Thursday, November 22, 2007

Voting Advice

I was going to point out to my readers how difficult it can be to vote below the line on the Senate ballot paper. I know. A few years ago, I made a mistake and had to start all over again and even then, I was not 100% sure I had it correct. My advice is if you are happy where the voting preference of the party you are voting for goes, and do find out, then just vote above the line. Oh, and the ballot paper is about one metre wide.

Mr Addam Stobbs from Joy FM provides a good example.

I did a postal vote this week, and the senate paper is quite tricky, if you are (and I hope you are) going to vote below the line.

I wasn’t sure about all the parties and I also rushed this in morning tea time at school, I numbered the ones I rally wanted starting at number one, and then when I wasn’t sure who next, I started number backwards from 68 from the despot parties, leaving the ones I wasn’t sure about in the 50’s, and of course the numbers didn’t match up. So I had the change them, and then I found I had duplicated one, and the paper looked a mess, being a postal vote I can’t get another paper so I rang the AEC for advise, which they gave and I sorted it out.

It took me about 20 minutes, so DON’T do it they way I did.

I felt, like a total dipstick.



  1. Addam is far from a dip stick really, so it proves it's their way of bamboozling us!

  2. Quite so Jayne and it illustrates the difficulty.

  3. I had to witness Mum's postal vote and I was surprised at the Senate paper. The coalition for equality site has a PDF showing gay friendly parties and where their preferences are going.

  4. Just curious. Did you actually witness how she voted? Of course I want to know.

    Gay friendly is good, but there is more to life than being gay. Fortunately all the decent parties are also gay friendly.