Thursday, September 13, 2007

Social Secretary

It is our dyke friend's birthday this weekend and we will celebrate with a drink at Dame M's and then have a meal at the Dick Whittington in Chapel Street. Everyone quite liked the place last time, except for Dame M who refused to come. She can refuse again but we will see her at least.

Also, there is some preliminary work happening for my birthday in October.

I have made about six phone calls, sent several emails and maybe a dozen sms. The dyke friend's birthday is finally organised, except I wasn't the one organising it. Her girlfriend was. How did that happen?

Sister rang last night and asked if the bone doctor and little Jo could stay at our place for a few hours while my sister went to the football. Is Hawthorn playing? After a few minutes thought and consultation with R, I rang them back as suggested the bone doctor and little Jo may like to come for dinner with us to the dyke friend's bash. She jumped at it. I guess the bone doctor will have some expressed milk with her.

Should be a good night.


  1. I used to live near there...if Sabra is still open you should go there for the best felafel in Melbourne. Sadly had to turn down the owners proposal, too bad because I really like felafel.

  2. I don't know it Non Blondie. Where exactly is it or was it?

  3. Hawthorn is playing North Melbourne after a surprise win last week. North copped a huge hiding, and might hit back, but put your money on Hawthorn.

    I'm doing nothing this weekend and am available to escort Dame M if required. Let's know.


    And don't be shy.

  4. Re footyball RH, I see. Sister supports Hawthorn, so it makes sense.

    Dame M has no truck at all with straight guys. 'I gave them up when my (last) husband died, so boring', snort.

    Oh how I feel tempted though. 'Dame M, I have a blind date for you'.

  5. on Carlisle St, between Chapel and the library. Tops food.

  6. Dame M sounds like Miss Pavlov: alluring and terrifying.

    Well maybe she'd like to come to Footscray bingo next Tuesday? They've got a good food bar there: chico rolls and potato cakes, plus you get a free cup of tea between each session.


    (There's loads of gossip too, if she'd like that)

  7. Pretty sure it has gone Non Blondie.

    Dame M food and tea in the afternoon don't really go together. Get the cask out and she could be tempted. She doesn't gossip either, but holds court.