Sunday, October 21, 2007

True to form

I received a nice book from my mother for my birthday. She is known as Fud or Nana Fud, short for fuddy duddy.

She gave me the book last night at Waves on the Beach in Frankston, which wasn't a bad place to eat. It was a family gathering for my birthday and my step father's eightieth birthday.

The book is called A Wild Life and it is an Australian story.

Here is the inscription she wrote inside.

To dear (old name) . Happy 50th birthday, 1907.
A lovely true story. I hope you enjoy it.

I did not understand what the 1907 meant. I asked her. She looked puzzled for a minute and then realised what she had written and shrieked out loud and caused other diner's attention to focus on us.

There are very many similar instances as to why she is called Fud.


  1. Hawaii Five-Oh is nigh for this Lad as well. Congrats on making it and happy birthday. I know what your mum means. I've described things as occuring around the turn of the century and have to correct it to the turn of the 20th Century.

  2. 'Tis a bit tricky for those of us who had spent a good bit of time in the last century Lad. Hawaii Five-Oh is not so bad. Enjoy the attention when the day comes.