Friday, September 14, 2007

The Rubbish Room

Since we have lived in this building, the attention to recycling has increased markedly. We originally had four bins for bottles, cans etc, the blue paper one pictured and the green one for general rubbish. In behind the doors is another large green general bin that collects the rubbish that comes down the rubbish chute.

The area is cleaned regularly to prevent smells and there are auto scent dispensers.

The area where the rubbish chute empties was upgraded about a year ago as the fire protection mechanism was never properly set up. If there is a fire in a bin it will melt some wax and a strong metal flap will drop to prevent fire going up the rubbish chute.

A fan on the roof sucks any foul air up the rubbish chute to the exterior, but unfortunately also sucks up empty plastic bags that may be thrown in the chute. They foul the fan and it stops until it is cleared.

The general waste bin from the chute is emptied daily. Of course we pay in our rates for a rubbish collection but we have to have a private collection as the council won't collect this type of bin. The alternative is to put out 65 normal bins twice a week. Totally impractical.

I suppose the area is not hosed out as it used to be. Because it is below ground level, there is a sump pump beneath the floor. Spare bins are stored in another room outside this one.

We are pretty good with recycling, the only thing we really do wrong is throw a pizza box down the chute when it is getting late. I can't be bothered taking it down late at night but I don't want it hanging around either as they smell and bits fall out of them.

I think there are eleven bins now for bottles, cans, aluminium etc. At least eight go out per week.

These charity bins are relatively new and they certainly get filled and are emptied on demand, maybe once a fortnight but it is irregular as people have a big throw out and can often fill them in one hit.

These are the latest additions. From left to right, mobile phones, printer cartridges, cards for Planet Ark, and batteries. The cardboard box on the far right is for corks.


  1. Wow! That is like the penthouse of freakin rubbish areas. You should see mine, you'd be horrified!

  2. Run away quickly Shirley, you've been invaded by Daleks!

  3. I'll be around for a rummage in the clothes bins.
    Or maybe you could just send it all straight to my place.


  4. I'm sitting here amazed over the level of organization in your rubbish.

  5. I am sure it is not you Steph who makes the mess. You just fling the empties off the balcony don't you?

    It is a bit of a creepy room for sure M'lor.

    Ripped frilly knickers and bras with wires sticking out is your thing RH?

    I was quite impressed when I saw it all set up Daisy Jo. God knows what the just off the plane Sri Lankan lads who look after the area must think.

  6. Forget it, I've got loads of that stuff, but how about suspenders? Mail them to me, I'll pay the postage.

  7. I'll keep a look out RH.

  8. Just last night I noticed that Dan Murphy's has one of those cork box's by the front entrance, good idea really. I remember seeing something on TV about what they do with recycled corks. I can't remember exactly what, but it's interesting all the same.

  9. They have been in Dan's for a long time. Pity most bottles are now screw top. Cork comes from trees, less cut down. Not sure where elephants fit in.

  10. "God knows what the just off the plane Sri Lankan lads who look after the area must think."

    They might think, "Geez, this is bigger and cleaner than any place I've ever lived."

    It looks bigger than my studio apartment. I think it is fantastic though. Do people actually sort the rubbish properly. Pizza boxes aren't recyclable or do they get stuck in the chute.

  11. The staff lads seem to take everything in their stride. I am sure some people throw everything down the chute, but from what I see, plenty make the effort. Pizza boxes are cardboard, so recyclable. But they also fit down the chute.

  12. As long as the pizza box is clean then it is recyclable. If it is oiled and has cheese then it is not.

  13. Far out! Where do I get one of those clothes recycling bins? I have heaps of clothes to give to charity right here. I drove around to the usual places I know that have bins and they are GONE! Apparently, too many people were using the bin sites as a dumping ground for their rubbish..even mattresses! This has to be taken care of by the charities, defeating the purpose of what the bins and charities are there for..costs them heaps in tipping fees to rid the area of it all.
    I might just go to Savers in Footscray with it all this week.

  14. Wouldn't they all be oiled D? But you won't find any cheese under the lid of our pizza boxes.

    I think supply the bins Cazzie. Highriser's mother dressed exclusively by Savers.

  15. even mattresses...That's funny. I always laugh when I see a dumped mattress. They're the hardest thing to get rid of, even the tip charges extra to take them.
    Yes, donate your unwanted clothes to Savers, they'll give you a discount card for your next purchase. Most things I own are from Savers, truly, right down to the collar on my dog. And Savers second-hand book selection (Footscray) is the best anywhere.

  16. Mattresses were a problem for us, before the security camera upgrade. Now they will be on camera somewhere. The council will collect them four times a year and they are stored in the dungeon(sic) until then.


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