Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Outing

While I work often on Sundays, I have not for the last few weeks and we have done many things. We visited the mega hardware store in Menton, not our closest which is in Altona, for some bits and pieces.

We bought a screw and a dimmer switch for our lounge/dining room area. The dimmer switch rating was 300 and the fine print said the total wattage must not exceed this. Two by 100 in one light and two by 40 in the other comes in under. Perfect. I have fitted many dimmer switches in our various homes but this one has me beat. I used to confidence in sticking a wire in a hole and hoping for the best. I have put it on the back burner. R steered me to the energy saving light bulbs, but none are really appropriate for any reason.

Then we did the shops. We did Freedom at Victoria Gardens recently, but near the Moorabbin Freedom, there is an enclave of furniture shops. We did the lot and then headed to Harvey Norman in South Road and bought a new cordless keyboard and mouse, our third. Our old mouse was held together with sticky tape, so I could not argue too much. Finally Logitech has it right. The new one was just plugged in and it worked. Both of the previous ones were so troublesome to get going.

My feet were hot and I was tiring. I must have a nice coffee reward. Drive on to Brighton Beach Station and have good coffee at a place called Bisket. Warm sun, cool breeze, ocean to look at, people coming and going and a wide open view.

Home and put up a shadow box in my bedroom to display my Broken Hill mineral collection. A screw was needed. Install cordless keyboard and mouse painlessly. Painfully try to install light dimmer.

Walk up Toorak Road and meet brother friends for dinner at an Italian or is it French restaurant. La Pig or something like that. Very posh, not.

Brother friends drive us home so we have to ask them in for coffee. Nice chat and pumped them for some information on what they are going to do with the money from the sale of their East Melbourne apartment. I don't know but I don't think they have done anything with it yet.


  1. Going to Altona Bunnings you'd be passing my place. Look for a roof with holes in it and man pruning roses in his underwear.

  2. mmm Sunday hardware shopping. I also like a bit of Sunday Ikea...just for the smell of the place.
    Weird, innit?

  3. I'm afraid I had to look away when I got to 'a screw was needed'. I've only just got over the sight of seeing the 'C' word in fifteen foot high letters in 'Atonement'


    (Blushing) Pants

  4. Can't say I've ever installed a dimmer switch. I could use a lesson.

  5. I hate H/W shopping..eeeks! Im a girly girl :)


  6. I am not sure how I know you live there RH, but I do.

    Does Ikea smell the same over there?

    You weren't the only one I expect Pants. That movie is not here yet, I don't think.

    I am losing confidence in my DIY abilities Daisy Jo.

    Keshi, you need some nails for a temporary repair if you one of your heels comes off.

  7. Selfish beast, right next door and no visit. I could have done with some cheering up on Sunday especially if you were buying the cake and coffee.

  8. I was quite aware I was in your area Jahteh. No cake, but a sausage at Bunnings and some fruit toast with our coffee at Brighton Beach. Not my idea for the toast, but it was a generous serve and very nice.

  9. I'm with Keshi, and h/w stores are sooooo boring and they don't always smell nice.

    I bought a Logitec too but found I had to replace the batteries every couple of weeks. Put it in the spare room with all the other computer bits. I had a Microsoft one before that so that's what I bought this time, the batteries last 3 or 4 times longer.

  10. You girls are happy to drag men around to umpteen dress shops, but you are repulsed by hardware stores.

    The batteries don't last long Jo, but we recharge ours. Maybe once a fortnight but only the mouse. The keyboard batteries last forever.

  11. Oh yes? Is that so. Well I never argue when people say they know me, it saves lots of work.

  12. Bisket is a lovely place to chill...good coffee, good company, a winning recipe.

  13. Ah, you know it Cazzie? Bit off your beaten path I would have thought.


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