Friday, November 23, 2007

Blame Steph

Steph was not in a great mood yesterday and would like all her readers to be in same mood. This works splendidly for me. Steph gets an extra point for liking David Walliams.

At the ex NT politician/policeman's birthday last week, I took a few photos and R took a few more. Over this following week I resized them, chopped a couple of nasty bits off, usually my picture, checked the receivers' email addresses and emailed to them a couple of pictures relevant to themselves.

I have sent photos to four different people and I did not send them bad photos of themselves. Ok, only one of them requested, but still. Did one email back thanks? Nope, not one.

I am not asked for a printed and signed thank you card through the post. Just hit reply, type thanks, click send.

I decided last night that I would not do this again. But then what did I do today? I sent pics to sister of Little Jo from last weekend. The only difference is that I know in advance that she won't say thanks.

Are my expectations, in what is referred to as 'these busy times', unreasonable?


  1. I would have thanked you but my photos haven't arrived yet. I presume you're busy putting yourself back into them and editing the cakes out.

    Like you said, how hard is it to press a button?

  2. We didn't take any photos under the table.

  3. Nope, these busy times is no excuse, it only takes a quick call or even a quick email to say thankyou, courtesy is the way to go.

  4. Clearly myslef, Jahteh and Cazzie are out of step with young people and their hang on, only one was 30, the rest quite a bit older.

  5. isn't JahTeh gorgeous?
    I always wish I could make witty remarks like hers above.

    No your expectations are not unreasonable at all.

    Blogging is similar.
    While not being a 'Comments Whore'
    ( I really like my small group of friends)

    if somebody comments at my blog I always go to their place in return;
    and if i comment at a blog where i have never been before,
    if the blogger doesn't visit mine in reply,
    i always think they must have hated what I said
    (especially those blogs who don't get many comments - like, they can be choosy? WTF?).

    Good manners are the foundation of society!

  6. Re blog politeness. It is a bit hard at times. I always try to respond to comments, but someone times words just won't come.