Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Choking - A Telstra Rant

My beloved isp, the largest, most popular and probably the most expensive in the country, has choked me down. I am at the speed of dial up, 64kb per second or whatever it is.

I want to complain. I am not getting anything like 64 kbps. Sites I go are not to blame as they work ok with my normal cable. I noted that one file I was downloading was arriving at 5kb per second. But it wasn't doing it continually. It would have a little rest. Actually more resting than moving.

The email system decided that picture files were too big and timed out. I had to go to webmail and delete anything larger than 100kb and then finally I was able to download emails normally, except because of so many incomplete attempts, there were three copies of many of the emails. It only took about twenty minutes for the webmail pages to load.

I am not blaming anyone else but myself for going over the limit, but this sop is very bad. I would rather be charged the normal outrageous fees that are charged. At least I would have control of the situation.

I am sure someone at Telstra searches for comments on the web about Telstra. Here is mine, heartfelt.

I have been a customer of yours for around thirty years. Apart from one two year absence, I have been a mobile customer of yours for around ten years or more. I have been a cable customer of your for eight years. You recently cut out one of my discounts. While I ok about being slowed as punishment for going over my miserly monthly limit of 12gb, I am not happy that you have made my internet connection almost unusable. I am also a very minor shareholder.

Why does everyone hate Telstra? Because you provide a poor service at very high cost.

PS I have cut and pasted this into a document format so I won't have to rewrite it when it fails to publish.


  1. I abandoned Bigpond as soon as I could when my initial contract ran out. Figured I could get a better service for around 60% of the price, and have never regretted it.

  2. Anonymous9:45 pm

    How frustrating.I think you are speaking for the majority of Telstra's customers. Loyalty doesn't seem to matter too much to this company and as for getting what you paid for...yer right. I hope it gets sorted out for you soon.

  3. Telstra rips off it's customers...but I still am with em...mebbe cos I dun TRUST other ISPs. I dunno why tho :(


  4. Whine, whine. Your page takes so long to load for dial-up that I play solitaire in the corner.

  5. I know what is right Ian. But I am so tied in.

    LiD, oddly after the post, this morning, it was back to normal, two days before it should have been.

    Similar reason to me I guess Keshi, apathy.

    Bloody whingeing pensioners I say. There is an election. Lobby a politician. They care. (Is it because of pictures I post or just the page?)

  6. Andrew, don't get your Kilo bytes per second mixed up with your Kilo Bits per second, they are different things. 6KB per second is about right for dial up speed of 56kbps. It's stupid and confusing, but for some reason it's the way these things are measured.

  7. Well, learn something every day. I reckon if I did not know (no defence), not too many regular punters do either.

  8. I still don't no the difference.

    I'm stuck paying $59.95 a month for ADSL on a contract until May next year. At the time it sounded good for the first year at $29.95 but then I'm pretty clueless to this stuff.

    Ian, could you please share with us which ISP you are with.

  9. Me either Firehorse. Enough to know that they are not the same thing. Sounds like an ok deal if you make full use of it Firehorse.

  10. I'm supposed to be paying Bigpond $29.95 a month, but it's always around $80.00, because once I exceed a certain amount of use it zooms up enormously, way out of proportion. That's their trick. It's a con alright: a cheap price in big letters to entice you in, then the trap closes. I'm cancelling it, going back to dial up, or nothing at all -which will cause bloggers enormous unhappiness, but I can't be concerned about that.


  11. God forbid that we bloggers should lose your lucid comments RH. Better up your plan a bit methinks.

  12. Right. Well seeing you used God with a capital G I'll reconsider.

    After all, the show's not over till the fat lady's dead.

    ha ha!


  13. Ggrrrrr.... don't get me started on Telstra.

  14. It was unavoidable RH when it started a sentence.

    Another one Jo. Don't we love them.