Thursday, September 13, 2007


Pandora is an archive of all sorts of things online. It is funded by the Federal Government via the Australian National Library. It is an archive all sorts of things found online, but with an Australian bias. The name comes from not a box full of nasty surprises, although that could be apt, but is a corruption of the acronym PANDAS, Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia.

I know two of my linked bloggers have their blogs archived there, even though one no longer is an active blogger.

Pandora has asked if they could add my blog to the archive.

I have just done a crash course in Pandora.

While I guess it is somewhat of honour, I immediately worry about what I have said about people and how identifiable are some people, especially family and friends.

What about copywrite? I try to credit things that I use off the net where I can, but I don't always.

I am happy to for anyone to filch any photo I may have taken for their own purposes, but I don't want anyone using my pics for their commercial advantage.

Will I post less because I spend more time polishing posts, improving sentence construction and grammar?

Can I still slag orf the hand who funds the archive?

But the major thought is, will it make what I write a little more circumscribed. Maybe you think it ought to.

Clearly it is quantity of posts over quality. What you reckon? Should I accept?


  1. Like the best and most honest scribblers have always said, "Publish and be damned".

    Can't see (and wouldn't want to see) Highriser compromising his WYSIWYG. Otherwise, (to quote Aunty Jack ... sort of) I'll come around and rip your bloody pubes off.

  2. I would never do it. I think it would make my blog even more self concious that it already is, and blogging shouldn't be like that. On the other hand, it could be a fun thing to do!

  3. If you're going to, don't change anything, for god's sake. They wouldn't ask you if they didn't like you as you are.

    Exactly as I do. (like you, that is.)

  4. It's copyright, not 'copywrite'.

  5. I'll shave M'lord.

    Yeah, I don't want to become self conscious Rosanna. You go away soon? Have a nice time.

    I sort of guessed that Daisy Jo. Thanks for the compliment. I realise I am elite being on your very short blog roll.

    Thanks for your constructive criticism RH. The spell checker already told me that. I ignored it, as I often do. Clearly they are not after a literary masterpiece.

  6. It's definitely an accolade, so Congratulations ...

    but I would hate it to happen to me (no of course that's not likely)

    I actually like my small group of visitors and don't want lotsa people.
    I like it that all my commentors know each other too.

    Now I hope you don't get self-conscious about what you write from now on ...
    mwah mwah

  7. Thanks Bwca. When I started I wanted to keep my roll short too, but I came across such nice and interesting peoples.

  8. I don't use a spell checker, if I'm doubtful I thumb a dictionary. But thanks for the compliment, my criticisms are usually destructive, or they wouldn't be helpful.

  9. Misspellings are failings in anything you write, and a poor example to the young.

  10. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Whoo hoo - I've been linked!

    Seriously though Andrew, I think you should consider being archived ... that way you sort of live on forever.

    Don't worry about being self-conscious because you'll forget about it and still say exactly what you think. As it is, you've probably been cached elsewhere without you knowing.

    My LJ/blog is a bit different because it's more about my mad "project" and observations along the way. However, I was tackled by someone I knew because I made some criticisms about their suburb ... but they agreed with me anyway!

    Just go for it. Hmm, I might even put up my hand when I've finished!

    Cheers, Walker

    PS: I was going down Dandenong Rd today and saw the campsite. I never would have noticed it if you hadn't told me to look for it.

  11. What makes me more comfortable about blogging in a public domain is that I can always delete something later on or one day I might just go bye bye to the entire blog (I know that it doesn't really go and that Google will always have access to it). But once it is archived what right do you have to access it or alter it if you choose to?

  12. Hi Andrew

    Congrats on being discovered. If I were you I'd edit out any images for which you don't have permission before accepting.



  13. In all areas I am poor example to the young RH.

    Suburbs are an easy target Walker. There is something wrong with them all and every one is sensitive to theirs. I don't know how that guy camped ever sleeps though.

    Quite true Denys. Another reason for my hesitation. Not that I would ever delete mine. It started as much as a open diary and it has been very useful on that score. I can't even recall going back to a post much later and editing it.

