Monday, December 10, 2007

Dream On

I only recall two of my dreams. One was only a year or two ago and I think I wrote about it at the time. It was way weird. I must have got a good dose of MSG at dinner or something. Miss Diarist has been writing about her dreams and so it put me on this thought path. Search Daniel's blog with the word dream and you will find some pretty weird ones, especially the railway platform one. Gross.

The other dream I remember struck such terror into me as a kid, I recall it to today. I was attacked by a unicorn. I am not sure how and anyone who is thinking filthy thoughts about what the one horned creature may have done, leave now. I was only a kid and knew nothing of such matters.

The unicorn picked me up and threw me into our fernery, an open timber construction with lots of plants inside. He was roaring at me. He had not finished. He was still coming for me. I think I woke up at that point, shaking and sweating and I think my subsequent behaviour over the next few days was a bit weird.


  1. Yes, some dreams have that affect on me also. Especially if I have woken up about 4am, and then gone back into a deep sleep, it seems it is when I have the dreams that stay with me.
    I believe my Mia has the same thing too. Just this morning she was telling me she has a dream where I was trying to catch her from falling and then a horse came along and she fell onto that and it took her for a fly in the sky...I suspect it was a unicorn too. She is fascinated by the unicorn legend!

  2. You only remember two of your dreams??? I nearly always remember mine, mostly they don't make much sence tho.

    Most kids see unicorns as friendly gentle creatres so it must have been particularly traumatic for you.


    I NEVER would have thought those filthy thoughts if you hadn't mentioned them. :-|

  3. I almost never remember my dreams; the one that stands out is the one where I pulled on my ring finger and it came off in my hand.

  4. I better read up on unicorns then Cazzie and Jo. If they are friendly creatures perhaps I will forget my unicorn terrors.

    That is such an easy one for a dream analyst Daisy Jo. You were ridding yourself of a past husband and promising yourself that you never take another. No ring on once finger was off and nowhere to put another one in the future.

  5. And Jo, I believe you, I really do.

  6. Then I guess the dreams I remember are prophetic, huh?

  7. Well, your life is not over yet Daisy Jo.


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