Friday, November 23, 2007

My member

My local Member of the House of Representatives is Michael Danby and he is very gay friendly. I have met him and Rob did the other day too. I know nothing of his personal life but by golly he has a glamourous woman on his arm. Do you think it could be his wife?

Pic courtesy MCV.


  1. hehe...I'm trying to think of something witty? But I'm lost?

    She certainly is beautiful and I'm sure she has some wonderful assets ;)

  2. I never look at drag queens, they're always prettier than me. His Lordship will be here soon, he has bazoomba radar.

  3. Drag queens? Wot you sayin Jahteh?

  4. Hehe, good for him!

  5. Anonymous10:23 am

    Oh Vivienne St. James... aka DARYL. She is a vision!

  6. Yes, it seems it's not just the community that needs support...

  7. Good on him indeed Cazzie. He clearly does not feel associating with 'those' people will spoil his strong Jewish vote.

    I knew that anon, but would not quite come to me. Viv is gorgeous.

    C'mon Ben. Her assets look very self supporting.

  8. He was handing out how to vote cards when I voted early on Wednesday. When I emerged, I wished him luck. I'd like to think the entire election hinged on my wishes of fortune. Yes. It was that.

  9. while understanding the Positive Priscilla point of the leaflet, I do get really shitty when people professing negative opinions muddle 'gay' with Trannies, drag-queens, paedophile or transgender.

    I have gay friends who look like Statesmen and have Very Important careers, but an image of them on a leaflet would not have got Danby's point across ... and then again of course it would have.

    How did his vote go? off to the website for latest count

    (that's 'count' fer godsake, there's an o in it)

  10. OK Danby has 26,645 only 2500 ahead of the Lib with 24,219.
    Greens got 10,000 votes and what is interesting is that of 95,000 Melbourne Ports enrolments, only 66% turned out to vote.

    are the other 30,000 in LA fixing a film deal, still in Venice after the Biennale? or does the govt get 3o thousand $25 fines for non-voting.

    The election commentators on TV were all saying Bennelong has a high Postal vote ... but 30,000 ?

  11. Bennelong had a 79% turnout.

    so 20,000 postals
    could be 'out there'

    with only 343 votes presently separating Maxine from Howard.

  12. Don't quote me Ann, but I think I heard that Melbourne Ports pre poll/postal was up 40% from the last Federal election.

  13. Anonymous10:44 am

    Remember that Rudd is vociferously pious. So pious that he disregards gay/lesbian marriage rights. So I don't know what Danby is crapping on about.