Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We iz got mugs

Left two mugs, part of a dinner service x 8 of each. We don't like them and they are away in a box.

Tall red x 2. A gift. Heavy and horrid handles.

Circle pattern. Very nice to drink from. Thin upper edge. Susceptible to dishwasher damage when the resident non expert dishwasher loader loads a load. 5 of 12 remaining.

Red with 'coffee'. Latest addition by someone who just had to have new mugs. They look nice but are quite heavy. By six.

Far right, my usual coffee mug. Not too thin, but only four of twelve remaining. Mostly dishwasher victims but I recall one flying across a kitchen and chipping a fridge door before breaking. Another broke when a put down firmly upon a glass coffee table. Surprisingly the table broke too, even though it was strong enough to sit on.

Missing in action is my work cup, from a set of six. Fifty cents each at Forges of Footscray is not a bargain if when you get them home, you don't like them. Unfortunately they are indestructible.

I am sure our collection is pathetic compared to Jo's.


  1. The dishwasher has killed my 'fishy' dinner set.....covered in chips :(

    I like the look of the circly one.

  2. Dishwashers only chip when two items rub together. Bit like humans really.

    The circly one is nice and very nice to drink from.

  3. I love a coffee from bone china with a nice thin lip.

    The mugs I have now are crap; could probably give someone a concussion if I decided to pitch one.

  4. p.s.
    I feel a China post coming on, thanks to you!

  5. I like fine china too Daisy Jo, but oh so impractical.

  6. Fine china here too, but I have all kinds, I'll take a photo of them one day for you


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