Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A tale of three Moslems

John Illhan died yesterday. He was forty two and a very successful businessman who started Crazy John's mobile phone company. Of my six or seven mobile phones, all bar two have been bought from his stores. Being handsome, fit, rich and a devout Moslem did not prevent him having a heart attack at the age of forty two. By most accounts, he was a good person.

I wonder if observing Ramadan put a big strain on his heart?

My workmate is a Moslem from Indonesia. He observes Ramadan too. He does not smoke for the period at all, observes the daytime fasting and does not bother his wife or girlfriend with wanting the biz. He says it does not worry him but towards the end of the period I was noticing he was looking less than his usual handsome self.

Another acquaintance is also Moslem. He had a serious accident when he ran his car into the back of another. His close friend told me he had fallen asleep. He normally does not get up early but because he wanted to be home in the evening over Ramadan to break the fast with his family, he decided to work early for the period. Due to the changed sleeping patterns, he became drowsy when driving his car and did not notice that the car in front had stopped. He spent some time in hospital and some of the other cars passengers were injured.

Should we conclude Ramadan is bad for your health? Perhaps it should be more of a token observance?

Speaking of deaths, just to note the passing of Jocelyn Terry, a long time ABC presenter and TV and Radio newsreader. She was of the old school very professional style ABC broadcasters. I was surprised to hear she was seventy eight. It seems like just yesterday that she was newsreading and filling in for whoever might have been absent. Vale Jocelyn.


  1. Those damn lunatic car drivers.

  2. Hi Andrew

    Interestingly, the converse appears to be true of Lent - fewer accidents due to abstinence from intoxicants.



  3. Then I wasn't too subtle for you Andy.

    A good reason to not be a practising christian Pants.

  4. It's really sad when one dies so young.

    I wonder that although he was wealthy, and at the time of his death could have whatever money could buy, it would have taken lots of stress to get there.

    His success wasn't handed to him on a silver platter and I guess it's true what they say about stress and our hearts?

  5. Anonymous7:17 pm

    It's very sad for his family and by the sound of it he could have done many more charitable acts if his time hadn't been cut short.

    I think fasting and driving definitely don't go together. When the blood sugar drops the concentation starts to fail too. Just talking about fasting is making me hungry...

  6. For some people it takes it toll for sure Who Me.

    Did not occur to me LiD, but yes, that would be correct.

  7. Andrew ….. I was at a work shop yesterday when a team member received a voice message on his phone .. It was his father telling him the time and date of Johns funeral …. You see this team member went to school with John and kept in touched with him even though it wasn’t regularly they spoke a few times a year.
    He went on with tears in his eyes telling me It would take him a day to tell me how this man came from rags to riches , remembering the tough times he had at school and how this team member and John were not excepted for who they were Moslems. I had read in an article yesterday if there was a war between Turkey and Australia John would fight for Australia ..He said he owed this great country this and a lot more. Whatever reason why that man above decided to take John may he Rest In Peace…..

  8. Thanks Robyn. It is nice to get a personal perspective. I liked the story how he walked four kilometres once a week to soccer practice for a year and did not get a game. He did the same the following year and got a couple of games. The year after he was captain of the team.

  9. Muslims get a capital M, Christians get a small c.

    What's that, discrimination?

    No, never, discrimination is what bigots do.

  10. Muslims may well be demoted soon but I am not afraid of christians and I quite happy to offend them. Once I feel at ease with Muslims they will become muslims and I will freely slag them off too. Upper case reserved for Buddhists and Quakers.

  11. I'm sure I'll never feel at ease with muslims, specially those carrying back packs.

  12. Such interesting observations Andrew. And of course, fasting does play a toll on your body, the seretonin release (sleepsy, bye byes chemicals in the brain) and yes, I would imagine, could create problems.
    Vale to John, I thought he was a great guy by all observations...and was shocked to hear of his death. His poor kiddies :(
    Yet again, same as you, I was thinking the same thing re Jocelyn Terry's age. What a lovely person yet again. I loved her voice.

  13. I'm never happy to offend anyone, and if they offend me I can give it back, meanwhile the instinct not to be small-minded overrides everything.

  14. Not too many where you are Jo hey? Like everyone else, good and bad.

    Cazzie,we can only hope the children get a lot of love. They sure won't want for money. You have reminded me of her voice, it was crisp and clear but not deep like most female radio/tv talkers are now.

    Hope I have not offended you RH.

  15. Thanks. Friends are the hardest thing to keep.