Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nothing post or O/s trip

This working early and not being home on my own during the day is doing my head in. Back to normal transmission next week.

R's sister rings occasionally from the north of the UK. The call usual comes after a social occasion after she has a a drink or ten. She always gets the time wrong, so fortunately we are usually at work and she has to leave a message and then R calls her back one evening and it is then morning in the UK. This works quite well. I never forget when she rang the marriage celebrant in Sydney at 2.30 in the morning.

The time before when she rang, R motioned to me that should he mention we may go to UK next year. I firmly indicated no.

But this time I did not stop him. The finer details are yet to be worked out, like how I will pay for it, Master Card, Visa, reverse mortgage or prostitution. But I have committed.

We will stay in their caravan in a park in Hexham just out of Newcastle. Certainly I, and R too I think, prefer to be on our own rather than be house guests, so that works out well. I noticed there is a train goes past, but R is talking about car hire.

R's sister then mentioned about their friend's villa in Spain. We could all go and stay there. Then R mentioned that he wants to see London again. I know all I need to know about London. I have read and observed for years. It would be a disappointment. Besides, I have a blog mate or two who I could ask about London.

All I want to see is a picuturesque Cornish fishing village on a steep hill leading down to the sea. Whitby, R said. You can see that there.

My dreams of Spanish tapas and sangria under a grape vine in the courtyard of a local restaurant that we discovered has turned into villa balcony fish and chips a la Costa del Sol.

Ok, I give in. I will go and be obliging. Left to me, we would be going for a holiday to Nagambie, less than two hours drive away, although I would get the train if I had the choice.

Fortunately I am now mature and I will keep my hands off the Spanish waiters, apartment cleaners and tour guides, I think.


  1. I have never considered prostitution as a way to finance a trip; I'll have to consider that for next year.

  2. I'd love to go visit Spain some day! Im a BIG fan of Spain n the Spanish.


  3. "how I will pay for it, Master Card, Visa, reverse mortgage or prostitution."

    Please, I beg, explain the finer differences to me!

  4. Not speaking for you Daisy Jo, but I would have to put in some very long hours to make decent money. Does US still have nickels?

    Just hope we can see a bit of proper Spain Keshi.

    Not any difference really Rob, except one is an honourable profession.

  5. Whatever the end choie of vacation, I hope you have a great time :)

  6. Err I'd be making the point to R that you want to see a Cornish fishing village again as Whitby is in Yorkshire, the complete opposite end of England to Cornwall!

    We spent a week or so driving around Devon and Cornwall, and had a great time. That was 13 years ago so it's probably like the Gold Coast now or something...

  7. Yes, I know Ben. That is the point. He reckons they all look the same. Whitby is close by Newcastle and steep down to the sea. Near enough.

    There may have been some development, but I bet they are nothing like Gold Coast.