of Prosper Parade with a large kitchen, plenty of good cupboards and a three metre long by two metre high pantry cupboard.

The Dish

Now that is a movie I haven't seen. But a different dish to that one. It was nice of the two men to spend a couple of hours on the roof of the building next door painting around the dish. At say $20 an hour, by two men, by two hours it must add up to about $70.

While I thought it was a government spy device pointed directly at us, I am relieved to know it is only a Cable TV Receiver Dish. But still, I reckon the government could tap into it. They are watching me.

The Scales

These scales are quite old and unlike spring models, they are still dead accurate. Unfortunately they are also dead ugly. I keep looking for some new electronic scales but I just want them to be ten dollars cheaper. Nice ones can be had for around $50.

See the time on the microwave? No? Neither can we. A couple of months after we bought the unit, the display failed. If we look very closely, we can make out enough to read it, just. It came from a Target store and was a real bargain. But when we took it to the repair place in North Melbourne to have it fixed under warranty, they told us it had no serial number and therefore could not be repaired. They advised us to go back to the vendor, but we bought it in Box Hill and we rarely go there. Over the phone Target offered to replace it if we returned it, but such a long way to drive. We decided to live with it. Wonder how Target ended up with microwaves without serial numbers?

Angry Highriser

I am getting angry about all this moslem stuff. Not the specific stuff we read in the papers but what is behind it.

This wanker moslem leader in a Sydney mosque bashes off to Egypt (leave my father alone, he is unwell, wails his daughter) and makes outrageous comments. He is not a stupid man though. He knows full well his words will be reported back in Australia. What is his agenda? Straight away I think he wants to divide Australian moslems and non moslem Australians, but I am not so sure. What is your theory?

Then there is our Federal Government who will use 'fear of moslems' at every politically opportune moment. Don't be surprised if state governments get on board. There could be a few votes in it for the disgraceful NSW Labor party when they are soon up for election.

While I don't live in the western or northern suburbs where there are many moslems and I think you know my views on the letter box women, the moslems I know, socially and at work, are ok people with one exception and why I would not trust him has nothing to do with him being a moslem.

Passionately religious people always bother me. Well, except for Buddhists.