Friday, November 09, 2007

Foyer Art or Make my Day

This is a piece of art that was bought and installed in our foyer. It made of pieces of Japanese silk, mostly antique kimono remnants. I like it a lot and wish it was on my wall.

The artist is Sally Amond.

R and I are working on another edition of our building's newsletter and I wanted to specifically mention this art work, but all I had was the title 'Eva by Sally'. I was sure I had the right person when I came across Sally Smart on the net. After sending her an email and she replying, it was not that Sally, but a lesser know variety of Sally.

I made some phone calls and eventually got her last name and a phone number. I called her and her teenage daughter answered. Her mother was not at home. I left a message and an hour or so later, Sally returned my call.

She seemed very nice and ever so pleased to hear about about her work. She normally only works on small items such as cushions etc. It was her first large piece.

What she also said was that when she left our building, she felt shattered as the first person who saw it after it was hung said she did not like it. I explained to Sally that it was a body corp committee member who would not have liked whatever was there, as the foyer reno had become political. She went on to say that 'famous bearded media person' also saw it and he liked it.

I explained to Sally how I wanted to mention her and her art in the building newsletter and that the piece had received many favourable comments. She was quite chuffed. I invited her to return to the building and see the area finished and she said she would love to.

Later I emailed her what we had written for the newsletter and the before and after pictures. Yet to hear back.

I could have just put her name in the newsletter and left it at that, but I am very pleased that I called her. I think it really made her day. So little effort really on my part (lie, I hate talking on the telephone), but with such a great effect.


  1. Well done Andrew for going to the extra trouble. No wonder Sally was chuffed. It really is a gorgeous piece.

  2. Really lovely but another photo to show the colours. As for the comment, some people have no taste but a large amount of rudeness.

  3. I'll try to get a better picture of it. Reflections are a problem. Maybe night time will be better.

  4. It's lovely and looks like a great deal of work and many hours went into it. Good on you Andrew for letting her know that some people have appreciated her hard work.

  5. Jo, it did make me think about how brave you have to been as an artist and put your work out there for all to see, and criticize.