Monday, October 22, 2007

What is happening?

So much to say and so little time.

We watched some of National Bingo Night last night. Well, all of it actually. Fools! We won't do it again, that is for sure. Something dodgy about it all I reckon. We only needed one number in each game. The prophet describes the game better than I could. So tedious. Good to see an Indian person on tv. Bad that they used him a joke. (I have actually put some thought into that last sentence and that is my conclusion)

Less tedious was the Great Debate, the political debate where our Prime Minister debates the leader of Opposition party. It was a bit tedious really, that is until I turned over the Channel 9's coverage and observed the worm. I was mesmerised by the worm. I did not really hear much of what they were saying. I just watched the worm. Up and down it went in response to what they were saying, judged by an audience. What a hoot. Perhaps a cheering or booing audience might have been better, but this was a good substitute and did not impinge on the audio as cheers would. I doubt we will ever lack a worm again. We will always have worms.

Btw, because someone's partner has downloaded so many 'movies', we have been throttled for a few days, effectively we are on dial up. It is interesting to observe the difference. Anything text is quick, picture are slow as. I would not like to try to download a movie. The weather bureau's rain radar, my homepage, will not give an image, but that may not be related. Not sure why I have it as a homepage, given how rarely it seems to ever rain.

I am somewhat disturbed at the seeming ructions within, well maybe without, the Public Transport Users Association. I don't always agree with them, but I don't doubt their passion and commitment and I consider them a reasonably effective lobby group. When politicians start to get involved in lobby groups, I worry.


  1. I feel your pain - our internet has gone over this month again and we are on dial up again. Which is annoying - as we have a phenomenal download limit. 'Unlimited' - ha. What a joke.

    The Great Debate gave me endless amounts of joy. That being said, it means nothing. Latham won last time, and he all know how well he did.

  2. Tim Campbell, who I've never heard of before, and who hosts Bingo, and appears in Home and Away (goodness me) is playing Johnny O'keefe in SHOUT. It begins on January 4, at the Arts Centre. We've got tickets.

    I saw a semi-amateur production about a year ago at Williamstown Mechanics Hall and it was very, very good. I expect the Arts Centre production to be better in set design and so on, but not in enthusiasm: one of the girls lost her skirt on the Mechanics Hall stage during the entire-cast performance at the end.

    That's the nice thing about amateur productions: something you can always hope for.

  3. The Worm was fun to watch! :)


  4. And who has been downloading what Rosanna? The debate is meaningless but it did make Howard look more of a loser.

    I have seen some great amateur productions RH and some very ordinary ones. Thank you for the info on Campbell.

    It was indeed Keshi. Not much else fun about the debate.

  5. Ah yes the worm, it's great. Like you I just watched the worm and ignored what was being said. I reckon they should use the worm in more TV shows, would be interesting to see.

    The Melbourne radar was definitely having problems the other day too. The still image was fine, but the loop was broken and at one point they diverted to the Melbourne Airport radar.

  6. Yep Ben. That happened before I was slowed. My still was not working. I didn't check the loop.

  7. I should say that the Williamstown Musical Theatre Company actually describe themselves as pro-amateur; 'semi-amateur' was a rather meaningless description. They perform at the Mechanics Institute Theatre, Melbourne Road Williamstown, putting on about two shows a year. And at around $28.00 a seat it's enormous value.

    Their upcoming production is called The Wedding Singer, and has a Boy George type character in it (which I thought you should know).


  8. Williamstown MTC is pretty well known. Are there black players or is Kiwi nugget the go, or have I the wrong play?

  9. Black players? I don't know. But anyone can audition. Applications are being accepted now for The Wedding Singer. I'm trying out for Boy George.


    -Boy Robert.