Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Priscilla the Musical

Priscilla the Musical, I can highly recommend it. I still have a problem with paying near $100 to see a musical, but I am moving begrudgingly into the 21st century. R's birthday was in March and he asked to see Phantom of the Opera as a birthday present. Somewhere along the way it translated to seeing Priscilla, probably because I said I would only see one musical per year and we had already seen Dusty. R had forgotten that it was his birthday present and that I had paid.

We walked into town with the brother friends. Everyone else was supposed to arrive early but no one did. At one point one of the brother friends started to express an opinion on the the Regent Theatre but paused. I slipped in 'restrained'? as a description. It was not the word he was thinking of.

So R and I had to have sorbet like daquarie on our own. There is a another word for these sorbet things, the non alcholic ones that are available at 7/11s, but it does not come to my mind. Slushy or something. A late arrival asked what I thought of them and I said they weren't much. I bought another to take into the theatre and changed my mind. I was feeling effects. The best part was they came in plastic glasses that lit up and changed colour. They looked gorgeous with a pink drink in them.

Eventually the assorted friends and sis in law and her friends arrived and we took up a whole row in the theatre.

Afterwards we went to King Bo Chinese restaurant, cnr Russell and Ltl Bourke, which was almost ok. Nice late notice earner for them. 21 pax by $30 banquet per head, plus drinks. Service good, ambience ok, food, average bland Chinese. I likes me men and me food spicy.


  1. Anonymous2:36 pm

    xD My friend's dad owns King Bo. It's about my only claim to fame. I was going to go see Phantom but dropped out at the last minute. -__- Pity. I might swing by after exams and see something then..

  2. Ok Captain. Glad my comments were moderate.

  3. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Pahaha~ no worries. Still, it's just food and there are better places to eat. Not that I'd know, being the povo student. It's funny how most Chinese restaurants serve the same dishes over and again. If you've had one, you've had them all.