Sunday, November 25, 2007

A wandering mind

At some point on Saturday night the part of my brain devoted to politics shut down as if Control Alt Delete had been pressed. My brain's cache was clearly full.

Before I dropped off to sleep, I wondered about the word vilean. I have never seen it written before and while I heard the word often in the seventies and perhaps the eighties, I had not heard it for a long time but then I did the other day. I forget where. It means dirty if you don't know and I guess it is a combination of vile and unclean...........viLEAN.

My mind wandered further, back to a body corporate committee meeting when R slayed them in the aisles when he spoke of a previous building manager. Getting a straight answer from him is like nailing jelly to the wall. He brought the house down. No one, nor me, had heard the expression before. We were all very amused. R has many English sayings such as that, that we Australians have never heard. He puts them out there in conversation, usually to great effect.

I saw the same phrase used in an obituary to describe Ian Smith, ex leader of Rhodesia. Of course I was against Ian Smith back when he was in power. So was Malcolm Fraser, our ex PM. Fraser did some great work to bring about the end of white rule in Rhodesia.

Well, Zimbabwe's people are clearly better off now, not. Oh, a select few are. I expect it was with some glee that Smith observed Zimbabwe's downward path, from the safety of South Africa.

The political brain cache must be starting to clear.

Dear Jeanette, do not wrap the Royal Doulton with the hand painted periwinkles in newspaper as it can stain. Use plain paper. Happy moving back to Wollstonecraft. Not too far to go. You should get a removalist for just over $100 per hour. Hope you don't expect us to pay.


  1. You do wonder if the Howards (pronounced bouquet) alarm system was coloured dusky pink.

  2. Anonymous4:59 am

    I think each country has it's own little sayings, some more funny than others.

    Oh welcome to a new political era!

  3. I hope your present BM gives you straight answers .. or even bent ones .. so long as you get an answer.

    We don't care if Hyacinth Howards periwinkle-blue cups get stained, except that she wouldn't be wrapping them herself and would probably thrash the packers responsible; and it was reported recently that Wollstonecraft house was getting renovations after being CLOSED UP all this time.

  4. Deajohnize, the English seem especially good at them. Re election, the sky has not fallen in nor do I have any more money. The good colony sails on.

    Reckon John has been doing some cobweb cleaning!

  5. Yeah Non Blondie. I reckon her taste in furnishings would be execrable.

  6. Hi Andrew

    I thought for a minute your weren't going to go there Andrew and then the lovely punchline.

    I feel good and giddy.



  7. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Jeanette and Johnny. Thank goodness they are gone. What a magnificent defeat. It couldn't have happened to a nicer pair.