Sunday, September 02, 2007

Small town US property investor looking at Australia to increase her wealth

Blogging mate in the US, Daisy Jo, requested a a larger picture of the house where the white magnolia tree is located. As you can see, the blooms of a magnolia do not last long, especially if we get some warm weather and wind, as we have had. This morning though was one of those perfect Melbourne mornings with a few wispy clouds and a clear blue sky with a gentle breeze blowing.

These houses are very unusual in Melbourne as they are three storey with the lowest level partly below street level. I know of some others in Dalgety Street, St Kilda and I have a feeling I have seen some in Footscray.

Park Street is a short street between between Toorak Road and Domain Roads. You can see its location on a map here. We live in St Kilda Road near where it it meets Toorak Road West. It is about a twenty five minute walk along Toorak Road, Park Street and back along Domain Road.

Note there are two quite old cars in front of the houses. These are not representative of the normal type of car to be found in South Yarra which are more likely to be a 4WD, an SUV or BMW or Mercedes. I am unsure of this specific house, but certainly many of its neighbours used to be boarding houses. Small and cheap accommodation for the poorer types, pay by the week. I think one house is still a boarding house and you can bet that these cars belong to residents of the boarding house. When travelling on the number 8 tram that travels to Toorak and runs along Park Street, if some rough types boarded the tram and they were still aboard the tram when it turned into Domain Road, you could fairly confidently say, ah yes, Park Street, boarding house.

I think you could say that any of these houses in Park Street would be worth over a million dollars. It is quite a unique street. Maybe Dalgety Street in St Kilda is as nice but I don't think so. It is a long time since I have been there. Perhaps there are streets in Parkville similar. St Vincents Place in South Melbourne is certainly superior but much more open, unlike the cheek by jowl Park Street. The style of architecture is of course Victorian, the properties having being built in the time of the reign of Queen Victoria, and Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world to see preserved and restored Victorian architecture.

Francis Clapp, the founder of our tramway system and mentioned in the post where I published a picture of the plaque on the fence of the the house where he lived, wanted a tram near to his house, but not going past, hence the tram which normally if following the patterns of other routes, would just travel down Toorak Road to St Kilda Road where it would turn right and head into the city. Instead it diverts into Park Street and along Domain Road. A four minute walk from his house, but not going past his house. This may or may not be true.

As gorgeous as Park Street is, it is dreadful for parking. Local residents often have to park streets away, and that is with one side of street being for residents only and a permit required.

I had hoped to photograph all the building in Park Street soon, but the other day I noticed someone who spent three hours with his posh looking camera taking photos. Perhaps I am better to search on the net.


  1. Nice photos as usual Andrew. They are unusual houses aren't they? The streetscape in Nicholson St Fitzroy, east side north of Gertrude St is very similar.

  2. Thanks Lad Litter. I had to think for a bit, and yes, that street scape is pretty nice and they are cheek by jowl too, but on the other side of the road, they have open space.

  3. I can't imagine anyone living in a building that beautiful ever being sad. Just looking at it makes me happy.

  4. there are many similar streets in parkville, especially surrounding the park.
    however, generally they are nowhere near as expensive as park st (SY) due to Park st's closeness to the city and bot.

  5. I so love that place, lovely tiles out front too....I often look at nice places on the way to work...some nice ones in Nth Melbourne there.

  6. I like the old terrace houses around the city. In my suburb we have what is called the 'servants street' - and there are five little old servants quaters lined up at the very end. They are just gorgeous!

  7. I was one of the rough (poor) types who lived in Park Street. But such places are better described as rooming houses, not boarding houses, ie: they don't serve meals. St kilda was full of cheap crashpads like that, until the Great Social Revolution. All very nice now.
    I've never lived in Dalgetty Street, but visited people who did. Almost every building was a rooming house, and the two little blocks of flats near Grey Street were illegal brothels.
    Aye, but not anymore; all very nice now, yes indeed.

  8. They are nice Daisy Jo. Only think I am not keen on about them is that they can often be quite dark inside.

    I thought Parkville was pretty expensive Kiki. Not my area and I don't really know much about it.

    Ah yeah, North Melbourne Cazzie. There some nice ones there and in Kensington too.

    They sound cute Rosanna. Take a photo one day for me.

    Indeed RH, all very nice indeed now. You have been around.

  9. I'll take one tomorrow. They're right near my house.

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