Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Mitford Lasses

They may all be dead bar one, but still they get in the news. Back read my blog here and here.

Now they are alleging Unity gave birth to Hitler's child. You folk in the UK, keep a lookout for a male, around 60 plus and with a toothbrush moustache. From The Age. The original article is here at the New Statesman.

December 14, 2007 - 11:26AM

The British media is awash with speculation that Adolf Hitler's love child may have been born in the UK in 1940 and he could still be living there.

Martin Bright, writing in the New Statesman magazine, said that in 2002 he received a phone call from a woman named Val Hann who had read an article he had written about Unity Mitford, a British high-society fascist who was reportedly Hitler's lover.

Unity Mitford, who was born in London in 1914, was reportedly conceived in the town of Swastika, in Ontario, Canada, a coincidence that did much to impress the circle of Nazi leaders she subsequently ingratiated herself with during her stay in 1930s Germany.

Mitford, who was also a cousin of Winston Churchill, lived in Nazi Germany until the outbreak of World War II, returning to Britain after a failed suicide attempt - she shot herself with a pistol allegedly given to her by Hitler - in Munich in 1939, after the UK declared war on Germany. She died in 1948.

Hann "explained that her aunt Betty Norton had run a maternity home to the gentry in Oxfordshire during the war and that Unity Mitford had been one of her clients", Bright writes in New Statesman.

After Bright had inquired as to the identity of the father, Hann said, after a small pause, "Well, she always said it was Hitler's".

Hann, who received no money for her story from magazine, said she had been led to believe that the child was a boy, and that he had been subsequently given up for adoption.



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  2. If you read the New Statesman piece, you probably would judge it with extreme scepticism, as I do. But I love celeb gossip of the old kind and I have to write stuffs for da blog, and make it interesting, entertaining and controversial. Come in spinner.

  3. Fascinating stuff once again, Andrew! Diana Mitford married Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists during the 1930s. Jessica Mitford was a writer of considerable renown, I believe. Some chose fame; others notoriety.

  4. And I think it was Jessica who exposed the shonky funeral parlour business in the US. I know so much about them, I have forgotten half of it.

  5. The Bwca Is Back!
    Greetings dear Cameraface.
    Just settled in to newest house-sit and catching up on blogs like a mad woman's breakfast ....
    Have read down from the top of yours and The Mitford's post made me stop.
    I spent the past 11 days wading through the newest book of their Letters Between 6 Sisters.
    The family had LOTS of money. MANY large houses, and were genuinely dismissive of what anybody thought of them; so; they would have no need at all to hide such a pregnancy, no need to go to the claimed nursing home, and no need to disclaim the child once born.
    I am surprised to see the Statesman has no credibility.

    Debo has 400 rooms at Chatsworth - why on earth would her sister need to go to some crap place to have a child?
    Also, given what we know about Adolf - there is absolutely no way he would not have wanted to ram an example of his 'aryan supremacy' on the world. He didn't have any other successful fertilisations, so one must assume he was not a stud.
    A pox on the tawdry woman making the claims.

    but peace and love to you ...

  6. And greetings to you dear Bwca.

    The story died a quick death didn't it.


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