Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blog Stats

I can't be bothered looking at what search terms bring up my blog are any more. I can't be bothered seeing where people come from who read my blog. I can't be bothered looking at repeat readers. I don't 'drill down'.

But I have over one hundred readers a day. This is astonishing to me. I know most of my linked bloggers probably read my blog, plus a few extras, but over 100?

I put a lot of effort in some posts, usually the ones with pictures. Mostly I don't, and rattle off what has come to mind during the day, although if I am getting short of posts, I note some ideas down. I must always have a backlog of unpublished posts.

This blogging thing still puzzles me. I would like to know what I should write that would be interesting to readers, but somehow I think that would not work for me. I can't recall Lad Litters words exactly, but he said something like that I write about very diverse subjects. I might describe it as 'all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast'. (Do read the latest post by Lad. It is a ripper)

So, given I seem to be a successful blog writer, I can tell you the secrets. Write often (perhaps not as often as me) and be in there for the long haul. Keep on writing and the readers will come. If no one comments, don't worry, just keep on writing. I looked back recently at some of my old blog posts and post after post went without comment. I did not stop.

PS If you are young person and have lots of friends and you tell them about it, you will have lots of readers, especially if they pass things on to friends. For someone my age, I remain surprised and delighted by how many people read my words of wis......old person's stuff. I must try to write something for young peoples.

Just popping down to the carpark now to take a photo. There is a car with a handwritten sign inside the windscreen saying Rosanna. That has got to be worth a post.

Edit: This was written a few days ago. Not Lad's latest post, but the one before.


  1. 100 lurkers. Unless they comment, they're lurkers. This is my first time here though. Hi!

  2. And then there's people like me, who just stalk you from Reader!

  3. And Hi to you Ozfemme. I read a little of your a blog and I like.

    I wonder about this Non Blondie. Because I mostly read blogs from and rss feed. (Hope I have the lingo right). I assume they don't show in stats.

  4. I read your blog first, then Steph's blog every single day...and if I don't read another blog that day then I don't really worry. I just catch up on everyone elses stuff later on when I can.
    I love the both of you because you both speak of things I am interested in. I love seeing the images from around Melbourne that you take.
    I am glad you continue to blog, because I like the way you post some subjects :)

  5. Your blog is one of the two or three that I read nearly every day. The main reasons are exactly those you mentioned in your entry, you post regularly on a diverse range of topics. Believe it or not, it is interesting.

    I've been a bit dismayed lately as a few of my regular reads have closed down or the posts have dried up. At a minimum I would say people should post at least once a week (something I don't always manage to do)

    Keep up the good work, you've earned an elephant stamp.

  6. I read yours very often - it is my absolute favourite. Especially when you tell me exciting things like people having my name inside their car window. Photos?

    Also, thanks for the lovely flowers for my birthday. Sorry I didn't respond personally but internet connection is wavering here (I'm relying on my friends mac wifi).

    I hope my group emails are keeping you updated.

  7. Thanks Cazzie and Ben. I don't think I have done much right in my life, but it would seem I am not bad at this thing.

    I know you do Rosanna. Why did I think you were about to turn 24? I will take the photo but the car is not there a lot.

    Lest anyone thinks I have ridden myself of my Scottish miserlyness, it was a picture of flowers that I sent Rosanna. And yep, received your Brugge email this morning. You seem to be speeding around.

  8. Oh and Ben, I have been hunting through your photos. The reason will become clear in a day or so.

  9. how do i found out all this information you speak of?

  10. Hi Andrew,

    Does your stat counter count people who subscribe to your blog through and RSS agregator or similar? I read your blog regularly, but I only open your actual blog when I want to read the comments.

    I live in Southbank and enjoy reading about local issues, observations etc. I can't remember how I found your blog but I think it was probably by following a comment you left on Daniel Bowens blog. I can relate to a lot of your entries about public transport, local architecture, local identities etc. I often think of responses to your entries, but have only made the effort to comment occasionally.

    Did you happen to catch Housewife, 49 on the ABC last night? There are similarities between the diary keeping done for Mass Observation project and current blogging of your type - everyday observations.

    Thanks for your many years of entertaining writing!

  11. Oh I also meant to mention that I started a blog of my own a couple of years ago, but ran out of steam after only a few posts. I admire your commitment to regular posting after all this time!

  12. You're doing better than my stats. Around 15 per day on average. But most commenters appear to be women under 30. I'm flattered by that, let me tell you. The type of posts that take my blog stats up? The ones that feature a smattering of sex. Now who would've thought?

  13. Kiki,

    I don't think the thing does count rss feeds, but I am not sure Altissima. I did indeed see Housewife 49 last night. Great show, or rather tele play. I used to love the ABC tele plays. I hope we get some more. I do recall your mouth watering blog and thanks for your nice words.

    Yep, no surprise there Lad. Curious about the women under thirty thing though. 15 a day is good considering how often you post.

  14. I must say I was surprised to log in to blogger dashboard and find I'm up to 597 posts but then I always did have a big mouth.

  15. No, I turned 20 - not 24.


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