Monday, September 24, 2007

Perhaps you voted for him

We have a Federal Government Minister by the name of Christopher Pyne. If forget what his ministry is. It is one of the small ones given as a reward to peoples who have done a good job for the party, but will never be a star performer. Something holds him back. Just because he comes from Dolly Downer territory, means nothing.

I first recall him from being on ABC's Lateline. Squeaky little upstart I thought. I did not like him. There are a few tory pollies I don't mind, but he is not among them. He is in the despise category.

There was something about him that made him suspicious to me, but oddly also desirable. He is the sort of guy who when you slap them across the face, you are a bit excited by it.

Alas, I just checked. He is married with children so he is obviously straight.

Good, I like clear cut, know where you stand stuff. So I am ignoring the rumours and innuendo coming in from so many directions.


  1. "Alas, I just checked. He is married with children so he is obviously straight."


  2. He is the Minister for Ageing.

    In reference to the above quote. When you say "alas" are you disappointed that he is straight? I'm not sure I needed to know about how stimulated you get at the thought of slapping the little mongrel around. :)

    I am surprised by your statement: "He is married with children so he is obviously straight." Obviously then. You sound like a real baby boomer now with that belief.

    I don't know or even care whether Christopher Pyne is a closeted gay man but I can't see how him having kids makes it "clear cut, know where you stand stuff."

    I'll leave now on the thought of Christopher calling you "Daddy" and begging to punished by a firm hand.

  3. First line true Denys.

    Para two three and four, I am sure you know about irony, if that is what it is.

    Last line. What nonsense. (Lie)

  4. Alexander Downer, is married with children, is known to step out in fishnet stockings and comes from the same state as li'l Chrissie Pyne, so he is obviously straight ... and most discerning gays would fervently hope that be the case.

  5. Tickle in your throat Non Blondie?

    Thanks for your clarity of thought M'lord.

  6. ha I am laughing
    (and that was before I got to firehorse's remark)

    ... so I forgot what the post was about.

    I know several contradictions to "married with ch, must be straight". several!

  7. Really Helena. What is the world coming to.