Thursday, November 08, 2007

Off the field fashion

It seems on our very special horse race days, style rises and falls as the day's temperature does.

We have had Derby Day last Saturday, the Melbourne Cup last Tuesday and today, Oaks Day or Ladies Day.

I have taken a keen interest in what peoples are wearing to the races, both blokes and sheilas, for the last few years. It would seem the scrubbers get out early, whereas the better dressed are not seen until around lunchtime. But at the end of the day they all reach a common level, staggering, drunk and dishevelled.

While Cup Day offers the best viewing around railway stations and on public transport, quite a bit is to be seen on the other two days too. At a certain time on Cup Day, Flinders Street Station is a sea of colourful hats. I had to go into the city this morning so I took a couple of snaps at the station. It wasn't quite as busy as I wanted, but you get the drift.

As I said, the earlier attendees to the races can be try hards, but fail. I could go on about some of the travesties I saw, but I shan't. What I will say is that the blokes standard of dress improves every year. But it not quite as challenging for them as it is for the sheilas.

Now girlfriends, if your legs are pale white, if they at all marked, if they are not perfectly waxed, if they are muscular, if there are some knotty veins showing, if the skin gathers under your knees, if there is any cellulite showing then that is why god invented hosiery. Yes, you must suffer a little for beauty, but it can't be anywhere near the discomfort of high heels all day.

At five pm today I will sit on the balcony and watch the women staggering off the trams making their way home, bag in one hand, slingbacks in the other.


  1. My my, that is one statuesque blonde. Boy or girl, do you think?

  2. It is a girl. I didn't notice, but she is very tall.

  3. Any cup day snaps are incomplete without the ubiquitous "gust of wind raising the skirt" shot. I'm sure The Age will run a few tastefully though.

  4. Have you ever worn a pantyhose?

  5. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Speaking of women's undergarments... what is going on with the lady on the left? If I didn't know better I would say she was adjusting a wayward pair of knickers.

  6. Might have been a bit of a gust at some point Rob.

    I am a bloke Rosanna. :-P Don't you have some exams to study for.

    I think if she had not had her hand there LiD, I might have been the one who snapped a dress raised by a strong breeze.

  7. Wish I was in Melbourne. I might go join those girls on the field .. lol!

    Thanks for keeping me posted about blogwatch at

  8. And give them a run for their money maybe. Wasn't sure if you received some kind of notification from crikey, explaining a sudden boost in traffic.

  9. Hahaha, I know so well the picture you paint in the last sentence. Thing is too, the try hards and not so try hards also end up in hospital at the end of the day too. Afternoon shift, yep, you earn your extra public holiday pay then!

  10. I am clearly highly serious about my exams, which are over - thankfully.

  11. I thought it seemed a bit quiet for Flinders St, but maybe I'm just used to London crowds's got the deserted country town look to it without swarms of people wearing black, holding umbrellas like defensive weapons!

    My friends Derby day photos start out beautifully, and get progressively more blurry, until theres a photo of her passed out on the couch that night. Lovely! (She's usually not bogan-esque though...)

  12. Yes, I guess some injuries happen too Cazzie.

    So you should have been Rosanna. Of course I have worn panty hose. Dunno what the problem is for people.

    It was only Ladies Day Non Blondie and I was a bit early for the busiest time. Your friend sounds a laugh.

  13. I had planned on a Melbourne Cup Day post myself but didn't quite get there :(

    They decided to make it a public holiday in the ACT. "Family and Community Day".

    What a dumb idea.

    People such as myself who usually enjoyed a morning at the office and then a piss up with colleagues from lunch time on....was at home with 3 kids!

  14. On the face of it, a public holiday sounds good, but I see your point.