Thursday, November 29, 2007

Betty Battenberg

This post by Copperwitch (a stupid old woman who has yet to learn how to make the best of herself, the person in the post, not Copperwitch)and this one by Deajohnize and the Turnbull chappie who was our prospective federal opposition leader, a pro Australia republican, has had me thinking a bit about our boss Liz. Make no mistake about it. She could control us down to the last detail if she wanted. She is a monarch, a boss, a ruler.

She has pretty well conducted herself faultlessly in the the public eye since her reign began.

US comedian Joan Rivers used to make great fun at Maggie Thatcher's expense when Mags was in power. That is until the real Maggie made a surprise visit to River's show and Rivers went to water with much bowing and scraping.

I reckon I would do the same if I happened across Lillibet, and I think many people, even with the most anti monarchist feelings, would too. Is she our own Dalai Lama?

But I do think she has done us a bit of a disservice as our monarch and a respected world figure. I really wish at times she had been a little more political and a little more outspoken. We heard that she and Thatcher did not really get along and that she disliked some of Thatcher's policies. From downunder, some of the policies and the results seemed appalling. Perhaps just a subtle word or two in public may have brought bitch Maggie to heel a bit.

She was happy to dine with Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe at State Dinners. Perhaps just dropping them from the invitation list might have worked wonders.

Perhaps a bit of honesty about Diana might have made her seem human. Even if the things were bad, the air would be cleared. Ok, you are not great friends. Mother in law and daughter in law often don't get along. We understand that.

Because of her age, the opportunity is now lost. I doubt she would be up to challenging anyone. All too hard now.

I am so pleased to be born when I was born and I have seen and experienced some marvellous advances in science, medicine and technology. I also feel privileged to have lived in the time of the last respected English monarch, who has ruled over us with minimal interference.

I did but see her passing by yet I shall love her until I.... well until something else interests me for the moment.


  1. She did have a real soft spot for Bob Hawke who often got an invite for tea if he was in England.

    Off topic but on Monday December 3 on the ABC is a programme, Rampant:How a city stopped a plague. It's the story of AIDS in Australia and how we handled it differently to the U.S.

  2. Drinking buddies perhaps Jahteh.

    Will watch or tape the show.

  3. I am fascinated by The Queen. She is full of rare and antiquated knowledge and I just want to get her tipsy and listen hard. If this unlikely scenario ever occurred she would probably drink me under the table or, no, that was Princess Anne wasn't it.

  4. Hey, The above was me. There seems to be something different about your blogger thingy.

    Living is detail

  5. LiD, I think you are logged in as a different identity.

  6. It is said that she can converse on any subject with skill and has a good sense of humour. I don't like what she stands for but I like her.

  7. Andrew have you seen those photographs taken by Leibovitz. She only had half an hour to get the shots and they were brilliant. The story I heard was Her Maj was a bit pissed about putting the crown on in the middle of the day.
    A little English Declan lost his job at the BBC for that debacle.

    We can have nicknames now on blogger. Be still my itching fingers.

  8. Only small online pictures Jahteh. I would like to see them.

    Don't we use nicknames already?

  9. I love having the Queen as Queen of Australia and will welcome King Charles whenever the time may come.
    Just to annoy the republicans: What about having a resident Monarch in Australia? Sharing a Monarch with the UK, Canada and New Zealand is fine, but having one of our own living amongst us would muddle up the republicans.

  10. It would certainly increase support for a monarchy, but it won't happen. A republic will at some point.

  11. And thanks for the comment RR.