Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday Drive

I called my sister last week. What are doing Sunday? Have plans she replied. Going surfing. Ok, no probs. Just thought if you were home we would come down and see you and Little Jo. Sister sms later, come at 3 to 3.30 if you would like, for afternoon tea. I sms back ok. We were in Little Jo withdrawal pains.

Instead of a Sunday surf, they went surfing Friday and Little Jo had a roll in the sand. Yesterday sister had a whack at a cricket ball and injured her already damaged and splinted arm, a result of poor holding of Little Jo.

The Bone Doctor g/f reported sickness in family for work in Wangaratta for Monday as she must look after Little Jo. Tuesday and Wednesday, sister will go to Mother who has aircon and a big tele, our old one, to watch the cricket and stay cool and Mother will make a melodramatic token effort of looking after Little Jo and complain to all and sundry, especially St Kilda Road son, how hard it was. Step father will probably actually do the looking after.

As we had nothing planned for the earlier part of Sunday, I suggested to R that as sister is moving to Murrumbeena and we won't be going down that way anymore, we should see a bit more of Geelong. We will go earlier and do some stuff. I gave him options.

Eastern Beach (seen it)
Botanic Gardens (struck off as it was so hot)
Barwon Grange, historic home on the Barwon River.
Buckley's Falls, also the Barwon River.

After a warm car trip, and I am sure Cazzie zoomed past us, we went to Barwon Grange and spent a pleasant time there. We walked across a footbridge over the Barwon River and watched water skiing and then wandered around the garden of Barwon Grange, which was very nice. The guided tour of the house was only five dollars and we spent over an hour being shown around. Although the house looks large, inside the rooms are quite small and it does not have a spacious feel at all. It was well worth the effort.

We were going to go onto Buckley's Falls but it was too late, so we went straight to my sister's. The photo is from her balcony across Barrabool Road to a house opposite. I believe he had a bore put in for garden water.


  1. Look how that sweet baby has grown already!

  2. I tactfully said she looked pudgy Daisy Jo. Sister snapped back that she was not.

  3. She's looking as gorgeous as ever... must be the name ;-p

    Maybe you could have said healthy instead of pudgy..... and not a good time to talk about her sore arm.

  4. Without a doubt the name Jo, without a doubt.