Saturday, September 29, 2007

Writing Proper

I am a blue collar worker with minimal education but with enough education to know that those who criticise spelling and grammar have set them self up for failure because they must then be perfect. How is this for a clanger. It is in reference to a tram crash and from the Herald Sun newspaper.

Do we blame brumby or bracks for this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Half of these drivers cant even talk english, how do you expect them to drive a tram

Oh dear, regardless of the the lack of logic, he did leave himself wide open didn't he?

Funny, every blog person I know is good at writing. I don't like the idea of blogging being the exclusive domain of people who write with correct spelling, grammar and sentence construction. I like the idea of people expressing their thoughts online, whether they know how to spell and/or construct a sentence. The spelling and grammar police are very intimidating to such people.

I have seen people criticised in public forums for their lack of perfect written English. I have seen them then disappear, no doubt hurt and feeling inadequate. The forum is then deprived of their knowledge.

I don't like laziness when writing, in spite of indulging in it myself, but if someone makes an effort, good on them and you won't hear a word from me if their written English is not correct, with perhaps the exception of names or errors of fact.

Then there is another category of people who do know how to write proper(sic), such as my Sydney friend, and don't. Not sure why. Guess he wants to appear to be younger than his age. Thirty two is getting on a bit in gay years. This is the full text. No greeting, no goodbye, just this.
i used to live 3 blocks from there in livingstone road.


  1. You are so very right with this Andrew!

    I've always been the spelling police! As you would have noticed already when I've corrected you ;)

    Yet I have found so many errors in both my spelling and grammar on my own blog and in comments I leave.

    I'm going to put my English teacher's hat away and just enjoy what I'm reading from now on....

    Oh....but a funny little story...

    One day when Bissi was in Year 4, her teacher had made a note on her homework. The teacher was referring to the fact that Bissi had forgotten the fullstop at the end of her sentence. It read "Have you forgotton something?"

    I wrote a reply in pencil (and then rubbed it out deciding not to be rude) saying "Have you forgotten how to spell?"

  2. Comments, not yours Who Me, tend to be the worst as they are often written at speed and no chance to correct.

    Good example from school.

  3. Was it an old Town Hall building or something like that?

    The replacement building as ugly and bunkerish as it is, does not look like it was built in the 60s though.

    What was the building built for do you know. Please don't tell me it is a council chamber.

  4. I write the way I talk, one foot permanently planted in the mouth.

  5. A private house I think Firehorse. Most of St Kilda Road was grand private houses. Only one remains as a private house. The present building is mostly offices with some retail on the ground floor and an upmarket restaurant which I cannot understand how survives.

    What Jahteh? You are not so diplomatic?