Monday, November 19, 2007

The numbers

Number technology can be frustrating at times. Someone's partner, when using a calculator, always adds the zero cent, as in .50 rather than just .5. It makes no difference and is unnecessary. I understand why, but I learnt very early that it is a waste of time.

I read somewhere a while ago on the net where a chap was complaining about using internet banking and I totally agree with him. It is such a waste of time when you have to enter .00 at the end of every round dollar transaction. The banks clearly think we are pretty damn stupid. Is there any bank, local or o/s who does not force you to do this?

I had a friend who lived in Raleigh Street, Windsor some time ago. His street number was K9. He had endless trouble with all sorts of businesses and government authorities. As soon as they tried to enter K9 Raleigh Street, their systems would not accept the initial letter. It did work in his favour in that he never received a gas bill for the time he was there.

I just attempted to enter the address into the online Melbourne street directory and it won't accept it either.

Of course, how about all the numbers we now have to remember? We used to, okay, us older people, had to remember our phone number, car registration and house number. There was even a bit of vacant space to remember friends and family phone numbers. Think how many numbers you now know and remember. No room left to remember anything else. Lucky that mobiles and home phones have memories, otherwise our heads would be swelling to contain our overloaded brains.


  1. Yes, Andrew. Numbers like my HSC exam number, 22062E. It took me ages to remember my own mobile phone number, though.

  2. Amazing Lad. I can remember phone numbers from years ago, but not recent ones.

  3. "their systems would not accept the initial letter." ... in rural areas the Roadside Delivery codes given to farms cause system problems too.

    My first ever job was for a bank and I loved working all day with lots of numbers. Attractive symphonic patterns evolve.

    I can recite my credit card and driver's licence numbers, and I seem to have a knack for retaining car rego numbers too.
    Some women who knit well can retain stitch pattern numbers in their heads as well.
    go figure.

    peace and love ...

  4. I can certainly recite my credit card number Ann. No idea of driving license. Not too bad at car regos.

    I reckon knitters make a mental picture of the garment and some instinct kicks in.

  5. Probably the only thing I am good at remembering is numbers.

  6. I hate the ATMs that make you type in "15000" when you want to withdraw $150, thankfully which bank has replaced most of them, and now you only need to enter "150".

    I spend all day working with bearings, distances and various other numbers. Sometimes I get really strange coincidences with certain numbers that keep reappearing. Order from chaos...

    I'm really good with the numeric keypad too (if I do say so myself).

  7. What makes me think you mean 'numbers' in a different sense of the word Jo?

    I am potentially good with keypads Ben, except there are so many different formats. What is that about?

  8. Anonymous10:42 am

    K9? That's the name of the robotic dog The Doctor (from Dr Who) owns. It would be funny if that house actually housed a Dr Who fan club. Very fitting.

  9. There was a circus performer living there. Guess that is not even close.