Monday, September 17, 2007


Something is a little wrong at blogger. As well as the nonsense below, any comment you make that automatically goes to my email has some gobbledygook attached and no direct link to the poster or post.

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  1. I'm getting the same weirdness. It's not just you.

  2. As is Captain Xaio. Maybe everyone is.

  3. Might we say it seems all very queer!

    Soory seems like we just did.

  4. yep, same things happening here. very odd.

  5. See you in discrimination court Sedgwick.

    Perhaps blogger is telling us to learn Spanish Non Blondie. It would be quite useful for UK peoples. Btw, was The Local a place you knew in St Kilda? It is closed.


Before you change something, find out why it is the way it is in the first place - unknown.