Friday, October 26, 2007

Media Watch

How much poorer Australia would be without ABC TV's Media Watch.

Headlines and lead lines like this are bound to stoke the fires of homophobia.

The newspapers everyone with half a brain love to hate, The Herald Sun in Melbourne and the Sydney Daily Telegraph, both published this story.

You should read the Media Watch transcript or listen to it online but just to point out a few things,

  • the babies were not ordered
  • they did not choose the sex of their babies
  • the babies were not twins (in fact many months age different)
  • they did not pay anywhere near the suggested figure of $133,000
  • for their children's sake they asked not to be identified
  • the names used were wrong anyway
  • they stated that the did not wish to co-operate with the writer
  • they were not Australian citizens
I imagine this will go to the Press Council and as usual the newspaper will get a wrist slap with a feather duster and publish a tiny correction buried deep inside the paper. This week's gay media suggests that the writer of the story has a history of homophobic writing and cites examples.

I suppose the headline, gays have babies, has lost its impact. Gee, these newspapers make my blog look a pretty damn accurate record of history.


  1. It is alarming Keshi. I often read the newspapers mentioned, but of course never pay for them, and it is so easy to believe what you read.

  2. This article pissed me off so much I couldn't even post about it.

    It's election time, bring on the gay bashing.

  3. Anonymous11:55 am

    The Herald Sun also attacked Bob Brown in a front-page story which looked as though it belonged in the opinion page of the Exclusive Brethren indoctrination collective.

    Anyway, I've linked your blog to mine (a fellow Melbournian). Reciprocation is appreciated:)

  4. The Terrorgraph is nothing but a tabloid rag. A sordid one at that.

  5. How bloody sad is that? I am over these kinds of articles....period!

  6. Oh Sueglossy, we have only just met.

    Terrograph. I like it Steph.

    Cazzie, it troubles me that so many take the Herald Sun as gospel.

  7. Hey Andrew - I too read this article, and there was a similar one in a paper I used to like. You may have heard of it. It's called 'The Age'.

    The headlines are a sickening example of the stigma that still exists in Australian society.

  8. Anonymous11:51 am

    I too am sick of this twisted crap.

    Any journalist worth their salt should resign rather than write this dangerous nonsense and the editor/owner should be held accountable in a serious way. Not a tap on the knuckles kind of way.

    I don't know how this could be done...and it shouldn't have to be done but perhaps doing so would bring about a better and more progressive media for everyone.

  9. I am surprised that The Age reported the story poorly Rosanna. They usually put in a bit more effort.

    We can only hope some lessons have been learnt LiD.