Thursday, November 15, 2007

Voting Day

I will vote tomorrow. You other Aussies may relax. You don't have to until next Saturday, the 24th. But I will be at work that day so I will vote tomorrow.

I will vote for the Greens. I am a member of the party, so it goes without saying. I will direct my preference to Labor. I am quite passionate about our environment and I think it needs to be a priority, perhaps above all else. All else may not happen if our world environment is not right.

I like me luxuries, such as water and the electric and consumer products. I don't believe that liking my luxuries and getting the environment right are incompatible. I can have my cake and eat it too.

Someone on a mailing list I subscribe to, did an awful lot of work and developed umpteen speadsheets on where your preferences go when you vote. It was scary reading. In summary, if you don't vote for Labor, Greens or Democrats, your vote preference will go to the Liberal party. The oxymoron of the party's name always amuses me. Liberal for big business and Liberal for the rich, Liberal for the exploiters of the poor. Liberal for exploiters of the environment. Not liberal for anyone else.

I had an idea of mentioning electorates my various local blog mates live in and pointing out who their local Green person is and who their Labor rep is, just as a gentle reminder. Nonsense of course. I respect them more than that. My blog mates are clever enough to know who they are voting for.

I would describe myself as a unionist and an environmentalist. I am not sure that I am very compatible with the our current Labor Party, but it is the best of a bad job.

Some pissy little Euro countries are doing marvellous things with environmental energy matters. Australia is only paying lip service and yet we have strong sun, plenty of wind, plenty of hot rocks and ocean waves surrounding our country. Why are we so behind the eight ball?

Howard's Liberal government seem strong on geosesquestration. Rather hiding the problem for another day I think. Nuclear could be good? Alas too many bad examples. It has gone wrong many times. It will go wrong again. The Latrobe River has flooded and broken its banks and flooded the Yallourn open cut mine that supplies much of our power. Latrobe River flooding, what a surprise....not. It has many times. The same company could be a tenderer to supply nuclear power. The company cannot even cope with normal river activity.

I seem to be ranting and wandering all over the place. I will conclude. I don't mind you rusted on Liberal voters. You are rich and you will vote for who acts in your favour, the Liberal Party. I despise you folk who don't have any conviction about about who to vote for. Yes you lot who swing between Labor and Liberal. You are either for big business and the rich, or you are for the worker and your average citizen. There is not a middle ground. You are the ultimate shallow person who votes for their hip pocket.


  1. Good post. The people that really frustrate me are my friends as we're all young 'uns. But most of them seem to have taken on their parents beliefs, without considering the implications for themselves. For example, they will vote for Candidate A whose platform is care for the aged. But they forget that they themselves are students, and Candidate B wants to abolish HECS and make higher education free.

    It frustrates me so much. How can you not have an opinion (and your own opinion, not just a recycled opinion) about things that are going to affect you?

  2. Hi Andrew

    I feel the same for exactly the same reasons. I vote for the Greens in the UK too. In the EU, the Greens have a significant lobby function. In domestic UK elections I vote for them, despite the fact that I get on well with my local MP and she has helped me. I do this because I'm in a safe Labour seat and I can confidently cast a protest vote. I'm a 'heartland' Labour voter by nature but I want to be able to protest about what I consider to be significant shortcomings in delivering on a socialist agenda.

    However, I'm very interested in the results of the Australian elections because, as you know, I am returning to my birth mother imminently.



  3. You are undoubtely speaking from experience Non Blonde, but I would add that I think young Australians are more politicly aware than they ever have been. Clearly not enough of them though.

    Heartland is such a nicer word than the phrase 'rusted on' Pants. Of KRudd does come from your part of the world. See you in a while, perhaps with an Indian toyboy in tow.

  4. Indeed, go the Greens, that is all

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  6. Anonymous10:44 pm

    "I would add that I think young Australians are more politicly (sic) aware than they ever have been."

    *Vigorous snort of derision.*

    Perhaps you need some lessons in history to assist with your gaping ignorance.

    (BTW - young Australian's don't have more sex than previous generations, don't use more drugs, aren't smarter, aren't more creative or innovative, etc, etc.

    Gawd, they didn't even "invent" environmentalism - that came many generations ago - all they're doing is recycling from three and four generations back, but they're too ignorant to know it.

    Their only claim to fame is being "young", a fact that will pass with remarkable speed.

    Alas, for many, their immature and doltish political "awareness" will last well into old age)

  7. It's nice to know that there are other Green comrades out there like your good self.

    I'll end with the secret salute. lol

    Indeed, go the Greens, that is all.

  8. Oh, I missschpelt a word. I am so upset I can't read the rest of Anon ranting.

  9. Anonymous11:49 am

    I am all in favour of the Greens. Who else knows how to manage a transport network and reduction in car use better?
    I hate it when people label the greens as economically retarded. That doesn't make sense for a couple of reasons - reasons which will be explained on my blog, after my exams this week.

  10. I loathe the 2-party system.

    Rudd lost me when he agreed with Gunns pulp mill, but in previous elections I campaigned and letterboxed for my Labor candidate.
    Now, this person is forced to agree with the Party leader on Gunns.
    what to do?
    vote Greens.

    and re your subsequent post on the AEC:
    having no fixed address, I have to rely on the legal ability to register at the address of one's nearest relative, which suits me as it is the same electorate I was in for 8 years, but I had a tremendous battle with the AEC to achieve it.
    It does shit me that the electoral roll is open to anybody's access, and that they confer closely with Australiapost mail redirections and it appears, the effing Readers Digest. *sigh*

  11. It seems AEC is not very good with people who don't fit into their standard box Ann.

    For once I put my political pragmatic hat on and say that Rudd should have agreed with the pulp mill. If the mill actually goes ahead, I will eat my political pragmatic hat and never be able to wear it again.