Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why oh why?

I have done it again. I have caused myself un-necessary trouble.

The brother friends noticed some movies on our pc. They liked the movies and want to download movies themselves, just very short ones mind.

Cannot do on our clapper that you now use, I told them. Certainly not with dial up.

Can we have faster internet?

Of course. But you really need a new computer to do it. (Not exactly true as that was our computer and it worked ok with cable broadband)

They want an lcd screen anyway.

You can see where this is going hey?

I was a bit smarter this time. I gave them some specs and suggested their local Chinese shop front chappie was a good place. Let them do some leg work.

The deed is done and it arrives Friday. As a last minute detail, because I did not have the specs in front of me, I asked them to check that it has at least four USB ports. God, it has eight.

The matter of broadband remains, ADSL. They trust me to give them correct advice, a heavy responsibility. I have spent some time looking at the larger companies, Telstra, Optus, Primus, Dodo and there really is not much between them price wise. Where a plan will be cheaper, the connection fee will be higher. One does not include a modem. Add the price of that and you back to equal. They all work out to be so similar.

So I will advise them to get Telstra as it is just easier. They would never thank me for having to change their home phone service to get a cheaper price if there was any future problem.

I am still going to have to spend several hours at their place getting the pc set up and connected. Will I still have any energy left for our own planned upgrade?


  1. Take it as a practice for when you do up grade yourself..I hope you get a bottle of red out of it (smiles).

  2. Fat chance Cazzie. It would go like this, 'We would have bought you some wine but as we don't drink, we would have no idea what to buy'.