Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday 05.00 to 14.00

Friday 5.00 Close bedroom window and blind. Take a leak.

6.40 Wake.

6.45 Realise it is a day off and that is why I why I regained consciousness rather than woke up.

6.50 Coffee is made, sit at pc and look at pornography, check emails, respond to blog comments, read blogs and comment and listen to radio.

7.00 Put load of washing on.

7.30 Eat porridge.

7.35 Refer back to to 6.50 plus a bit of newspaper reading.

9.30 Shower and glam up. Draw on eyebrows and smear on hide and heal. Tiny touch of Issey Miyake scent.

9.45 Refer 6.50 plus Vegemite toast and deal with washing.

10.15 Walk past local tram stop to Domain Road where I can choose a tram with air con. Catch lovely cool tram to Queensberry Street. Take photo(s).

11.00 Catch tram to QV and buy a couple of essentials at Safeway. Have coffee at The Wedge and perve on cute guy in Cactus Jam for Men. Guy responds with many glances back.

11.30 Catch tram to Flinders Street.

11.35 Catch tram to Elizabeth Street.

11.50 Vote in Federal Election at Victoria University. Person assisting was the role model for taxi driver in League of Gentlemen. Female clothes and makeup, hard looks, big hands, and an ever so deep voice. Victoria, the State of no discrimination.

11.55 Cross road to railway station. Train departing platform 13. I hate Platform 13. Long walk but no rushing needed. Deliciously cool train. Finally complete reading Green Guide from Thursday paper and normal newspaper from Wednesday. Ipod Shuffle playing Relax, Don't Do It.

12.20 Alight Balaclava Station. Take photo of old Glove Factory, our old house, Dogbox, St Kilda Library gay history display, old leaning house.

12.40 Catch Chapel Street tram. Alight High Street and take photos. Buy pork salad roll at Tran Bakery and Friday night Scotch at Dan Murphys.

1.00 Catch tram to Toorak Road. Forgot water. See nearby 711. Tram is coming, no time. Plenty of time. Traffic is heavy and tram slow to appear. Not buy water.

1.05 Chatty old woman protection system fails. Remove one ear bud out of politeness. (Darls, I was reading and with an Ipod. Why did you pick on me?) Learn of the benefit of joining Medicare Private and ghastly leg operations. Forced to observe old woman large bruised thigh. The tram crawled the one stop from Chapel Street to South Yarra Station where she alighted.

1.20 Alight from tram in Park Street. Take photos. Feel sun burning. Walk length of Park Street. Note milk bar closed and 711 opening soon. Buy water from what is probably Melbourne's most expensive green grocer. Water price is ok. Friendly chap.

1.35 Catch tram to Melbourne Grammar. Take photos. Walk to Domain Road.

1.45 Catch tram two stops to home. Notice interaction between salad roll, sunglasses and whisky bottle.

1.50 Clean sunglasses and wipe down whisky bottle and eat messy but delicious salad roll.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. I need one soon.

  2. Good grief, what a gadabout. I wouldn't do all that in a week.

  3. That wasn't a day off. It was the silly season in 24 hours.

  4. 12:20, are any other pics loaded up anywhere from this time? The history display perhaps? Sounds interesting..

  5. It was a bit too warm for me to really enjoy it Daisy Jo.

    At 37 tomorrow RH, I won't be going far.

    I was only out for under four hours Jahteh.

    Coming slowly Cazzie.

  6. Busy day indeed.