Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Remembering Youth

How polite are Melbourne men? They did not elbow these old ducks out of the way to get a closer look at the Myer fashion window modelling display. If I was straight, I think I would have king hit the lot of them.

What do you think these old ducks are thinking?
  • I could do that better.
  • I disapprove of the public display of flesh, but I will watch anyway.
  • I can see she will go to pork.
  • She is very mature for a twelve year old.
  • Reminds me, I must book in for my Brazilian.
  • She clearly has not had children.
  • I knew keeping my blue eyeshadow was a good idea. I will get it out and look as good as her.
  • I can see so many gravity defying body parts.
  • Young woman are so lucky now. They can have lesbian experiences. I am only having thoughts now at my age.
  • I must come to town more often.
  • And the short woman between the grey haired one and the one with the striped jacket wonders what is poking her in the back.
Pic from the The Age.


  1. Oh I reckon that woman in the stripey dress on the left is thinking.....I used to to look just like you and to think I settled for Cecil the Bank Clerk!

  2. Who has given her financial stability and she can go shopping in the city and dream of what might have been.

  3. they're thinking:
    those lace top pull-on stockings are a bitch to wear, as they roll down all the time on thick thighs, and fall down on thin thighs.

    2. those underpants are a joke, as they don't go under clothes very well at all, and if you are just gonna wear 'em for sex games, then they aren't ON for long enough to justify paying $90 effin bucks for 'em.

    (but neither of the above thoughts are as amusing as yours H-R)

  4. seen such Myer models in the city here..they look great!

    LOL @the oldies...darn cute!


  5. How dare they take a hemorrhoid ... err sorry ... bummer ... errr ... polaroid ... of me on the catwalk ... and what are those old biddies looking at?

    Like they'd know what to do with what we had on offer.

    (Copperwitch excluded obviously. She knows what to do with the offer yer can't refuse... and if one doesn't survive her ministrations, yer at least go out with a smile on yer dial.)

  6. You dirty old G-G, giving away my secrets and if I recall I did refuse your last offer. I don't take Confederate money at any time.

  7. The lady contestant on Temptation tonight was the best brunette I've seen in a while -and that includes Miss Grogon. My temptation was to root the TV set.

  8. 240v is extreme electro sex RH.

  9. I'll give it a try.

  10. If my dick turns to charcoal there'll be a court case.