Sunday, November 18, 2007

From the house flyer

Since I had to scan the cover, I scanned other pages of the real estate agent flyer of our old house. One day I will scan some photos of the back yard which looked ok.


  1. Hi Andrew

    You make a compelling argument for the joys of high rise living a lot of the time but, honestly, how could you have?

    I'm just about to go the other way, after 25 years of living in a flat, I can't wait to have a bit of space around me.



  2. We were there for eight years Pants. It was to the point where we gutted it and do something really nice or sell. We have fixed up a few houses over the years and we did not have the energy for another. Our apartment is considerably bigger than the house.

  3. Beautiful old hous.. must have been sad to leave it.

  4. Not really sad Jo. We were excited about where we were moving to.

  5. I'll have the house over a high rise any day.I love your tele though, it's about the same size as mine. Or have you supersized now that your mr fancy high riser pants. :D

  6. That was R's bedroom tele as our bigger one was away being repaired. It broke down again soon after we moved here and we bought another, which my mother now has from when we bought an LCD.