Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why white?

The colours in this real estate flyer scan of our old Balaclava house are not great. The dominant colour was a cream and it almost looks orange in the picture. We consulted heritage information and chose the colours very carefully. Two different shades of green and the cream. The roof was originally mustard, but I repainted it green.

The front faced north but it was protected by the verandah. The back faced south and never received direct sun. The western wall faced a narrow walkway and received little weather. So why on earth did it need repainting a bland total white?

The flyer scan really doesn't do it justice. It looked very nice. The should have spent the time painting the roof. Clearly one coat was not enough. And they put a ghastly security door in front of the lovely old door.


  1. What a cute little house! In a nice spot too. You must be CASHED! :P

  2. Oh, I so love Balaclave, we went through there on the train to Sandringham..very very nice!

  3. It was cute Steph. We had already bought here which cost more, so we saw nothing but figures on documents and an increased mortgage.

    I used to like it Cazzie, but it not the place it was when we moved there.

  4. Anonymous11:01 pm

    That's one very pretty house.

    I like the fireplace and the mirror above it.

  5. Thanks MD. The fire surround was a reproduction one installed by the previous owner. We put in the gas fired mock coal fire The mirror we still have and it is on our wall here. It was the mirror from my grandmother's dressing table.

  6. I had a place in Yarraville like that -with a narrow slit between the place next door. I hated it.

    Amazing how they turn these little dumps into palaces. Absurd. A 1910 shell with a 2000 interior.


  7. About the only original part of the house RH, was the chimneys. It had been bastardised many times over the years.

  8. Anonymous10:51 am

    I agree, they should have left it in your colour choice. White is way too harsh and they have lost the contrast by painting everything the same colour.

    I love these gorgeous old places but they have to be revamped inside or they are just too dark and depressing. From the inside photos the space looks quite light. Tis a lovely home.

  9. when did you live there? My aunt used to live in that street, you may have seen me running around as a small child (or slightly larger teenager). How odd!

  10. Yes, it was pretty light LiD. It certainly stands out in the street now being white.

    About 1993 to 2002 I think Non Blondie. I recall a nurse two doors along, an old woman who had to forcibly removed from her rented house, the well known and still around Gloria, a woman on the corner who was mother of an actor. A younger woman opposite us, a couple retired but not old school teachers on the corner of Woodstock Street and a Greek woman just over Woodstock and another middle aged couple who used to smoke dope.