Sunday, November 11, 2007

Selling one's soul

I could sell my soul if the price was right. It would have to be a very high price, certainly more than being a member of a political party in ascendancy.

With politicians like Howard and Costello, you clearly know what you are getting. They have consistently illustrated what they are about. I don't like what they about and so I would never vote for them. But I respect them in so far as they are consistent.

But how does ex Midnight Oil pop group, member or was he leader? of the Nuclear Disarmament Party sleep at night?

Did he know how many of his principles he would have to swallow when he joined the Labor Party? Does he think he has the respect of his many old fans who preached to? I think he did up to a point, but did not realise how bad it might become.

The best that can be said is maybe he thinks change from within is the way to tackle the world's and Australia's woes. One can only hope this is the case and he is right. Otherwise, he would have to the top of my list of most disappointing people in my life.


  1. I agree with you there andrew, I am not sure what is up wiht Peter, he seems so changed. comments he makes openly and un thinkingly out in public are surely silly right? After all, slip of the tongue is true reflection of what is on ones mind, or subconsciously just so.

  2. He could have said it to many journalists as an off the cuff remark and that would have been the end of the matter. But he chose the wrong one with Steve Price.

  3. beds r burning ay? :)


  4. Anonymous5:29 pm

    I miss the Peter Garrett of old. I still slightly cling to the idea that, as you say, he wants to change things from within...but it is so hard to see at the moment. As for the Steve Price comment...puzzling, on purpose? We will know soon I guess.

  5. Indeed Keshi, indeed.

    Yep, time will tell LiD.

  6. This is the one issue I'm having problems reconciling in my head re the Labor party. I was just listening to his CD "10 to 1" the other day, and my God, how he's changed.

  7. "he chose the wrong one with Steve Price."

    A vile little pustule.

    BTW, isn't it interesting that Midnight Garrett gets pilloried, and no one from the *Right* side of the fence believes that it was a throwaway line, yet when it's one of their own in the dock it's another story entirely. "Overington says the email was just a playful exchange."

    Lesson. The longer you live, the more you spend time shrugging your shoulders.

    ... and yes, Pete was a very silly boy who forgot the lesson about supping with long spoons.

  8. We all do Steph, gradually. Not an about face.

    Overington was the one who did excellent work on the RBA? (meat, Iraq) scandal I think. Pity about this.


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