Sunday, December 30, 2007


The NYE approaches. I used to so look forward to it. We always had something big planned, usually a dance party or a special night at a bar. This year it was suggested we have a barbecue in down town South Oakleigh. I was not happy about this, and when I heard that it was going to 41 degrees, I needed to put the kabosh on this. Even more so because the gap between eating and midnight is too long. But I had to come up with a better alternative that pleased everyone.

As I won't be home from work until after seven NYE and have to work NY Day, it has to work for me. It will be killer hot both days and I hate the heat. My choice would be to stay home in the air con and watch tele, but that won't do at all.

We have never held a barbe since we left our house. We don't have an outdoor area but there really is no reason why we can't. The only difference is that it will be inside eating.

So, here is the plan, barbe for friends, arrive seven, dine seven thirty, depart for early 9.15 family fireworks at Yarra Bank at 8.30. Home in air con by 10.00. Watch Priscilla on DVD that a friend has just bought. Watch fireworks at Albert Park at midnight. Do lots of air kissing as we are all old and don't kiss older friends. Bed by 1.00. Work at 10.00.

You would not believe how much stress to get this arranged has caused. I stupidly changed my work shift so that I could participate with friends on NYE. I wish I hadn't now and could have used the excuse that I needed to be in bed by 10.00 as I had to get up at 5.00.

Ah well, finally R had taken control and has planned a great barbecue and I hope to avoid a heat headache.


  1. Andrew... I know the feeling.. Im working NYE till about 6 then up early to work NY Day... Stoopid me thought I better work NY Day as I didnt work Boxing Day... When I rang aroung the 8 Team members in my team have taken NY Day off...They didnt work Boxing Day .... WOW I MUST HAVE DICKHEAD WRITTEN ON MY FACE...

  2. Sitting in the backyard listening to JOY for NYE are our exciting plans LOL.
    Drink plenty of water throughout the day and night, and have a good one Andrew :)

  3. Your turn next year then Robyn and happy NY to you also.

    Thanks Jayne. Your sounds pleasant and easy.

  4. Is it that hard to say "no". If I had to work the next morning after working the previous day and fact into it the temperature I'd be doing what I needed to do.

  5. I'm being a drama queen Firehorse. We will only be out an hour and a half and I don't start work until ten the next day.

  6. Start at 4:30pm NYE and finish 2:30am NYD. It sucks to be me.

  7. Think of the money Rob.