    I've done a mental scan of blog Pants and I really don't think there is much that I could be worried about. I usually credit newspapers or other media. Youtube clips are problematic, but then I am one among many. Upon request, I would remove them and it is not my fault if they are saved elsewhere.

  14. When YouTube remove a video it will show as "this video is no longer available". They do not have to make a request.

  15. Yes Denys, I had forgotten that. I haven't ever had a music vid removed though, only 'other' ones.

  16. I don't wish to make a contest of it, but I am far more disreputable than you.


  17. Rh is more disreputable than anyone.

    Congrats, don't change one word and post more naked guys. You know how I like to criticize.

    Don't get all self-conscious or you'll end up sounding like a politician.

    "Dear Diary, today I officially know someone famous......."

  18. Aw shucks Jahteh. Today I spoke to the librarian who requested my blog to be archived NATIONALLY and it seems it is quite an honour.

  19. Man, why don't Pandora ever ask ME if I want to be preserved for prosperity?


  20. It certainly isn't about the quality of the blog Ren.

  21. Hmmm....would have to agree with daisyjo.

    But I also think that you will find it difficult to just blog the way you normally have knowing it is on a National archive! You may subconsciously censor yourself! Which means you'll have consciously un-censor yourself.

    Hang on! It means anyone who comments will also be viewable (is that a word)on the archives!!! OMG I have to call my Agent!!!!

    Hehe....sounds like a real honour to me Andrew. Good on you, go for it, and keep doing what you're doing. That's why they picked you :)

  22. Thanks Who Me. I'll have forgotten about it in a day or so.

  23. So let me get this straight, the government reads peoples blogs? I'm scared...

    On the other hand, it seems to be quite an honour to get invited into Pandora. Congrat's

  24. With data base matching, it should make us all scared Ben. Thanks :)

  25. Andrew, the self-consciousness only lasts for a little while, truly. I agonised for ages about it when I first had PANDORA's box opened for me, but then I thought about the benefits, like your blog being backed up and archived, with a commitment to transferring to new technology as it changes.

    I mean, you really wouldn't be blogging if you wanted only certain people to access files (it is a world-wide web!) and I think it's really valuable for the Library to collect the views and experiences of a very wide range of people, without censorship or judgement.

    My 'best behaviour' due to self-consciousness wore off quickly, because blogs are about being yourself (or who you've constructed yourself to be). And then I thought about my favorite 'naughty' blogs, like Lord Sedgwick and Ms Fits (Reasons You Will Hate Me) and I'm happy that they are being preserved in all their technicolour glory.

    I hope that helps! I'd like to think blogs like yours could be valuable to building an archival picture of Australia in the future :)

  26. I wouldn't do it. These public servants, social workers, bureaucrats, are always sniffing for something to get you locked up. That's why I don't have a blog, I tell them nothing, my real stuff is in hard copy.
    I know them too well, these creeps, cradle bureaucrats, playing out rope for you to hang yourself.

  27. I guessed Lord S's blog had been Pandoraed. The aristocracy have no need to brag. Ms Fits is worthy too, even if I no longer read some of it. There is a lot in 'who you have constructed yourself to be' because you only paint yourself in a certain way. Your thoughts are welcome.

    RH, note, I have never mentioned my drug habit, alcoholism, my hatred of everyone who is not a copy of me and my many other vices. The can't get me on anything.

  28. You'll slip, but can afford it. Be thankful you're not different, strange, "mentally ill". Or Human Services will have you, own you. And their agenda isn't to change your personality, but to crush it. You'll have nothing left, nothing at all. I know a man who is being chemically lobotomised, spooks bring the stuff to his door every night. He's forced to attend movies every Monday, gymnasium every Tuesday, tennis on Wednesday, tenpin bowls on Thursday, and be intensely interviewed twice every week -or else. He has a strict schedule for housework, and what day to do his washing. Everything he says or does is written down. Every cent he spends is reported. Even his friends are investigated; I'm soon to be banned, "Well Geoffrey we think Bob has too much influence over you." That's what they said: social workers, but if I was latte they'd love me.

    That's Human Rights, 2007. Good grief, how enlightened.

    Tyrants. Blockheads. Stalin was an amateur.

  29. Should the reclusive be forced to socialise?
    I don't think so.