Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Drug Scum

CALIFORNIAN police will decide on Friday whether to charge ex-Eagle Ben Cousins over his reported five-day drugs bender.

No doubt the virulent anti drug and socially conservative types think he should be charged, along with the lass who called 911.

Interrupting the broadcast here. Australian media should not print the US emergency number in our papers and it should be bleeped out in movies etc, ditto for the UK 999. Our number is 000 or at a pinch 112.

It doesn't take a smart person to see what would happen if the US lass had another guest who went on a five day drug bender as our Ben was supposed to have done. She ain't gonna call and what will happen? I don't know that the US law is on this score and it may vary state to state, but in Australia the practice is the police do not need to be involved if someone gets into trouble with drug use unless a situation gets nasty.

It should be thus. Our Ben may not be alive to amuse us with his shenanigans if it was otherwise.


  1. Drugs brings many out of the woodwork don't they? I don't think AFL players should be tested for illicit drugs. They're not performance enhancing so it's nobody's business. Footy has an ingrained drinking culture vis footage of Geelong players alcohol-fuelled celebrations. Imagine if one of them was bonging on. It'd be the end of the world.

  2. Hi Andrew

    Why isn't the emergency number the same all over the world? It wouldn't be difficult to do, only to decide whose option is the best. I'd go for 911 because it's known and not as like that a child will call it accidentally.



  3. I am inclined to agree Lad. But public behaviour has to be kept in check, whether booze or drugs.

    Aw Pants, you would give in so easily to American culture? Practically you are probably correct. Europe I believe uses 112 and I thought it was going to become universal. We need a United Nations summit to discuss it and come up with a long term plan. Only cost a few billion.

  4. Is illicit drugs illicit for footy players? just a qn :)


  5. I'm outraged that someone can be pilloried by a shifty profit-mongering parasite media for things in (what should be) their private lives. Who are these hypocrites? These cranky stupid people! Cousins' football talent is nothing to do with his behaviour off the field. I couldn't care one bit. Let him go. Talent is more useful than morality.

  6. Perhaps goes with the job Keshi.

    I don't think the media are particularly to blame RH. They are behaving as media usually does.

  7. Behaving as you usually do is no excuse for behaving badly. I stopped it to avoid the clink.

  8. About a month ago I offered passengers $10 if they could spot Cousins as we went past a Police Drugs bus working the night. Yes, it was in poor taste, but they did look!

  9. Good one Rob, haha.