Saturday, November 17, 2007

Childhood memory #88

I can't remember my earliest childhood memory (idiot) but Firehorse's earliest memory struck a chord with me, and as he has tagged me, here it is. It is interesting in so far as that it is similar but my memory is much more vague in detail.

Sick at home. Age three. Pyjamas and dressing gown all day. Continues for some days. Doctor diagnoses tonsillitis. Small local hospital. Tonsils removed. Chipped enamel bed. Very sore throat. Hunger and thirst. Jelly and ice cream was like the nectar of the gods.


  1. Thanks for doing the meme Andrew. I wasn't sure whether anyone would. I think you are the only one so far. And I'm the first to comment. So there you go! :D

  2. Drat!
    I have just read this ... catching up on blogreading after being computerless ... and hereby excuse you from the tagging I gave you earlier today.

    It's the "jelly & icecream" thrill that's more memorable than Quacks and tonsils.
    I'd like some jelly n icecream right now as a matter of fact.
    peace and love ...

  3. I'll have a look Ann.