Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Mum

You may have read remarks over a few posts that I have had made about my mother, or Fud, as she is affectionately known. You may think that she is an uncaring and neglectful type of of person. She is neither. She is marvellous and endlessly entertaining. Last Sunday my sister was reading out a letter she received from Mum and we were in fits of laughter. She is also thrown into a flap if she had to do more than one thing at a time. She would concede herself that she is selfish. There are a few of her genes in me.

I only went to her once in a time of need when I was much younger and she was a pillar. She has been there to support my sister and her confused sexuality. She worries endlessly about my Langwarrin brother, his drinking and the end of this marriage and she was there for my Pakenham brother every day after his horrific accident, month in month out, year in year out.

I just came across this the other day. She is on the cover of the highbrow magazine That's Life. She was trying to find a wife for my Pakenham brother. There were lots of responses but my brother was very choosy. Hard to believe it was five years ago. She looks the same now, but has lost a bit of weight.


  1. WOW ur Mum is on the cover of Thats Life??? COOL MUM! :) She looks ADORABLE and sounds like a terrific mum too. Wud u plz give a HUG from me to her? tnxx!


  2. Hard work at times Keshi, but thanks.

  3. There are mums who are never afraid of being embarassed if it will help their children. She went out on a limb for your Langwarrin brother. I'll bet the hard work is worth it, Andrew.

  4. Anonymous4:00 pm

    She looks lovely but how proactive is that! Jumping on the cover of a magazine to help out a lonely son. I would be slightly embarrassed if I was him but still a good hearted gesture.

  5. Wow! That is so cool! Your Mum on the cover of That's Life!

    My Mum buys that one and Take 5 every week and enters every single puzzle competition.

    A bit like what your Mum was doing with the puzzle of her children maybe ;)....just different prizes....maybe ;)

  6. She sure is a true mum, by all accounts, and I hope my kids are as proud of me as you are of her...being there trhough everything important..and knowing when to be quiet too :)
    Awesome stuff, she is famous!!

  7. As vague and muddly as she can be at times Lad, she does excell in a crisis.

    I would be mortified LiD, let alone embarrassed, but he does not worry about such things.

    I like that Who Me. The puzzle of the children.

    I don't think she could have done better than earn the respect of her children Cazzie. I just know yours will respect you.

  8. I would quite possibly kill my mother if she went on the cover of a magazine looking for a husband for me.

    You mum looks lovely.

  9. Hi Andrew

    Fantastic - she sounds super.



  10. Did they pay her for it?

    How much?

    Find out, let's know, I'll go on the cover to find Miss Jahteh a bloke.

  11. Thanks Daisy Jo and Pants.

    I am not sure if she got paid RH. I think she would have.

    I don't want to be around when you suggest to Jahteh that you find her a bloke.

  12. Rh, Dead man walking.

  13. I've reconsidered.

  14. Cameraface, your family appears to be like the USUAL typical Australian family.

    and your mum is a star.

    and RH is a walkley award winning commentor.

  15. Usual Australian family. Yes, in so far as there isn't one.