Monday, November 26, 2007

The good and the bad

I will start with an honourable mention. She has not been much on my horizon for some years but full praise to Michelle 'au' Grattan. Her election writing for The Age over the past few weeks has been superb. That I would not have a clue how she votes or where her sympathies lie, is to be commended. No wonder politicians live in terror of a phone call from Michelle and they dare not refuse to take the call. She must be due to be elevated to a 'National Living Treasure'.

R likes Ms Gillard. I don't really. But I think she will be a very impressive performer.

My glee at Howard losing his seat is perhaps a little premature but it was very bad for him and she who must be obeyed. I just love Maxine McKew and she did a fine job against Howard. The only praise I can find for Howard was his gracious defeat speech but more importantly that he stuck with his electorate and did not seek a safer seat. Foolish perhaps, but honourable though heavily outweighed by the long list of his dishonourable deeds.

Bit sorry to hear of Mal Brough's defeat. I am not going to judge his intervention policy in the Northern Territory yet, although there are clearly some problems with it, but I think his intentions were honourable and that he is a decent bloke.

I am not directly responsible for R's behaviour, but if he behaved very badly, I would not be happy. I know his character well enough to know what he would not do. He would not try to circulate pamphlets like Jackie Kelly's husband did, and it is a fitting punishment that she retires in disgrace. The bonus is that her replacement was not elected either. Good riddance.

Well, who would have thought. Corangamite, that bastion of wealthy western district farmers, now in the hands of Labour. Ok, partly due to an electoral redistribution but having a seventy odd year old who has been around forever surely did not help.

Mr Costello's moment has passed. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and he has. He looked so so happy on election night after it was clear that the Liberal Party had lost. He still had the ace up his sleeve though, and dealt it beautifully. Hopefully he will slide into obscurity where he belongs. That'll learn ya for taking on and crushing low paid workers in a crap job twenty odd years ago. My brother, who works for Dollar Sweets, tells me there are still a few workers there who were around at the time.

I am very sad that Senators' Lyn Allison and Andrew Bartlett are lost to our parliament. I can only hope that such decent people will see The Green light.

And just when I had this almost finished, Clare Martin, Chief Minister of Northern Territory has resigned. I don't know too much about NT politics but I instinctively liked her.

But wait, now leader of the Federal National Party has resigned too. Try reverting to the name Country Party and act in country people's interest, and you may stand a chance. Otherwise, you will all be sent to oblivion over time.

I can't say my party, The Greens, excelled in the election, but they did ok. They killed all comers at St Kilda Primary School booth, where we used to vote when we lived in Balaclava.

Now we have some contenders for leader of the Liberal Party. Abbott is a oily creep and surely not acceptable, Nelson maybe, but for me the only credible choice is Turnbull. We will see.

I have said anything about Rudd yet. All I will say is well done for winning the election. I will be watching for actions, not glib words.


  1. Anonymous8:08 am

    Excellent roundup Andrew. I would love to see the severely disfunctional pious Abbott become the leader of the Liberal party. That should finish them off completely and just imagine all the entertaining blunders along the way. He is such a horror story.

    In reality it will have to be Turnbull.

  2. Anonymous8:49 am

    I meant to say "pious".

  3. If Abbott becomes the new leader, I am moving to Alaska.

    I thought the Greens did well. Certainly they did well in my electorate (safest one in Australia now) - which is ironic, given everyone drivers fuel-guzzling cars.

    Howard's defeat speech was fantastic. No matter his faults, he is a brilliant politician.

  4. Yeah, must say LiD, Abbott is not boring.

    You sure about Alaska Rosanna? President Bush in charge? What about one of those civilised European countries that you are so fond of.

  5. Oh! So that's why you haven't commented on my blog ;)

    I always feel a bit too dopey to dare to comment on this political stuff really, having left school at 15 to help keep my blue collar family afloat! Did I tell you about walking to school for 20 miles, barefoot in the snow!!!!???? ;)

    Don't you just love this democracy in which we live :)

    Do you think perhaps you and R could do a 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy' thingy with Kevin and his Cardy?

    I must admit, I do like Julia though. Maybe just a little bit of elocution? I keep expecting her to say "Please Explain?" and cook me up a batch of fish and chips!

  6. Correct Who Me. I am in the category of a Howard hater. Aside from that, call your politics how you see them.

    I do love our democracy and appreciate the right to vote.

    I am not surprised that Kev wears a cardy. Food for thought for a future post.

    I doubt that the best elocutionist could help Julia. We can only hope that it is substance over style.

  7. You're right - Alaska is a hopeless option. Perhaps Luxemburg... I'm heading off to Europe next week. Lots of blogging to catch up on.

  8. You're right - Alaska is a hopeless option. Perhaps Luxemburg... I'm heading off to Europe next week. Lots of blogging to catch up on.