Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wait for the completed project

More details and before and after pictures are to come for my blog readers, but oh, this is a bit rude. Given it is only half finished, people need to give it a chance. They have a right to their view. They can nominate to be on the committee and have a say in such matters. I wonder if they knew how many hours three committee members put into this project, R being one and myself by association. Taste is a very personal thing, but it will certainly not be bad by the time it is finished. Maybe not to some peoples taste, but not bad.

Is being on a body corporate committee of a large building one of the most thankless tasks in the world?

It really does hurt.

I think I know who put the note up on the public notice board. They will be on camera footage and that will be checked so long as it can be framed into the rules of camera footage viewing.


  1. Gosh, they have nerve! They also need to have a good look at their hand writing. Best of luck, Andrew. Stick to your guns.

  2. Hi Andrew

    I was expecting that you were going to say it was spray painted on the wall! It's a just a note? Here in Hackney it would be daubed in doggie doo. What a polite society.



  3. Did any of those people that signed the piece of paper actually get off their arse and contribute to the discussion or have input into the plans? Well, if they didn't then tell them to FUCK OFF!

    I find leaving a note pinned to the noticeboard weak. Seems like they want to have a say without putting in more time than it took to scribble this. It lacks any respect or thought for the people that have given their time and effort. Plus their grammar leaves a lot to be desired (not that mine is always the best). "Any One who think..."

    Fuckin' renters.

    Please people, I am joking about the renters tag. I am one myself. I have always remembered John Hewson using the line, "This house must be rented" because the grass was a bit long on the front lawn of some house.

  4. Thanks Rosanna.

    Lol Pants. Just read your real estate problems. Good luck with it.

    And don't forget the old couch on the front porch Firehorse. You have to a bit of a thick skin to not let things like that get to you. The committee collectively does.

  5. I await the images. Then the critique begins.

  6. Do we get to vote?

  7. I am afraid Cazzie.

    Only if you vote the right way Jahteh.

  8. Welcome to the life of volunteering on committees, thankless task most of the time. Good luck with it.

  9. I am sure you know about it better than most Ann. I seriously respect people who do a lot for little reward.


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