Sunday, December 09, 2007

Slog 'em more

Ben drew my attention to something I was not knowing about. I had seen them. I had noticed them. But I had not absorbed them or even thought about them. I am talking of the wanky new Euro car registration number plates, the ones that go like this

Perhaps everyone knows about them except me. No matter, I will press on.

Ben's comment caused me to look at VicRoads number plate web site. There is no end to the combinations of plate styles, sizes, colours, themes including your Aussie Rules team, and even fonts. The Euro model is but one variety.

So, as I love people who infringe parking restrictions in the City of Port Phillip, and those who incur traffic fines on our roads, I love you people who pay for the special number plates, between $100 and $4000. Buy more of these number plates and that is more money for our government to spend, hopefully on a something to benefit me.

Now, could I have one of these Euro number plates for my Japanese made(sic) Mazda?

V MZ 626 would look fine on the Mazda.


  1. my dad got those style plates on his new BMW.
    they do look wanky, i must admit.

    in my opinion, the 'best' looking number plates are the standard style, slim-line ones

  2. Agree Kiki. They are the most elegant.

  3. I drive a Jap yeah :)


  4. Anonymous6:57 pm

    They could use the numberplate money to pay for a once a week free trip on public transport for everyone else.

  5. And where would we be without Jap cars Keshi.

    Nice idea LiD, but I am sure it goes in the bottomless pit known as 'consolidated revenue'.

  6. Perhaps they need to introduce Japanese style number plates for Japanese cars...

    I saw a NSW euro plate today, believe it or not, it started with N. (but was otherwise the same)

  7. I noticed these plates a while ago and wondered who on earth would want them. I suppose I should be thankful they aren't offering the American-style, with a gazillion letters and numbers.

  8. I bet NSW had them first Ben. I recall seeing a pole attached PT timetable in Melbourne in the odd place years ago. I went to Sydney and they were everywhere.

  9. Must say Rob, our three letters and three numbers are pretty simple. Should we see a drive by shooting, we could probably remember the number plate. Not so in the US.

  10. I don't know whether "NSW had them first" but they have been around (in NSW) for several years now.

  11. I don't think they have been here in Vic that long Firehorse.


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