Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where No Wrinklies Fly

I was a long way from being a wrinkly but that is what we called old people, hence radio station 3XY slogan, Where no Wrinklies fly. 3XY was a pop radio station on the AM frequency of 1420, now (I am checking) my god, 1422, Radio Hellas, a narrowcast Greek station. Wow!

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or more, the BEEP red baron was rolling up the score.

It was bloody red baron, but they used bleep the word bloody out. It was bad language for us gentle folk.

In about the early eighties I first heard the word 'fuck' on the tv. It was in a very noir short film on ABC about Aborigines. In 2000 and something I first heard the word 'fuck' on the radio, uttered by the venerable and intellectual Terry Lane. I waited to hear of the furore and the complaints but there was nothing.

All these are marks of the progress. good or bad, of our society.

This is kinda personal as I have a teenage niece, but really more an old persons rant about the sexualisation of children. Did I hear that the state of Queensland is having its first fashion parade? Fashion and Queensland are not normally words that sit well together. It was to be led by a young teen lass perhaps 15 years old, no doubt full makeup, clinging clothing, mega skinny and seductive poses.

I feel uncomfortable with this. I know the world has moved on a lot since 'bloody' had to be bleeped out on the wireless, but how far do we go down the road with this sexualisation of the young.

My niece was sexually provocative at a very young age. She is not now. Just a charming kid. I could never work out where it came from.

I heard a women a while ago on the radio complaining about some guys leering at her nine year old daughter when they were out for a stroll on St Kilda Pier. The woman readily described what her daughter was wearing and her makeup etc. The nine year old was dressed unlike I would have a nine year old daughter dressed. Junior Brittany is ok for perhaps a sixteen year old, but not a nine year old.

It is all going terribly wrong. I feel so old. But it is the duty of the old to criticise the young. You can read something about it here if you like.


  1. I'm with you Andrew, we're adults for such a long time, they should enjoy their childhood for as long as they can

  2. "Fashion and Queensland are not normally words that sit well together."... yep, Kerry Anne Kennerly and Jackie McDonald are two I can say fit that criteria, lol.

    Re the kids and the way they are dressed...parents should be sentenced for crime for dressing their kids this way..and same goes with parents who feed their kids crap and make them obese...see so much of this around the school, around our suburb.
    Yes, some of the dresses are gorgeous in the shops for little girls, some of the tops are gorgeous too, but when I see bras with lace and sparkles on them made to fit my 6 year old it drives me insane!! Too wrong I reckon.

  3. It really is crap Jo. I hate it.

    And I guess you will be soon getting demands for stuff like the Cazzie. I am confident you will resist it.

  4. The Queensland girl is 13. Her birthday was just a day or two ago; when all the fuss came up, she was just 12.

  5. So young. Clearly the problem lies with the parents.

  6. Anonymous6:26 pm

    It's like running around saying: "Hit me! Hit me!" and then running crying to the police when someone does hit you.

    Then again..anyone must have the right to wear any (sexually provocative) clothing they want without sending the 'wrong message'...right?

    Life is silly. What happened to the days when little kids ran around in dungarees with torn knees?


  7. Dungarees. Bring 'em back.

  8. I was 3AK where no wrinklies flew.

  9. So I learnt the next day Edgar. I knew someone would pick it up sooner or later.


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